Monday, December 15, 2008

God's Idea

Do you ever think about the results of God's idea? God's Idea of creating matter and then thinking it into perfection is responsible for all life and everything existing animate or inanimate. Of course, the grand Idea has gone through many stages and still is. The sweet part of this great drama is that we, too, can create by thinking anything we desire into an actual manifestation.

For an Absolute One Intelligence, an indescribable cosmic consciousness, to picture in Mind a real Earth, an actual physical place where It's perfection can express and be a reality in matter is mind blowing when we take the time to really think about the Cause, the Reason and the Potential. How does such a magnificent Will express powers of Its Divine Nature? You have heard of angels of Light and living masters and messengers of God's Will. And then, there is humanity who is categorized as the Word made flesh. The real earth and the real intelligence in man only becomes a visible, tangible reality when the higher Love is activated within us. When the Divine Creative Power is generated through an intense desire and passionate love for perfection in humans and life itself, we begin to experience the results of the original cosmic Idea.

Since God Consciousness is the inner essence of all Space and all Life, we really do have hope don't we? Our job is to awaken and accept this fact. When we do, the God Consciousness, Reality, begins to express constantly in our everyday lives. BE-ing is expressing or out-pressing. After I had written my latest book, I could not decide on a title for it. All of a sudden, I heard a loud and strong voice from the invisible realms say with authority, "BE". Be what? Be who we really are