Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who Created the Lower Self?

We have been deceived by appearance and yes, many times by incomplete and even false teachings. The more we become conscious of our true identity, the key to freedom, the more we can differentiate the true from the false. We are the ones who have created our lower nature due to our limited and unconscious lack of knowledge regarding what is permanent and what is not. By identifying solely with the conscious mind and the appearance body and thinking that it is separate from the Divine, we continue to energize its power, a false one, as a mistaken identity.

We are the creators who have designed a personality and body through misguided information, false beliefs, selfish pride, ambitions that move us away from our soul purpose and believing that physical power is real power. Again,I am describing the human personality who must be undermined or it will take control with its addictions, fears and attraction towards possessions. It is a satisfying feeling to have monetary security, attractiveness and lovely possessions. I am not suggesting that we should avoid or discard them. What I am saying is that they are as temporary as a snowflake.

What I teach and live is that being entombed in flesh is usually not an enlightening experience until we realize that the lower nature primarily thrives on illusions, which are accepted as reality by the human personality. If the illusions are in control, our separation from the True Self, the Divine Personality, the Higher Nature recedes into the background becoming a vague memory. When we really begin to think about these things, the veils part and the meaning of our existence in matter is understood. What we experience in matter is very real but it is softened and blessed when we remember the higher Nature and focus on the Divine, the Creator of our higher Self.

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