Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Expressing our Higher Nature

For the most part, humans are unconscious of their higher Nature. If we were, life would be totally different than what has repeatedly occurred for thousands of years. Very few beings have had the conscious ability and power to express the Divine Idea in matter. How many people actually believe that they are an Angel of Light, a being destined to eventually be a complete expression of the Divine?

Thought as we know it here on earth, time, space and separateness do not exist in the higher worlds of Light. When we originally lived in the subtle worlds we closely resembled the very essence and intelligence, freedom and beauty that we seek now. Our real body is very much like a temple, a Holy Temple. It is indestructible, immortal and perfect. This is our Real body. Much later, the divine part of us came into outer expression as material form.

So, it is correct to say that we are divine attributes of our Creator. Our soul/spirit is an idea of the Creator, one of the attributes used before devolution and later when we eventually descended into matter. This soul or spirit has a subtle body, the image. Expressing it in another way...The Absolute Creator, Great Spirit, the Indescribable expresses through individual intelligence. For the sake of clarity, this essence is often referred to as the I Am, a Divine Attribute. Our soul is also a divine attribute expressing its self both in the subtle worlds of Light and in the lower worlds of matter. Our physical body is the designated temple for the soul while we are in matter. From the highest perspective, our human personality and physical body is not a part of the three, the I Am, The Idea or the Image, only a temporary expression. The three Divine thoughts shaped our image and likeness to the Thinker, God. This may sound confusing at first but the purpose is to impact you with the ancient truth that humanity has been deceived into believing that the Real Self is the one they see in the mirror who is usually self-centered and unaware.

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