Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking back, Looking Forward

Have you noticed how time appears to have accelerated? In fact, everything seems to be moving at a faster pace. Do you ever stop and reflect objectively on your personal journey? I do ask many questions, but that is good. We must think and think deeply to spiritually evolve. For isn't that the reason for our being entombed in a physical body? Today, the end of another year, is a perfect time to review our own evolution as a soul struggling to master limitation. Were the people, experiences both good and not so good and your sense of self receive any enduring benefits or blessings during the past twelve months?

Many of us believe we are invincible...that we can live indefinitely in good health, youth and beauty. Groups of souls keep returning in cycles. When our cycle is over and we leave our bodies behind will we feel that our brief impression on earth was a job well done? Will we be pleased with our efforts? What if you believe in the teaching of reincarnation? If you do, will you welcome the idea of returning to a new skin and not be conscious of your own divinity? The idea of not being fully conscious of spirit identity should bother everyone. Life would be viewed in a totally new way if more of us understood that personal consciousness must be awakened to some degree in order to remember the past and be who we really are.

Do you remember? Are you willing to return to a new body and try again to be what you have forgotten? Are you ready to go through the struggle of soul survival amidst ignorance and distractions all over again? There is a way to avoid the trap of soul memory loss. Wake up! Wake up fully to the inner world. Be familiar and master the inner world. Once you have opened that door, future experiences or lives, if you choose, will be under the control of the Master within rather than the ego without. Today, tonight, the end of another year of chaos all over the world can end for you personally if you decide to wake up and BE who you really are. Why procrastinate? Why suffer? You have been reminded through many sources that you are a co-creator with the One Supreme Creator. You are more than a co-creator. The One lives as you. It is time to accept this truth and live it. May the opportunities in 2009 resonate with your Highest Nature. Embrace the fresh page presented to us right now and fill in the blanks with the desires of the soul.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Time Has Come

To be certain of our spiritual identity and to be able to actually live it, we must be willing to empty ourselves of everything that works against the purpose of our soul. There is only One Source. To become conscious of the Real meaning of life and to interact with the One Source, we are required to be simple and trusting as a child. Are you ready to do this? How many years, books, lectures and experiences do you require before you empty the lower nature of its distractions and conditioning?

The time has come for us to comprehend more of the Divine Idea and vibrate, think and feel from our Higher Nature. Why continue to search outside of our consciousness? The crazy part of this whole creation puzzle is that the piece called our consciousness is actually a focal point of the One Mind. If more of us really grasped the truth that it is impossible to breathe, create and live without the Higher Nature being in us, the world would certainly be a lovely place to visit.

We are what we believe we are. Why not believe in a higher version of who we are and stop the false belief of separation once and for all? Why keep fighting the obvious? Why keep repeating mistakes and pretend we are something that we are not?
Repetition can be a useless waste of time, words, feelings and action. Why not finally accept our spirit identity right now and hold onto it throughout the new year? We have many gifts. What do we do with the gifts? We may express beautiful truths and even be blessed with the power of healing but the only true art is the acceptance of one's spirit identity and seeing clearly.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Soul Searching

Right now, during the holidays, it is a perfect time to do deep soul searching. I read another blogger's comments several days ago and was quite impressed. She used the word 'certain and 'divinity' in a statement that asked whether we felt we were certain of our divinity. This is a powerful question to ask yourself and would be very helpful if asked periodically throughout the day. At least, this is my opinion. When you delve deeply into this question of certainty, it brings up many other questions and issues.

Most people regardless of their spiritual leanings hope for a better year. Now, with the economy as it is, ongoing wars and many good people without a job, how can anyone hold onto today's catch phrase, "Yes, we can?" Hope is the salve but we still need to deliberately with perseverance take action. It reminds me of the time when I was fifteen years old and visited Southern California with my family. One day, we went to the Farmer's Market and was enticed to go over and get a palm reading by a woman sitting off by herself. She told me at that impressionable age that I was a very old and wise soul. At that time of life, I had no idea of what that actually meant. I never forgot how she looked at me and what she said. What I realized later in life was that the palm reader was not speaking to a fifteen year old girl but to my soul. She was alerting my soul to infinite possibilities that I may not have thought of if she had not been so blunt and seemingly impressed by the lines in my hands.

People and things happen to us during our life that serve as red flags, reminders of contrasts between a higher reality and the temporary drama that we are caught into in this moment. Yes, we can do anything that we dream of but our love and belief, trust and action must do something to make it so. What we can do right now at the end of another year is ask ourselves if we are certain about our divinity. Once you decide one way or another it is then up to you to decide what you are going to do about your certainty. I accepted that I was indeed a very old soul and took this to mean that I had a hidden reservoir of knowledge and direct experience to draw upon when needed. I also believe we are all old souls. It is just that some people don't think, care, bother and know with a certainty that there is a glorious inner ancient splendor waiting to surface brilliantly once again as wisdom and selfless love, our true identity.

Friday, December 26, 2008

An Open Vision

Why not have an open vision every day? With more Light present on earth at this time of change, greater good will be available to souls who care. There is nothing new in the area of truth because truth actually had no beginning. The fact is...more of us are awakening to something good that is beyond the physical senses. As we unfold, we have clearer vision and wider spheres of action. Let the spirit within be your only guide.

The work that needs to be done within is far greater than outside teachers and influences. Many people do not spiritually expand in their understanding and creative ability because they harbor lack of forgiveness for self and others. Perhaps, you will take the time to contemplate the fact that falsity of any form is connected with the outer self of the senses. Sin and falsity belong to accepting division and chaos.

It is said that sin forgiven is the end of sin but not the end of its results. We can change the results of suffering and turn them into good by lifting our own consciousness and then living with an attitude of respect and love for all life.
To experience love one must be ready and yes, obedient. Most people shrink from the idea of obedience. I am referring to the impulses that you receive from the eternal higher part of you, the eternal Self. Listen to it. Love it. Respect it and start living it in a grander way. A higher love is part of our true Nature. When we love fully without judgment or conditions, the inner Christ of us will display its amazing power and presence.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

An Opinion about Jesus, the Christ

A blessed holiday to those of you who seek the consciousness of a Christ Mind. This is the Mind that comprehends. To be the supreme man and have at last an enlightened consciousness is slowly dawning in every heart. Humanities understanding has been childlike. Jesus tried in his own way to teach us that the higher understanding is putting Christ on the throne within us. This means accepting our own spirit identity, our own ability to live the inner truth and express the higher power in matter. I believe that is what Jesus meant when he said, when you see me, you see the Father. There is only One expressing in the many.

Jesus tried to help people understand that it is the inner power, the Christ of each one of us, who reveals to man his birthright. God-Man Christ is all in all. The Fall from this understanding is a false understanding and it is still going on today.
People continue to suffer because they have chosen a divided consciousness of good and evil. There really is only one consciousness; it is deep within all the time.

Jesus, in my opinion, did what he could for the times and the people to help them shake off the shadow of ignorance. The idea is for us to become aware as we live in the shadow. Once we really grasp the reality of the true life, the solution to life becomes obvious. We can then with confidence express the greater capacities for a Christ Consciousness while in matter. Why not look at the new year, 2009, as an opportunity to remove the veil and mentally set in motion the healing currents and dwell in the higher knowledge and wondrous love? Let us stop being content to live in the shadow and pain.

Know the God within, the Christ that waits recognition, and thou shall BE.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Call to Growth

Here it is another holiday season. It is particularly enjoyable with the snow and the wild animals making their way to our patio. A smorgasbord is waiting for them. My canary who is placed right near the sliding door always lets me know when the 'wild' ones arrive. I love to write and to share deep thoughts with you although it is easy to feel wholly inadequate when attempting to convey spiritual truths. I have been in mistaken conditions and it consciously took me a long time to fully accept that the form we call ourselves is in essence a remote distant likeness to our real Self.

This is why I write and give you hope and an understanding of who we really are. It is said that no poet can give you his true poem; I believe it. Perhaps, you feel like I do and yearn to be a greater likeness of the Christ spirit.
Growth is simply an expansion of consciousness, remembering and then living the marvelous being that we really are. Heaven is not a place, but an awareness of the Absolute One, the Creator of All. What happens is that we gradually become filled with an all-pervading love. So here we are in matter relearning how to allow a higher love to fulfill itself through us.

The most difficult part of the journey in my opinion is to accept our own divinity.
Millions of us are in different stages of bondage and yet, the door is always open.
I began long ago by being obedient to the impulses of the spirit within. This is not easy because it takes a clear discernment and determination to be able to really know what is a true intuitive thought and what is the lower nature desiring to control. Falsity imitates reality. Many souls worship the Supreme Spirit through Jesus, the Christ.
We require human examples. What he tried to convey to us has appeared to failed in many ways because humanity is still blind, deaf and dumb to the ancient wisdom teachings. It is a very challenging time right now on the material level. Perhaps, if more of us would raise our mind and heart from the deepest darkness and allow illumination to arise, the radiant Light would spread quickly. Walk by the spirit of truth. Keep your heart full of gratitude and love not to whatever you visualize as God but to all men, all life forms. Remember the familiar phrase, Awake thou that sleepest? I bow to the Christ who dwells in you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Words Fail Us in More Ways Than One

Another day of heavy snow in our area. It reminds me of the various covers we wear over our intelligence and soul. The snow plows will arrive in the afternoon and then tomorrow or another day the covering begins all over again. It has been said repeatedly throughout time that the more the thinking conscious mind strives to express in words, the Supreme One's Idea, the greater and more abject the failure.
Why? Because that which is Science, ideas beyond human consciousness, cannot be expressed purely from the point of the human personality.

Our awakening is a step by step science. When science is coupled with selfless love and devotion to the Source behind the appearance, we get somewhere in the area of true understanding. A strange thing happens to us when we return to the Garden. When the physical personality is subdued and the impersonal spirit breaks through, we tend to be both impersonal in our approach to life and very compassionate and understanding of the stories of others. To be conscious and survive in our earthly mission, it became necessary for us to enter into all conditions of Earth life. To achieve the Idea behind creation, it was necessary to develop a thinking mind and a body capable of expressing the intent of our Creator.

This is a big order because descending souls usually lose sight of their purpose in being in flesh. It is like we are all near-sighted. If we lose the sight that can see the Soul of things, confusion reigns. So, we wear imperfect lenses until the day that the Light begins to shine again on the shadowy mist. According to mystic studies, this condition had to happen for the soul to continue its return to matter. Of course, when the soul forgets, it loses confidence, becomes confused and every type of deception and falsity surfaces. This is the process that is necessary to evolve a human mind and will, a body that will have the strength to eventually return to the Divine Idea. This is devolution and evolution, which eventually lead to BE. To understand the words I write, you must open the higher part of Mind and leap from a human sense of self to the eternal True Self.

Monday, December 22, 2008

So...Here We Are In Form

Humanity left the perfect consciousness and the subtle realms in order to create a physical body and eventually develop it into a vehicle that could again express divinity but in the flesh. This is not so strange when you think of the many ways we create beauty and magic in our daily lives. We also create hardship, loss and limitation through our forgetfulness of purpose. But, the real beauty in the act of desiring and creating is that we can rediscover and regain the perfection we once were right here on earth.

When our senses are quickened we feel the passion and magnificence of the human voice through the high notes of the late tenor giant Pavarotti. I silently sob when listening to him. Have you ever taken a whale boat watch ride? When the mighty whale surfaced near our boat and looked straight into my eyes, I was thrust back through the stream of evolution. What about the wild life coming to our patio door on a wintry day? To feed them is to feed ourselves. There is no difference. We are all one.

My affinity with swans reawakened when I was responsible for saving two of them on a frozen river. Their wings had been clipped and could not fly. Doesn't this story remind you of the human race? Our wings have been clipped through a sense of separation and denial of our true spiritual identity. Through millions of years, the One Absolute Creator has nourished, supported, strengthened and filled the existing life with hope and the will to develop into a perfect medium capable of expressing inner Divine Attributes. We witness the Divine in all stages of life from the spider patiently designing his web to the Black Bear mothering her playful cubs. Yes, we wear a coat of skins but God's perfect Idea, the Christ Energy, lives as us.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Change from Mental to Mortal Form

The Bible states, "I formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." Our soul is the Creator's desire. The soul attracted to it the various elements of life substance (dust) and atom by atom, and cell by cell, in time created a mold and brought it into material form. In other words, a psychic outer covering eventually manifested. Once the psychic form was created, the soul, an attribute of God, breathed life into the nostrils (from within) and we made our first appearance as a human being...a living soul.

The idea was for the mental/psychic form to materialize in matter containing all of the attributes, powers and possibilities of the Divine. We have the innate power to use any or all of the attributes. This was the only reason that the Creator brought us into human expression. We are self-conscious beings who looked to a higher Power for inspiration and guidance. This is how it was in the beginning before we forgot our true identity. When researchers write and speak about the Garden of Eden and the Edenic state of mind, they are referring to the original expression here on Earth.

The Edenic state was actually a Celestial or Impersonal Consciousness, a state of mind where we were still consciously One with our Creator. This actually occurred when we were in our first mortal form. What happened after our initial Earth expression was to fall into a deep sleep. A close of a cycle occurred and we are still asleep until that moment arrives when we become wholly conscious of the Divine within. From the highest spiritual perspective, humanity had to experience the Dream condition in order to develop a mortal mind and the ability to desire. Desire and Will supply the motives and power for us to evolve and complete the Creator's expression in matter.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who Created the Lower Self?

We have been deceived by appearance and yes, many times by incomplete and even false teachings. The more we become conscious of our true identity, the key to freedom, the more we can differentiate the true from the false. We are the ones who have created our lower nature due to our limited and unconscious lack of knowledge regarding what is permanent and what is not. By identifying solely with the conscious mind and the appearance body and thinking that it is separate from the Divine, we continue to energize its power, a false one, as a mistaken identity.

We are the creators who have designed a personality and body through misguided information, false beliefs, selfish pride, ambitions that move us away from our soul purpose and believing that physical power is real power. Again,I am describing the human personality who must be undermined or it will take control with its addictions, fears and attraction towards possessions. It is a satisfying feeling to have monetary security, attractiveness and lovely possessions. I am not suggesting that we should avoid or discard them. What I am saying is that they are as temporary as a snowflake.

What I teach and live is that being entombed in flesh is usually not an enlightening experience until we realize that the lower nature primarily thrives on illusions, which are accepted as reality by the human personality. If the illusions are in control, our separation from the True Self, the Divine Personality, the Higher Nature recedes into the background becoming a vague memory. When we really begin to think about these things, the veils part and the meaning of our existence in matter is understood. What we experience in matter is very real but it is softened and blessed when we remember the higher Nature and focus on the Divine, the Creator of our higher Self.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Expressing our Higher Nature

For the most part, humans are unconscious of their higher Nature. If we were, life would be totally different than what has repeatedly occurred for thousands of years. Very few beings have had the conscious ability and power to express the Divine Idea in matter. How many people actually believe that they are an Angel of Light, a being destined to eventually be a complete expression of the Divine?

Thought as we know it here on earth, time, space and separateness do not exist in the higher worlds of Light. When we originally lived in the subtle worlds we closely resembled the very essence and intelligence, freedom and beauty that we seek now. Our real body is very much like a temple, a Holy Temple. It is indestructible, immortal and perfect. This is our Real body. Much later, the divine part of us came into outer expression as material form.

So, it is correct to say that we are divine attributes of our Creator. Our soul/spirit is an idea of the Creator, one of the attributes used before devolution and later when we eventually descended into matter. This soul or spirit has a subtle body, the image. Expressing it in another way...The Absolute Creator, Great Spirit, the Indescribable expresses through individual intelligence. For the sake of clarity, this essence is often referred to as the I Am, a Divine Attribute. Our soul is also a divine attribute expressing its self both in the subtle worlds of Light and in the lower worlds of matter. Our physical body is the designated temple for the soul while we are in matter. From the highest perspective, our human personality and physical body is not a part of the three, the I Am, The Idea or the Image, only a temporary expression. The three Divine thoughts shaped our image and likeness to the Thinker, God. This may sound confusing at first but the purpose is to impact you with the ancient truth that humanity has been deceived into believing that the Real Self is the one they see in the mirror who is usually self-centered and unaware.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Real Desires of the Heart

Where do real desires come from? Although the Absolute doesn't need anything, desire occurs because that is the way the Creator expresses Self. Desire is a thought. Thinking causes action and eventually there is a result. It is impossible for the human mind to see or comprehend the Absolute but we can grasp the meaning of desires.

Looking at a desire of the heart as an idea implanted in our mind from a higher power is one way of understanding the Divine Self or the Absolute. This is how the Sublime Mind, the Creator, manifests purpose in matter. Pure desires, desires that encourage and build consciousness are actually coming forth from the will of God and expressing through us. If the pure desire comes from the One Source by its very nature it will be fulfilled.

Now isn't it possible that as we become more God focused and balanced that our desires would be of a like minded energy? If so, wouldn't our selfless desire be filled with the Divine Life Substance, a pure consciousness? We would be able to create thought forms that will solidify into a material form. In that case, the visible and tangible form created by our desire would be a living essence of the Divine.

Monday, December 15, 2008

God's Idea

Do you ever think about the results of God's idea? God's Idea of creating matter and then thinking it into perfection is responsible for all life and everything existing animate or inanimate. Of course, the grand Idea has gone through many stages and still is. The sweet part of this great drama is that we, too, can create by thinking anything we desire into an actual manifestation.

For an Absolute One Intelligence, an indescribable cosmic consciousness, to picture in Mind a real Earth, an actual physical place where It's perfection can express and be a reality in matter is mind blowing when we take the time to really think about the Cause, the Reason and the Potential. How does such a magnificent Will express powers of Its Divine Nature? You have heard of angels of Light and living masters and messengers of God's Will. And then, there is humanity who is categorized as the Word made flesh. The real earth and the real intelligence in man only becomes a visible, tangible reality when the higher Love is activated within us. When the Divine Creative Power is generated through an intense desire and passionate love for perfection in humans and life itself, we begin to experience the results of the original cosmic Idea.

Since God Consciousness is the inner essence of all Space and all Life, we really do have hope don't we? Our job is to awaken and accept this fact. When we do, the God Consciousness, Reality, begins to express constantly in our everyday lives. BE-ing is expressing or out-pressing. After I had written my latest book, I could not decide on a title for it. All of a sudden, I heard a loud and strong voice from the invisible realms say with authority, "BE". Be what? Be who we really are

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Divine Idea

If we really think about our thoughts, we realize that they become seeds. The seeds mature and eventually become symbols in matter. When we look at the process of manifestation in matter, everything began as an idea seed. This line of thinking indicates that all inanimate and animate life once was an idea in mind. Ideas are latent and remain unmanifest until we think or speak them into some form or another.

An idea created the invisible world of Light and subtle form. Another idea created the universe of matter. Another idea created nature and the kingdoms until you and I were manifested. Everything on earth could not have existed if it wasn't first an idea of an Absolute Intelligence that is impossible to describe. I believe that as we unfold like the thousand petalled lotus the ideas of the Supreme Spirit, God, will more grandly express through us.

Since humankind is not fully awakened mentally and spiritually, the idea remains only partially revealed. So, we could say that the Grand Idea of the One Power is now in the process of unfoldment in matter. The eventual goal is for us to be consciously aware of the complete idea behind creation. When we are fully aware, we can obviously be a ideal medium for perfection and beauty. The Light of God will shine through our flesh, our thoughts, words and actions. The Grand Idea of our Creator will eventually evolve through everything. This will occur when the ego-personality does not allow anything or anyone to hinder the process of the One Power and One Presence fully manifesting in matter. This is what I believe is the purpose of our be the Divine Love, Wisdom, Life and Perfection right now in form.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who is the Planter?

Where do the ideas in your head come from? Through personal experience, I know that some of them are planted by friends on the other side. Of course, the entity could also be a mischief maker. This past week I had a very good friend who physically died in November put a thought in my mind to visit a store a half an hour away from my home. It didn't make sense because a new store of that same company is only 7 minutes away from where I live. Because I knew the thought was contrary to my own commonsense, I decided to check it out. I walked slowly up and down the aisles of the distant store knowing that there was a reason I must be there. After I checked out the few things purchased, I turned around and at the far register a woman was checking out who I had not seen in years. I also knew that she was the one who I was sent to see. It turned out that this woman was a long ago friend who had a close association with my friend who died last month. I waited for her to finish and went to her and shared the fact of our friend's departure. She had not known and was very grateful.

This is only one type of seed that is planted in thought by another influential energy. Our own higher Self will plant ideas in our physical brain that It would like to see manifest in our body, mind and intellect. The ideas will ripen and manifest if we will let them. Once we awaken to the idea that our own higher Self is fully capable of planting productive ideas in our brain, we are able to harvest the wisdom that is planted.

I am well aware that we sometimes have difficulty discerning if it is the human thinking and desiring or is it a higher source who has a grander view of what is good for us or what action needs to be taken. When you think about scripture, you will remember that God's Word is referred to as occuring in the beginning. All things were made by him. Wouldn't it benefit us to learn how God's Word translated is the word that comes frequently from our higher Self, which is an extension of the sacred energy into form?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Start with a Good Idea

How do we get an idea to materialize? How do we attract, direct, shape and mold conditions, things, events and yes, ourselves? Change begins with a good idea. We need to really focus and think about the idea. Included in the focus is a strong desire. When we speak about the desire, it gives the idea a greater energy. The idea will eventually become a visible manifestation.

Look back in your mind about how you have already proven this line of creative process. Literally, everything we have thought deeply about manifests some point along the way. Now, imagine if you really believed that you are the Absolute One, God, The Great Spirit using a part of Itself in your body, mind and soul, there would be no doubt, limitation or fear. If this fact became your living truth, you could do about anything. The key is in allowing the inner voice, the true wisdom, to direct your thinking and your desires. Let the presence within who certainly knows more about you and your thinking conscious mind be in charge.

According to mysticism, it is not man who does the thinking. It is the higher Self, the spirit of man, who thinks through his organism. Well, you are probably puzzled because you know your thoughts are not always loving or lofty ones. Each one of us is a watered down version of the One Power and Presence. How we express ourselves is totally dependent on how much we are aware of the Real One Power and Presence and listen to its guidance. In other words, the individual must be awakened to a realization that there is a Selfless, Wise and Loving power who is the real Thinker within and not only the selfish ego who has troubles and is confused. Once we 'get it', we will deliberately develop a body and mind strong and clean and capable enough to express the higher Self perfectly. It is then that we magically create the desires of the heart.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thinking and Creating

Who do you think is doing the thinking and creating? The mystics emphatically state that the lower nature, the human part of us, does not do the thinking. The ego doesn't because most human thinking is not in the correct sense of the word actually conscious thinking. Consciously thinking is the key. This is a contradiction to what is judged normal. Our thinking is referred to as unconscious thinking because the typical human is unaware of the presence of Absolute Intelligence, the Divine Energy within himself.

Scripture states that we are the image and likeness of God. Because the divine energy is our true identity, we actually already have all the faculties and power available for our use. The problem is our being oblivious to the fact that we are usually involved in error-thinking. How many humans actually understand that the mis-thinking or sense of separation from the One Power and Presence has drawn us away in consciousness from the reality of who we really are?

Mortal consciousness thinks and believes it is doing everything on its own. This is only an appearance. One of the purposes of the Divine within us is to fulfill the law of creating. A thing seems real to us, good or bad, because we are thinking or believing it is so. Other people may see a situation in an entirely different way.
How can we do real thinking? How can we bring about change and stop being fooled by appearances?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Focal Center of Consciousness

Many of us realize that the Divine Self, the real us, is our personal version,a watered down consciousness. It doesn't need to remain in a weakened state controlled by human misconceptions. We have also been told that each cell in our body has a consciousness and an intelligence of its own. We can only continue existing or working intelligently through the activity of this higher Intelligence. So, who is the directing intelligence whether it is done consciously or unconsciously?

Who is this Intelligence? Most of us take for granted the gloriously constructed physical body we call our own. As a human, we can respect and honor our body by feeding and caring for it with good choices. We cannot as humans consciously direct or control a single cell of our body unless we enter into the consciousness of the Immortal Spirit Identity who we eternally are and have forgotten. Disease and death exist because people have not connected to the higher Self to the degree where the lower and higher nature work together as a team.

Cell consciousness is common to every body in matter regardless of size or form. Within any body is a consciousness that is a builder and entirely Impersonal. Within the Impersonal is a consciousness, an intelligence and a will. It is this same directing Impersonal Consciousness, intelligence and will that exists in all life. Understanding this truth, we realize what oneness really means. The Impersonal Absolute Energy and the personal spirit energy that we refer to as our higher Self cannot be separated except through ignorant thought.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What is Life?

Radiant Life is the energy which animates the body. It causes us to think, feel and act. It is the Spirit, the animating Cause of our being. This animating Cause is what creates and sustains all life regardless of form. Life is a threefold Force. It is given many names but to simplify the energy let us call it wisdom, love and power. The three are the manifestation of the Radiant Life in form. Everything that exists manifests and expresses some phase of the three aspects of Divine Life.

This Force is in the heart of everything, including nature. There is absolutely nothing that does not have the One Infinite Reality as part of it. Minds who profess they are separate from the Force are only fooling themselves. It is their personality denying true life. The human personality thrives on illusion. The Intelligence animating all living things in the universe is the Real us. Humans are caught up in the shadow world causing the True Self, the animating life force, to be watered down, thinned out.

Once we begin to remove from our mind all the human misconceptions, ideas and opinions, the True Life is given a chance to express freely. Finally, the mind and soul recognizes that it is meant to be a focal center of a Divine Consciousness, which is Light.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Do You Know Who is Speaking?

How can you be certain if the words in your mind are from the higher part of you when asking for counsel? To quiet the human mind and body and center yourself would be an obvious answer. There can be times that you do that very thing but are misled because your emotions are in control and you are not centered although you think you are. Often the human personality gives the answers that we wish were truth. The process of receiving correct and helpful counsel is increased when we pay close attention and trust. Even then, mistakes may be made because you have not learned to be still.

The first test to receive true counselling is the acceptance of the Real You, the higher Self. The majority of people think of themselves as the intellect and body. The intellect and physical body are not the awakened consciousness. The key to success and contact is to feel and know the Divine Self within. In times of great stress, the message that always comes to me is 'Be still! 'Be Centered! Know, I Am the Real You...God in form'. It may take you stating and thinking these thoughts a thousand times a day before you realize their potency and actually believe them. People tend to intellectualize thoughts regarding spirit identity and fail to allow the truth to penetrate deep into the soul.

When you are relaxed and centered state the words, "Be Still" to everyone of your cells. If you do this with love and persistence, you will taste the power and presence of the Real You. True help and companionship will naturally be with you. An amazing activity will take place whereby the higher Self will take control and do whatever needs to be done. I will never forget the time when I was sitting at my computer sad and troubled. I was actually looking at a blank 'write' page before sending a message to a friend. As I sat staring at the page, words suddenly appeared on their own from an invisible hand. The message said, "I am Peace".

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Undermining the Personality

I have the gift of seeing, hearing and feeling the personality of another soul after it has crossed over into the subtle worlds of Light. I always find it amazing how similar the personality is after death to the temperament it expressed while in the body. From my understanding, the personality from the life the soul recently dropped remains with it until it is ready to move on to higher vibrations or descend again into physical form. Once the pull to the old life wanes, the soul begins to express more of its true personality, which is a culmination of the strengths of all its past personalities.

There is also a very different authority at the same time. It is a Divine Personality that the evolving soul gradually through life experiences recognizes and accepts as its own. Before the union occurs, the human personality will rebel because it generally is proud of its individuality and doesn't yet recognize its true higher Nature, the Divine Personality. The human personality is needed to develop a strong mind and body, strong enough so it can eventually reach a point in conscious awareness where it is prepared to know the higher Self. Once we recognize the authority of the higher Self, the undermining of the temporary human personality begins.

People often assume that it is the human personality who desires to spiritually evolve. It is not. It is the hidden mystery, the real Divine Personality within who makes the decision to come out of hiding. It is actually this higher Self that is leading us through all the nonsense and illusions of the human personality. This is the ancient method used to awaken the soul to the unreality so it will turn to the one and only Reality.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The True Bread of Life

The Bread of Life is You. It is the part that knows all things...your higher Self. It is the part of you that responds to truth, beauty, joy and Light. It is this part that is your real Teacher. The Divine Self will bring you clear messages regarding all the things you need for your physical, mental and spiritual growth and happiness. Whenever you resonate to words of another, it is but a confirmation of your inner knowing.

Your higher Self is not your human mind, neither is it your intellect. They are only outward phases of your human personality. The higher Self, the spirit of you, is an expression and extension of your Divine Impersonal Spirit. The goal is to understand this truth thoroughly and live it completely. When we step away from the domination of the human personality, we free ourselves from further entrapment.

So much of what we define as us are the thoughts, belief systems, and personal opinions of others who are also threatened and struggling. The biggest problem is the personality who fights the truth of who you really are. The Divine Self has always been with you. If you have not yet achieved understanding of the significance of your true Self, you will not know the Presence with confidence and an ever deepening love. Would you like to consciously know your real Identity? Are you ready to embrace the mystery and cross the bridge of separation, limitation, doubt and fear?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Exploring the Depths of Your Inner Abyss

The two principles of good and evil coexist in each human being. The heavenly enlightened ones know that before the last degrees of Initiation, we have to explore the depths of our inner abyss. There are wild beasts, so to speak hidden in the subconsciousness part of the mind. The tendencies are usually from a remote past. It is best to go down to that level siphon up just a few elements at a time. You go about this clearing through prayer, Harmony, bringing more radiant Light into your life and love.

When you become aware of negative influences that are attached to your mind and body, study them closely. You must be strong and anchored sufficiently or firmly in the Light to conquer forces that have controlled you in different degrees. Much of what is harmful to a human both within and without are influences from the astral world. Many people feel like they have been invaded. When you are unbalanced, the nervous system receives severe shocks. Help is available from the Angels and Archangels, the Initiates and Masters, and all the Patriarchs and Prophets and also from friends and relatives who vibrate in the subtle worlds of Light.

Archangel Michael is a perfect collective symbol who fights for the good. There are many Hindu gods such as Lord Murugan and Goddess Durga who work with us when we recognize and accept their presence and power. When we ally with our own higher Selves and bright celestial friends, we do much better than struggling alone. These glorious and heavenly beings work with the Light just as you need to do for enlightenment, harmony and liberation. Invite the forces on High which are light, love, purity and kindness to assist you in a thorough divine vacuum cleaning.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Philosophy of Unity

The early Initiates always spoke of unity. Dualism appeared on the scene much later, in the Persian religion of Manicheism, for instance, or in the Christian concept of Satan as the adversary of God. God has no adversaries. This is impossible. Humans can have adversaries if we remain spiritually ignorant, blocked and continually break Universal laws.

Today being Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on gratitude. You who desire to return to a state of mind and soul in unity can do so through love: love for the Absolute One, a love so strong and pure that the door of Grace opens wide and life flows in you. For this state of consciousness to be a constant, work on transforming yourselves.

The majority of humans have distanced themselves from the Godhead. They feel powerless and blocked from the Light similar to the curtains being closed. It is up to us in trust, joy and gratitude to open our curtains and allow the Light of truth, wisdom, beauty and love to fill us. No one else will draw back the curtains. It is up to us to do that. God does the impossible. Humans must draw back the curtains of ignorance, superstition, fear, limitation and doubt.

Do everything you can not to dwell on divisions. Understand that opposing forces exist in order to work together. Poisons or natural forces are only harmful for those who are too weak or too spiritually ignorant to know how to handle them. The important thing is to reach a state of mind where you sustain a reality that does not divide things up. Live each day asking for Grace and you will know firsthand the gratitude of the Christ Consciousness.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Only One Exists

God is the Father, the Mother, the Son, the Origin, the First Cause. People mistakenly believe that the extensions from the First Cause are separate. The devil has no separate existence apart from God although negative energy definitely has a separate intent and field of influence. That which we call evil, Satan or the devil is simply one aspect of unity. There is only One. Everything that appears good or not good are divisions or facets of the One, which contains them all.

This is the teaching that has always been given in the Temples and in the Mysteries. The number One contains all numbers (aspects-influences). The farther away a soul is from its Source,the Godhead, the more likely negative thoughts and actions will appear. The whole purpose of devolution is to return to the Center, the point of the Creatrix. It is the fallen consciousness of humans that have elevated the status of the negative energy referred to as evil, devil and Satan.

Too many souls link the devil with power. This occurs because they have broken away from their true spirit identity and the Cause behind creation. If people would work only with the One, division will be removed. When man's consciousness is divided, he is mutilated, destroyed and will disintegrate. Bottom-line is that he is constantly at war between the two....good and evil. It is time for souls to go beyond good and evil and rise above them both.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Contradictory Forces

Contradictory forces can work together for the same goal. True initiates never see things as this is good and that is evil. This is matter and that is the spirit. They believe in unity and that duality is simply a manifestation of unity. People even mistake God for the devil. Peace will never come as long as we cling to dualism. Thousands of years ago Hermes Trismegistus wrote in his Emerald Tablet: 'That which is below is like to that which is above, and that which is above is like to that which is below, to accomplish the miracles of one thing.'

Hermes Trismegistus concludes the Emerald Tablet with the words: 'For this reason I am called Hermes Trismegistus (Trismegistus means "thrice greatest"), because I hold the Science of the three worlds.' He knew the secret of unity; he knew how to use that single, many-faceted force, and it was thanks to this force that he possessed all powers. This is the same force of which it is said that he who possesses it shall possess the glory of the whole world. If he could possess it, why not us?

Duality is nothing more than an expression of unity. The first and only number is One. One is the only significant number and Two, Three, Four and so on, are simply divisions of One. Two is simply the polarization of One. The magnet is an example. A magnet is polarized but it is not divided. It is one and it remains one. Only One exits.

Monday, November 24, 2008


If you read the Book of Job you probably wonder why God allowed Satan to present himself along with the Sons of God. Why didn't the good ones drive him out? Supposedly, Satan even talked with the Lord and asked to be allowed to torment Job. Why would God give permission to put Job to the test? There were conditions that had to be met such as only touch his possessions and not his person. Satan went ahead and robbed Job of his livestock and all his servants and children. After that was done, Satan was given permission to harm Job's body but to spare his life.

Doesn't this make you think? It also opens up other questions. When we read about other saints, we learn that they, too, were tormented. Could it be that torment is allowed to find out how the so called believer will react? Humans have a very limited knowledge of the Absolute and how Universal Laws work. Good exists and obviously evil does as well. There is a third school which disposes of both. The third school recognizes the diverse energies and knows how to use both good and not good so a person or situation can be healed rather than destroyed.

Evil only has power over us if we are riddled with fear and are ignorant of universal law. We must learn how to use negative energy in the right way so we are strengthened, not weakened. the science of the future is to learn to transform, purify and use everything in order to become stronger. Scientists have already applied it instinctively in their work. So much of what we have been taught through religion is neither clear or logical. In order to understand truth, we must become deep thinkers, ask questions and not accept words written by the unenlightened. Truth is miscontrued by the unenlightened. For any of us to determine what is true and what is false, discernment must developed.

Friday, November 21, 2008

God's Servants

Stop and think about the next sentences. What we refer to as devils and spirits of Hell are in truth God's servants. How can this be true? Who is it that punishes humans? It is not the angels. It is the beings who are themselves separated from the Light. The negative forces will torment anyone who is not centered. Once you restore your sense of unity and harmony within, the earthbound nasty ones stop bothering you. When you look at it from this perspective, you realize that the unenlightened serve a very useful purpose.

Whenever there is chaos, doubt, fear and selfishness, the impure ones come and do their dirty work. If you clean up your own consciousness, the dark side won't visit you. Some souls deliberately transgress the divine law. Other souls may not be consciously aware of divine law but if they have a conscience, they do inwardly know what is good and what is not good. It is not up to the angels and archangels to restore order and teach humans how to be balanced or devotional. They dwell in harmony, beauty and love. It is the lost souls, the fallen ones of the bottomless pit who punish mankind.

If you have ever read anything about the Sages, Saints and Prophets, you know that they have been tormented by what we call demons. Padre Pio is a prime example. When a spiritual human is tormented by negative entities it is to try and temper him and make him stronger in his determination to be the Light that he really is. And the dark beings who ravage mankind with disasters and disease arrive on the scene to see that the laws are obeyed. Once the human being changes by conforming to the universal laws, the earthbound spirits of darkness leave him alone.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can Evil be used?

How can something else come up between a seeker and his or her good intentions? Where did the interference come from? Once you understand that you have both a lower and higher nature, this question is easier to understand. The more you are enlightened, contradictory elements from the ego, the lower senses, will not sabotage your plans. There is a school of thought that teaches us to use both good and evil. Sounds strange, yes, but it is true.

We can make use of evil but in homeopathic doses and actually get remarkable results. As long as unenlightened intelligence exists, it means the Creator allows it to exist. Why? We cannot destroy it. Is there a solution? Nature knows how to use evil and that is why I mentioned in homeopathic doses. If we are strong and intelligent, it can cure us. It cures us by using it.

Why struggle against evil? We can use evil people and circumstances to accomplish the work of the Light. If we use it and transform it, we learn to control the potent forces of the psychic plane. When we gain a higher understanding, we realize that humanity has created what is referred to as evil. Remember, in the past whenever a miracle occurred, the Church would say that it was the work of the devil? You see, inner conflict causes evil. If unity is lacking, the individual or group moves in a lower vibration of discontent and punishment. As soon as an individual or group has restored order within and is in harmony with Nature, what is accepted as evil forces stop bothering the target. In other words, if we go against natural and divine law, we attract torment and ugliness. So, if evil energy is prevalent in your life, ask yourself how closely you live according to the will of the One and understand your own nature.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Esoteric Science

Every organ and every cell in our body has its etheric double. I know because I see with the eyes that are behind the physical eyes. There is an etheric double behind our limbs and behind everything that is created in matter. All our cells and particularly the cells of the white and grey matter of the brain and the solar plexus, possess a memory. The etheric matter records our slightest action, thought or desire. Because of repetitive reactions and actions stereotypes are created. Once recorded, everything goes on repeating itself. We call repetitions our habits.

When we become aware of our repetitive negative actions, we can change them. So, when we are learning something new make a concerted effort to do it correctly or mistakes will continue over and over again in that particular area. The idea is to cut a perfect stereotype. We are engravers who need to be careful and not create mistakes that will keep occuring. Remember, everything is recorded.

Nature also records everything. Both good and bad habits have their stereotypes. Now, how do we get rid of the bad records? The answer is obvious but we must make certain we are vigilant. Try to do the opposite to what we are accumstomed to doing and create a new and more rewarding stereotype. Vigilance is the secret of change. The old stereotypes never completely disappear because they are stored in the Akashic Record, which exists on the etheric plane. Another way of saying the same thing is that we cannot simply erase old stereotypes because they exist in the subconscious. Simply talking about this will not change the stereotype. We must change the direction by either replacements or grafting onto our mind by allying our consciousness with loftier beings and thoughts.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It is almost impossible to change one's temperament. We come into the world with a clearly defined temperament. Character is influenced by the environment, family, society, education and other factors. So, it does sound like character is influenced by many aspects of life. A person's character is identical to his temperament but, it is a new 'edition'. It is deliberately acquired. We have the choice to either improve or ruin our lives. An important factor is our individual will and also the will of others. The end result is that a person's character reveals what he has decided or accepted to be. Character is the expression of the conscious dimension of man. Temperament is the expression of the unconscious or subconscious dimension.

It is true that your temperament evolves not only from what birth sign you were born under but how you allied yourself in past lives by your thoughts, desires and actions, with certain forces. The accumulative effect now determines your subconscious, which is your temperament. There is not too much you can do about it. It is like your skeleton or muscular system; it cannot be radically changed. Powerful thought and will can slowly and imperceptibly can eventually make little changes.

Character, on the other hand, can be changed. What we can do is mold and improve it. Once a soul decides to become a disciple of truth, he begins his transformation.
As an example: If you have lack of self control and frequently hurt other people's feelings, you can one day wake up to the fact that your attitude is not only detrimental to yourself but to others as well. Once you experience an inner realization, there are things you can do to soften your character and stop abusing others as well as your self. By managing to control ourselves, no damage is caused.
Temperament is closely related to man's animal nature. Character although closely associated with temperament represents the intellectual, conscious, voluntary dimension or impulses of our biological nature. Character does not exist at birth. It is formed gradually, over the years. For example: Children have a temperament but not yet a character.

Monday, November 17, 2008


In the Sutras, there is a section on attainments. It states that attainments do not necessarily equate to freedom. A power, which is called attainment, suggests we are becoming powerful but it doesn't mean we are perfect or have achieved a balanced state of mind. There are twists to everything. Something for all of us to think about. There are many people who have psychic gifts, powers of various types and their lives are a mess.

In Sutra 3.16, it states we can become a conscious time traveler and learn to see either the past or future as if it were actually happening in the present. This is a very serious sutra. Where is your mind? Everything appears to go back to the state of the mind in the moment. Try checking on your thoughts at least once an hour. Meditation and chanting will bring you into the moment if you remain conscious. In other words, don't bliss out but stay in the moment. Breathing exercises help tremendously with our attaining a focused mind.

In Sutra 3.21, we are urged to look into our selves. We need to seriously look at the images we create of other people. Are they really true? The images we create of others can be false. It often is what we want to see or we project our own image on that person. One of the most powerful tools is to choose to create harmony, because harmony is the basis of creation. If we do not understand harmony, we will continue to be influenced by the memories of the past or look to the future. Work on attaining harmony that is useful and long-lasting and the present becomes an activity that is in harmony with the forces of nature, with the luminous spirits of the invisible worlds as well as with human beings.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ultimate Goal

It is a wise and kind move on our part when we abandon past hurts and pleasures and at every moment meet each person as if we are seeing them for the first time. In other words, the ancient wisdom teachings suggest that we look past the skin, the ego and allow the beauty and mystery of every person to unfold without our mental interference.

Why not open up to life and transcend the need to read an other's mind? Because in reality we are the other. When we understand that truth we see that all people have identical feelings; the same hurts, fears, longings, and hopes. Everyone has the same structure of thinking and self-centered concerns. We then grasp the nature of all minds because we are all one mind, not some vague concept, but as a concrete reality. The message is to stop creating images of others and assuming you know them. You do not.

So, to remove the hindrances in the mind, we need to give ourselves a new vision of who we are. the vision will help safeguard our future. The thrust is in healing ourselves first allowing no one to abuse us and that we do not abuse anyone, which includes by the way our own minds and bodies. Understand? The ultimate goal is conquest of inner space.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stop Creating Images of Others

A good example is the individual who sees himself as a great guru or teacher. He may see devotion and awe in those around him. This is his interpretation and not necessarily true. Another example is a person who is paranoid. He will find hostility and potential threats in people's actions and form images of them as menacing and aggressive. People generally interpret the actions and words of those around them according to their own self-image. We do this because other's actions and words have significance to us only to the extent that they effect us. I am speaking of people who are not yet balanced or full enlightened. This means they are primarily lower self-centered, not spirit or higher Self centered. They are only concerned about themselves. The average person is mostly interested in how others treat them. The image that they create of others is in reality a projection of them. What we relate to is the image we have created or clothed another in. Very interesting.

This process is a form of constantly reading other's minds. Anticipating what a spouse will request or certain looks on people's face may make you feel you really know what they are thinking. We are seeing images, not people, because we have created these images. How can we know another while we create images as barriers to knowing? Stop the insane process of creating images of others. The ideal is to allow the mystery of every person to unfold without anticipation and second guessing.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Creating Images

With appropriate practice, we may actually know the nature of any person's mind from the image of that person's form. This idea has caused great interest in the minds of crystal gazers, magicians of every type, charlatans and ordinary people who hope to see the hidden thoughts of their fellow man. Rather than try to look into someone else's mind, it would be much wiser to look into our own thoughts. Deep inquiry is the only one that can be true for you. If you are given an answer and grasp it intellectually, you only have intellectual knowledge, and it will be of little use to you in the areas that count.

Have you ever stopped to analyze how we relate to people? We create an image of them and based on the nature of that image we form a relationship. Anything negative or positive resulting from our relationship with that person we add to our image of them. That image becomes our reality and it is the image to which we relate. It is enormously important to see that this is how we relate to the world. Good example is a couple relationship. One of the parties matures, grows in his or her understanding. The other party will not necessarily like the change. Why? Because the comfortable image of the partner has changed.

What happens is that we manipulate the reality of those around us by projecting ourselves onto the image that we create of them. We also form images about someone by how they respond to us. For instance, someone is giving a dialogue and you appear to be listening with an intent look and a smile although you are hoping they will soon shut up. Your mind is elsewhere. The speaker will perceive the attention as evidence that you are really interested. More on this tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Increasing Your Vibration

You can change, heighten and expand your vibration when you circulate and increase your Light. Light is your spiritual essence. The more you increase your Light, the more you are a conscious spirit vibrating and expressing in matter. The more you are consciously this spirit, the more you will remember about the one Reality, your spirit identity, and be able to live in the present moment. Begin the habit of asking yourself periodically throughout the day, who am I?

So, who is it that is feeling bruised, saddened, feeling alone or suffering? It is the ego-personality and the physical body. Could it be that all our experiences both pleasant and unpleasant have been created to jolt us back into recognizing who we really are? When lonely or depressed could it be that we are really longing deep within us to have proof that we are a spirit in form?

If I was walking down the street and I greeted a stranger by saying, "Good morning, Master", how do you think the stranger would react? He or she would think I was crazy unless the truth of the human identity was already known and accepted. How many strangers would I have to greet that way before one would respond with the same greeting? Many have studied this truth but they forget. A master does not forget. Remembering your spiritual identity is another way to increase your vibration.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Philosopher's Stone

I have always been very impressed with the consciousness of the Bulgarian spiritual teacher Omraam Mikhael Ainvanhov. He was the kind of soul who instills in us a great love for life, courage and hope. Our souls have an ancient connection. Although he is no longer in the body, I have seen and felt his presence in his Diamond Body, the body of the Celestial Plane. His teachings began in 1938 and the subject matter found in his many books is timeless. He was adamant about change. Omraam taught that we must make universal brotherhood, universal harmony, our goal, and put all the means at our disposal, our qualities, faculties, talents, strength and energy, to work toward that end. I agree. This is how the problems of mankind may be resolved.

Omraam taught that each time you make use of light and heat, each time you act with wisdom and love, you form the philosopher's stone inside you, which transmutes all matter into gold. and that's when you become a true alchemist. So you do not have to look for the philosopher's stone anywhere other than inside yourself. There is no philosopher's stone more powerful than the spirit. The day you attain that state of consciousness where you feel your spirit, your higher Self, is an immortal, eternal principle, and indestructible entity travelling through space and penetrating every place, you will understand there is nothing more important than to use this power to work on matter. I am speaking of your own matter, to purify it, vivify it and enliven it.

The philosopher's stone is this spiritual quintessence which transform everything into gold, into light, in yourself first of all but also in all the creatures around you. When our focus is on radiant light, all the creatures around us benefit, all things increase and multiply. This is the sublime dimension of the philosopher's stone. If you have read my latest book, Be-Embracing the Mystery, you will understand why I love Omraam and his amazing consciousness.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

House Calls and Healing

Three choices are being offered in the area of healing:

1. Day time house calls within a reasonable distance
2. Absentee co-operative long distance healing sessions
3. Naperville morning appointments

What you really need is what you receive not what the ego desires but what the soul requires to be free.

Due to the sacredness of your session with the Sacred Light, the monetary exchange accepted is to be in the form of a love donation.

The sublime healing action is the universal love vibration of the Cosmic Mother, a power that is one with my Higher Self.

Your role is to surrender your ego personality to a higher Power. Once that is released, the interaction is between your soul and the Sacred.

The healing may take form in the soul, mind or body or in all three. The results are decided on the Causal Plane.

This is not a massage nor is it any structured technique. It is the Trinity Power in action. If you have limited or no knowledge of my consciousness, please read the messages in this blog, study the web site I also suggest you carefully read Be-Embracing the Mystery.

Call 630-357-1246 or 630-202-3818 for further details

May we all consciously live the divine life!

In happiness, hope and harmony,


Friday, October 31, 2008

Desire and Becoming

Some teachings state that we should not desire anything. Desire draws us back to earth and the snares of living in materiality. I personally feel that there are good desires such as learning self-mastery. If we achieve self-mastery, then if we desire to return to earth we bring with us the strengths we have accumulated through love for the good, discipline and right choices. Desire originating in the inner Self is quite different from the desire of the ego/personality.

It is actually funny when you think about it. Desire is used to rid ourselves of desire; we desire the state of desirelessness. Our mental constructs are such an absurdity. Instead of removing a personality anger trait by becoming angry at our weakness, why not remove anger and misplaced desire by seeing the reality of our current condition? We are a spirit trapped in a soul/mind/emotional and physical body. We must be aware. Awareness of who we really are frees us from desires that entrap.

Why not change right now? Why wait? The process of becoming is a form of deception because we are always seeing ourselves as less than we actually are. It is easy to deceive ourselves into believing that through time we will gradually change hatred into compassion, greed into nonattachment and fear into joy. When we always see ourselves as becoming, good changes are postponed. When we groan about our weaknesses, the past and even talk about the future, it is the ego talking. Maybe we need to simply accept the spirit living as us and live accordingly.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time Travel

We can only know ourselves in relationship to the present moment. How we act, feel and think in the reality of the moment reveals a part of us, which is primarily the ego. Our gestures, words, and expressions in our moment to moment relationship with life are the mirror in which we can see ourselves. If we are endlessly becoming something regardless of what it is, we are never fully present are we? The present is either filled with thoughts about the past or hopes and dreams for the future.

We are masters of time travel. We either are looking back or thinking about future realities. This is the way most people think and feel. People are seldom in the present. Sometime, take a few minutes of quiet time and watch where your mind goes. What lives in the present is your spirit, the higher Self. This is one of the many reasons so many of us meditate. Absolute quiet is one method of feeling the present. Breath work, chanting mantras and looking at a candle are other methods used in rediscovering and living from the perspective of the higher eternal Self.

Because we divide life into past, present and future, reality is not fully understood. There are some people who teach that neither the past, present or future are reality. They claim it is all one big illusion. I disagree with them. The illusion is in believing that only what we see, feel, hear and know with our senses is the one and only reality. What we experience in a physical body in a material world is very real while we are in it. Try and tell someone who doesn't have food to eat or is in extreme pain or fear that they are living an illusion. An illusion is the ongoing process of becoming something we judge we are not and not understanding our spiritual identity. Time traveling back and forth in the mind is primarily a focus on the personality and not the real Self.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Going beyond the Ego

Until a soul is balanced and has achieved a measure of enlightenment, it is typically ruled by possessiveness and ambition. Most people are empty shells acting out a poor imitation of living. This is what scripture refers to as the living dead. The reality of confusion, spiritual identity loss and ignorance and the feelings of loneliness caused by a sense of separation pushes the ego to reach out through attainment to fill the emptiness. Emptiness is filled with possessions, power, wealth, the love of others, knowledge, talents and prestige.

This process is actually a vain one and very sad because it is the result of the absence of love and sense of separation from one's own true spirit within that is the real cause of unhappiness. When we finally honor, love and accept the reality of our higher selves, with our full being, love blooms and we begin to experience what it is meant to be free.

We are are own worse enemies. This fact can be witnessed anytime and anywhere. Most people are looking for the wrong things in the wrong places. When I mention love, I am referring to spiritual Light, truth, beauty, reality and an intimate oneness with the essence of the hidden spirit. No possession, no power, no amount of money, no social status or prestige can fill the void created by the absence of divine love. It is the enormous emptiness that is the driving force to achieve attainment in one area or another. Although attainments are recommended and make us feel good about ourselves, eventually we learn that they do not fill the void waiting for the Divine.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Unlocking the Mystery

The third chapter of Pantanjali Sutras is called the Siddhis section. It consists of 54 out of the 195 sutras that reveal what we need to unlock the mystery of who we are. And the process that is offered is a very simple one called self-observation. My intent is to help willing souls reach self-understanding. Self-understanding helps us break the bonds of conditioning. It leads to a state of oneness with life, a union with God and finally our destination, a state of perfection while living in the flesh.

We must use the tools that have been given to us and extract the understanding necessary to reach a state of self-understanding. For an example , working with mantras will accelerate the evolution of the soul. Yes, there are spiritual powers gained as we become more enlightened. Although very convenient, Powers are not the goal. Why? They can become detriments if we become attached to them. It is the ego who desires power in order to expand itself. If we can use powers without losing our state of balance, they will work for the good of all who experience them.

The ideal is to remove all the obstacles to our spiritual growth and joy. Even when we have psychic and spiritual powers, we are not necessarily enlightened. It is simply a fact that we have added another aspect or attachment to our self-image. In other words, the attainment becomes part of our ego. Many people place their focus on becoming this or becoming that. Becoming is part of the human measuring time routine. We may feel insufficient. Insufficiency's will spur us on to become better than what we judge we are. Actually, fear of lack and limitation is the barrier to self-awareness. Most people are fearful of both life and death and do not yet comprehend what real love actually is. They desire it as a form of self-centeredness under the guise of pleasure, security and a need fulfilled.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Cramp in Consciousness

Mastery of the outer without mastery of the inner world keeps people barbaric despite all outward forms offered to society. The solution to peace, joy, wisdom and love cannot be found in the outer world. We eventually learn that spirit and science must lean on each other. We will continue to live in a nursery world if we do not wake up to our spirit identity. This is not an intellectual awakening. Hopefully, what I understand as reality will help give you a grander vision of who you really are.

A little more than 5,000 years ago a race of people moved down from central Asia and settled in the Indus Valley of the Indian subcontinent. They brought with them a new science, previously unknown to the world. It was the science of mind. They were the Aryans, and their language was Sanskrit. They brought an astounding divergence from the language and science known at that time. Before that time, mankind occupied itself with the science of tools and the understanding of the external to build, hunt, sow, reap and attain physical security. The arrival of the Aryans shifted the emphasis to the identity of the builder; they sought to understand the workings of individuals. The Aryans were the first known people to use a systematic science of enquiry to study their own natures. The result was the science of yoga. The science transcended time and culture.

2500 years later a verbal description of the ancient science from the mists of time was offered in the Sutras of Patanjali. It is a science of self-enquiry. Sutra means thread, a line of thought. Patanjali wrote 195 sutras. The notions of divination, astral projection, clairvoyance, channeling were first written about in the sutras. Also, the concepts of the aura, spirit guides, inner planes and non-physical planes originated in the sutras.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Divine Mother and World Changes

The United States and the world is passing through a transformative and transmutative shift on many different levels. The shift includes a period of orientation including discovery, acknowledgment, recognition and acceptance of a different reality. What is happening in case you haven't noticed is that consciousness is finally evolving into a more meaningful vibration.
Within us lives a spirit. Within earth is spirit. The shift is from a very dense level upward toward interaction with Spirit. This means that everything is breaking up in matter because we are moving from a material perspective to a spiritual grandeur.

When we incarnate, we spiral downward into matter. Now, it is time for us to consciously while in a physical body to move upward toward Spirit. You will notice in the months and years ahead that humanity is shifting from the reactive and emotional energy of the solar plexus region to the concern and love for all life of the heart energy. For this to become a solid reality, destruction in the world of matter will take place.

We are at the threshold of the Aquarian Age. New ideas, laws and approaches will surface. Humanity will begin to rediscover its lost dream of heaven being able to be lived on earth. Suffering usually is a companion to drastic changes. The less resistance expressed by people, the easier the transition. Eventually, we will grow into a unified spirituality, a teaching focused on Radiant Light.

The voice of the people will be heard as we move from the ignorance of darkness to the illuminating Light of Spirit. Awakened souls will live by a higher will, power and creativity. Love and wisdom will be the result of Divine Intelligence in action. Learning in a group setting with a similar intention will accelerate your transformation. There are Celestial Beings waiting to help those who are ready to focus on soul evolution. A new balance will be created by those who choose the Radiant Light.

More souls will discover and know themselves as the intelligent expression of Universal Mind. If you desire guidance and assistance from master beings, do what you must do to clear out emotional hindrances and blockages that you have accumulated throughout your long journey. Divine Mother specializes in removing the impediments that work against wholeness and love. This is why I have been prompted to offer healing sessions where Divine Mother is in charge.

Practice discernment, cooperation, keep a close watch on your intentions and be courageous and the vision to bring in a new humanity will energize and inspire you. Entering the Age of Aquarius offers higher knowledge and opportunities to express the inner spirit. Humanity has a choice to move from an obsession with materiality to a higher spiral of truth and beauty. Take steps now to remove all that hinders your transformation and experience with me the joy of standing free.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Healing of our Spiritual Distress

In the insightful book, The Secret of the Golden Flower, it says that a poor man is not helped by having more or less generous alms pressed upon him, although this may be his wish. He is much better helped if we show him how, by work, he can free himself permanently of his need. These words of wisdom are to be applied to earning our spiritual maturity in order to possess it. What is the use of reading or hearing about wisdom and how to heal our distress if we do not apply the teachings?

Many people long for simple truths today but if you are lazy and impatient you will likely settle for cheap simplifications and platitudes. Our world is on the brink of a great change. Are you ready to do your part? A spiritual crisis of such dimensions is happening right now. Are you open to the truth that redemption depends on the 'work' you do upon yourself? It is time to make real our own deepest meaning...God-realization. Meister Eckhart stated that 'God must be brought to birth in the soul again and again'. It not a consciousness that we can take for granted.

If you desire to be healed, spirit must live as you. If not you are dead. Without a living spirit directing and nourishing your life, the mind is as dead as matter. To be free and live in the flesh as godliness demands the most thoroughgoing and persevering preparation and love for truth.
We must let go of our attachments. If not, we are still possessed. When we are possessed, it means the existence of something stronger than who we are. It is time to look very closely at our own consciousness and rid ourselves of the energy of the heavy and replace it with the light of truth. When we open our heart and mind to the Light, sadness and sorrow, distress and separation will vanish from memory.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Celestial Beings

Celestial beings appear in classical myths and philosophy, in the vision of the Shamans, in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Zorastrianism and Islam as well as in Judaism and early Christianity. In all traditions, angels serve as messengers of God and are said to hover between heaven and earth. Religious scholars, in general, simply say the number of angels is too great to count. Most modern versions of the Bible carry approximately three hundred references to angels and their duties here on Earth. The Reformation did believers a great disservice because the entire hierarchy of angelic life, the invisible life between earth forms and God, was dismissed.

If you are committed in seeking truth and loving the journey, you will be able at some point on the road toward completeness to establish an intimate relationship with our invisible friends. They are willing companions whose love, light and wisdom enrich our lives immeasurably. Angels desire to share and assist in the area of spiritual growth, helping us move quickly toward the unique spiritual destiny that is designated for the children of God. Their guidance and support is not to be taken lightly; it is something to rejoice in and to give thanks for.

Angels are present although you may not feel or see them. They are authentic beings of intelligent light whose role is to help when you believe and trust. I urge you to cultivate a taste for the Unseen and be open to God's unexpected ways if you are not already. An awakening awareness of multi-dimensional life is only the beginning of an extraordinary journey of love and fulfillment. With the growing awareness among people all over the world of a finer vibrating life right here in our midst, I felt it appropriate to honor your soul by recognizing and respecting the celestial friends who are here for you. The angels relate to the higher part of you. When you consciously connect to their energy, it makes the journey towards freedom and true identity a much more exciting and fulfilling adventure.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What happened to the ideal of your soul?

The soul's ideal before it enters a womb is to be a balanced and free being while it is here in the flesh. To be a wide awake being, an individual must remember who it is, use its God given talents and not fall prey to falsity and delusion. A balanced being does not have an identity problem. This is a huge package to open and use. The good part is that through life we are given reminders by people who do remember and our making a concerted effort to express their higher Self in matter. If a soul would choose a good environment and parents for its beginning years in a body, life would not be so complicated. Unfortunately, it usually doesn't work that way. As a result, it doesn't take that long to forget the ideals one had prior to physical birth.

So here we are in a confined form that has been fed a great deal of falsity since a child and we are struggling to be rid of the emotional baggage of the past. We want to be free to be our selves, the better part of us that continues to live after the physical body is dropped. If you are fortunate to have decent health right now, take advantage of this blessing and seriously get to work on transforming your mind.

The time to expand consciousness and unlearn the heavy load you have accumulated from mistakes, corrupted thought and old conditioning is when you still feel good physically. All weakness, all ignorance keeps you from the truth of who you really are. Begin to ask the higher part of you, the spirit, to take charge and direct your thoughts and feelings so you will make the right choices and necessary changes for a much needed healing of the soul, mind and body. It can be done.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mental and Emotional Control

There is a mental tool that will create a powerful healing. It is the tool of detachment. Learn detachment and you will be able to heal yourself and help others to be healed. The type of detachment I am talking about is the kind where you separate yourself from the influence of emotional energies that work against your freedom. Emotions can work in a negative or positive way. They hinder our goals when we become so embroiled in their influence that we can no longer remain objective.

What happens is that a negative emotion can stagnate the soul. They can block any movement forward. For instance, if you live with someone who is constantly creating dramas that work against harmony and balance, the results can make you a wreck as well as them. It sounds strange, but we do choose a family and partners that will force us to take charge of our own emotional response and mental gyrations. If you do not wake up to what is actually happening in your personal environment, you may possibly falter, be miserable and temporarily leave the path of Light.

Damage control is what is required. To heal and free yourself, you must step out of your own drama. If your goal is to assist in the healing of others, you must not include any negative feeling nature in their drama. The dramas of life are created to force us to look at who we really are and take positive action. All souls make the choice to live in a garment of flesh and experience itself as divinity in matter. There is a definite pattern within this choice. The typical soul forgets its spiritual identity once it enters matter. Eventually, and that eventually may take a long time, it awakens to its true sense of Self. In the meantime, much damage may have taken place prior to its awakening. The damage is conditioning, false judgments and belief systems that work against the hidden soul's idea.

Friday, October 17, 2008

What Can I Do to Liberate Myself?

First, no one is going to do it for you. If you want to continue to live a limited life boxed in by conditioning, judgments, fears and falsity, do nothing. It takes disciplined effort on your part to circulate the light, divinity, within your energy patterns. Also, transformation does not occur over night although some people like to believe so. Remember, we carry around with us the past and its memories which are still front and center in most people in the present. So, in many ways few people are actually living in the present. Yes, there are definite steps you can take to be liberated. You must stay with the intention by giving it your full attention.

Thirty-eight years of healing opportunities has provided the knowledge and experience to share the words that I do. Next week, I will give you suggestions and examples on the subject of healing. Understand that healing must begin in your mind first. A passionate desire to be free of any form of bondage and live as wholeness and truth was the spark that grew into an ongoing flame in my own experience. My desire was to fully remember who I spiritually am and consciously reflect the Light. When we live from that perspective, we do not know fear. I knew that there is really only one power and presence, God, and allowed no thought, person or experience to deter me from my inner knowing.

You can liberate yourself and help others as well. Do not be intimidated by someone else who appears to have a greater spirituality or power flowing through him/her than you. The secret is to fall in love with the Absolute Spirit and Its presence living in you. Once you have attained the right understanding of who you really are, you can take the various attachments, hindrances, falsity and conditioning out of your mind and replace them with the certainty, love, compassion, wisdom and beauty of a balanced soul. Light will circulate through you and for the first time you will understand what it means to be free.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Bother?

If we do not recognize our spirit identity or deny its existence, we deviate from the way. To have and sustain true thoughts, it is necessary to understand the importance of Divine Light and its circulation. Universal Law emphasizes how we must diligently fill oneself with Light. The average person doesn't even think of his spirit identity and behaves as a person who has lost his footing on a high mountain.

Our inner spirit, the Light, is beyond the polar differences. We can overcome the polar opposites of light and darkness when we are conscious of the spirit that dwells in the heart. If we solidify light into our spirit-body, its life energy will gradually penetrate the instincts and movements of not only our consciousness but our physical body as well. Through focused breath, mantras and meditation we return to the purely creative. The outer image demonstrates the inner secret and beauty. When our breath is balanced and we practice the circulation of the Light, the true human nature transcends fate and becomes a conscious spirit.

We bother because to awaken is to apply the magic of who we really are. We inwardly know that to be truly alive the radiance of light purifies our energy and we are whole again. It is said that there are ten thousand ensnarement's. When we are damaged by low self esteem or any of the other ensnarement's, we fall victim to deception and confusion, separation and fear. The only way that we can be free again is to deliberately break through the falsity and darkness of the ego. The ideal is to enter a space of pure energy instead of the cave of fantasy and imbalance. When we find that right space within, a bond of love and certainty is established where we feel a warm release belonging to the true Light.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recovery Process

To transform low self-esteem we must go through a recovery process that requires honesty and facing our own responses. It is a serious disorder that affects millions of people. Frequently, a person becomes paralyzed with fear. Intense stress can damage a life in such a way that the victim will never reach his full potential. He will always respond from a place of imbalance, need and dissatisfaction. Usually a victim is overly critical of self. Frequently, a victim will hide true feelings and appear to be maintaining an appearance of control even though he deeply feels ugly or a failure within. Some victims become overachievers. There is a long list of disorders that manifest due to a lack of support and affirmation of one's value as a human being.

If you haven't studied my latest book, Be-Embracing the Mystery, please do. I have been active in the healing field for thirty-eight years. I discuss why some people are healed and others are not. The reasons are amazing! Low self esteem is only one reason but a powerful one. Life can be changed for the better when a victim or patient admits to a history of emotional abuse and deliberately takes recovery steps. It is possible through self analysis and realization to learn self-mastery and actually attain balance and wholeness.

I have also noticed that it is very difficult for emotionally wounded beings to turn the other cheek or to forgive. Suggestions of positive behavior are difficult to instill if you retain feelings of rejection, isolation, being ignored or corrupted, exploited and terrorized. Intense emotional imbalances create an energy that has a greater difficulty accepting a Divine Presence living within. Invest serious time in examining your childhood, relationships and reactions to life. If you feel like you are in a box and going nowhere regardless of your efforts, a low self esteem may be blocking your progress. You are worth the effort. It does not have to been years of therapy. Look closely at how you have reacted to people, circumstances and life. Daily meditate, pray, contemplate and chant mantras that are proven to heal emotional disorders. There is an old Zen saying, Words cannot cook rice. A readiness to take action signifies the radiant light within to gradually remove the negative effects that are blocking your happiness and freedom.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


If you were emotionally abused as a child and the effects become long term emotionally and verbally as an adult, a low sense of self-esteem, depression, identity problems and illness will attach as unwanted energy to your personality and body. In many victims, increased alcohol and drug use will eventually destroy you with the mounting tension and feelings of inadequacy. The most serious crime is that the feeling of inadequacy prevents you from accepting your own spiritual identity, your own soul worth.

When you are abused on any level, your partner actually trains you to behave in ways that he or she wants you to behave. Gradually, you begin to feel differently about yourself. Lack of confidence erodes your feeling nature. The brainwasher puts forth a closed system of logic and allows no real input or criticism. In other words, what he or she says goes.

Low self-esteem is actually a thinking disorder. You begin to view yourself as inadequate, unworthy, unlovable and incompetent in many instances. Once these notions are formed, the negative view of self permeates every thought producing faulty assumptions and ongoing self-defeating behavior. Humans develop their initial view of worthy or unworthy attributes in childhood. One who is abused becomes like a bird with only one wing. There is no way a soul can fly when it is constantly in a state of doubt and imbalance. The sick part of this scenario is that many people are not consciously aware of how serious the insidious abuse actually is.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Emotional Junk

I am returning to this subject because it is a major cause for suffering. Even though you seek truth, seek mastery and desire to remeember and live as your higher Self consciously, are you having trouble crossing that bridge of conviction? If you are, perhaps the abuse is known or even unknown to your conscious mind. If you exprienced abuse as a child you may still be expriencing a sense of low self esteem today. The problem with childhood is that the child may assume abuse is a normal behavior. How can you feel that a god or goddess, a holy spirit, a higher Self is actually your true identity if you are still wounded and not healed from the past?

I used to offer rebirthing workshops which emphasized a divine breath exercise that acted like a vacuum cleaner stripping away emotional junk hidden in the subconscious. Today, I prefer a gentle and inexpensive method, mantras, that beautifully handle the emotional liposuction process if you stay with it long enough. Sound mantras are a form of chi-energy that will heal emotional energy stored in your body. I suggest that you first begin with 9 sets of alternative nostral breathing or some other breath technique. Emotional and psychic baggage are locked into points in the body. Things like rage, anger, abandonment, fear, bitterness and guilt are often the root cause of physical ailments ranging from sciatica to substance abuse.

Most abuse begins when we are children. It may likely continue as an adult from our partner. An emotional relationship that drains us will erode self esteem and happiness. You have to fight back recognizing that you can empower yourself regardless of the appearances. Emotional abuse is a form of brainwashing, mind control and the victim may be unaware of what is going on and what changes are taking place.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Temporary Personality

I call who you think you are the temporary personality for a good reason. When you accept that you were alive before you entered this physical body and will continue to live after you absent the current body, you realize that the personality is temporary. The personality is also affected by what month and day you were born. Each day has its strengths and its weaknesses. Depending on the point of soul evolution you are at will determine whether you act and react from a point of strength or weakness.

You may have already evolved, fine tuned your understanding of what constitutes self-mastery and enlightenment, and be thrown off the path of balance because of early childhood emotional abuse. If you were rejected, isolated, ignored, corrupted, exploited or terrorized, your feeling nature is likely to be damaged. Terrorizing would involve the witnessing of family violence. If you had experienced the most insidious type of emotional abuse which comes under rejection, how can you believe that a divine and loving Self is alive in you?

Regardless of past conditions or current ones of imbalance and shame, you can regain wholeness by establishing grace in your life. Instead of solely leaning on the arm of family members or friends who may be as confused as you are, deliberately learn to lean on the arm of truth and the Light. It is our responsibility to remember the Source and restore ourselves through aligning our energy with the Source. We can reestablish inward mindfulness that creates healing, equanimity and the confidence that arises out of knowing the truth that gives us life...our inner spirit. By remembering the inner spirit Self, which always remains in a state of equanimity and lies behind all experiences pleasant and unpleasant, we awaken to infinite possibilities, become genuinely happy and whole again.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What God or Goddess?

The whole purpose of life is to make God a reality. We do that through a true trust in the higher Self, our very own god or goddess. I know through my own life experiences how difficult it is to accept and live from the point of view of the goddess. If we have experienced emotional or physical abuse as a child, the path is usually cumbersome. Once we realize that old conditioning has damaged our conscious sense of our true worth, healing will begin. Manifestation of good in our lives becomes easier as we grasp the great truth that the Divine, our true Creator and Light is within us right now. It is that essence that empowers us in all ways.

God is not limited. God does not have to wait until the future to manifest good. Once we grasp the magnificence and power of this truth, we can manifest a balanced and happy life now. If you are doubtful or afraid, you won't. One of the requirements for transformation is a true trust in the Self within.

Keep asking yourself, "Why am I not manifesting good in my life right now?" Keep asking this question throughout the day. Keep a record of your spiritual journey. Review it at the end of the week. There are so many good suggestions out there on how to be enlightened or how to be successful or how to be a master of self. Nothing will work fully if you do not wholeheartedly believe in the spirit within, feel it, talk to it, listen and express it. God, Light, Spirit, the Jewel has not been a priority during the Dark Age. As a result of this gloomy cycle and the resulting spiritual ignorance, suffering, a sense of separation, limitation and lack, the energy has pulled us away from the Center. You can stop it.