Thursday, January 14, 2010

What does the Sun, Planets and Stars Have to Do with Your Identity?

There is something new for most people reading this material to consider. Did you ever look closely at the Sun? I know you have been told that it is dangerous to look closely at it but if you look early in the morning you will not hurt your eyes nor will you receive any energies that could disrupt your force fields. What you will do is open up the cells of all your lesser bodies, physical, astral, mental and be receptive to a healing of a higher Order. This Order is directly from the masters who dwell in the etheric Sun. I did not mention your etheric field deliberately because your etheric body is part and parcel of your physical body. They are actually one unit meaning, the physical cannot survive without the etheric. In some other worlds, there exists intelligence in visible and tangible form who do not have an emotional body. This means that the intelligence in form is strictly a mentally functioning being. Feelings are not of any consequence to them. This may sound as an unpleasant creation but in some ways it is far more advanced than many of the people on planet earth who thrive on negative emotions.

I mention this because on planet earth we must attain balance in all our bodies whether they are physical or subtle, seen or not seen by the human eye. If we do not, chaotic behavior, ill health, wrong thoughts and other experiences that cause despair and damage will take prominence in behavior and matter. This is a very important subject to understand. You can be a loving individual with good intent but if your birth sign gave you energies from one or more planets that emphasize emotions, you can live your entire live tilted to one side of the scale

Be aware of the influence of the stars and planets. This does not mean that you must take courses and learn the subject thoroughly but at least try and understand the influences of your birth date. Doing this you will save yourself much time, energy and grief. What is also true is that the more evolved that you are as a soul, the less the negative aspects of your chart will impact you. I mention this fact now because there will be more disturbances occurring throughout the world because the earth, the atmosphere, nature itself is purging that which has abused it. Now, think about this. If nature is purging Herself, might not your own consciousness do the identical thing to the health of your physical body, assumed comforts, family and friends? Who is in charge of your life? This is an excellent question because if it is the ego-personality, you are in for some big time problems. If you have reached the point in consciousness where you have surrendered a good part of your self and life's activities to your inner essence, the spirit, the guidance will come. What others experience in loss, ill health, disruptions and more will either be very moderate in your circumstances or they will not occur at all. Think deeply. All of us are at a crossroads in this cycle of soul history. Make a choice and stick with it and you will live to understand and see the results. How does this tie in with gazing at the Sun rising? You will receive much needed light rays and intuitive vibrations that will strengthen your energy in the package that is considered to be your full identity.