Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Proven Way

It is natural for seekers to look outside of their own consciousness for solutions. In truth, the faculties and powers needed in order to transform conditions already exist as part of our makeup. We need to believe in who we are and trust the inner promptings that will lead us to the right solutions. What works is believing, paying attention to detail and acting on the inner guidance. Isn't it time that we stop squandering our energy and deliberately honor who we really are? Too much rushing and scattering of energy works against the brain, the body and the soul. Have you felt the greater influx of energy that is obviously bombarding earth and its life? Sometimes, the energy is so powerful that I feel my consciousness is literally running in front of my physical form.

Life Force is precious. It would be wise to stop wasting it on non-essential activities or people. It is possible to do without and feel absolutely secure in your decision. If we really desire to evolve our conscious awareness, it is vital that we drop some of the addictive behavior. Addictive behavior extends far beyond substances. What about relationships or social activities that simply fill time? A human can be addicted to anything including invisible entities and the world of the Unseen. Because the moments in a day are rapidly passing us by due to the influx of a higher energy, it is important to be persistent in creating a finer identity by keeping an ideal always in mind. This is not possible if we are running here and there. It is similar to little red riding hood dropping things from her basket on every path that appears in front of her. During the frantic pace of keeping a distance between her self and the wolf, she ends up right where he led him.

Persist in the attitude that is right for you. To be a whole human being, you may wish to consider cultivating the following. The suggestions have worked for me. One, focus on a spiritual ideal. Two, be vigilant and learn to control negative emotions and past conditioning so they will not interfere with your progress. Three, gain knowledge, which equates to understanding Universal Laws. Four, listen to the intuitive voice within. As the four areas are developed, you are naturally cleansed of prejudice, old grudges, delusion, selfish desires and less apt to hurt your self on any level.