Thursday, April 30, 2009

Unhappiness is the Consequence of Our Actions

We were taught that to be a good person we must give to others. This is true but not at the expense of making our self a cripple. I am referring to the common practice of being busy, busy and busier all the time. How can we keep negativity away from our door if we are spreading personal energy all over the place? As an example, the body is the temple of the soul. What are you doing to protect the temple so intruders do not invade your consciousness? Forgetting to honor the body alone can put the inner Self in exile. Are you the type of person who must be busy all the time and feel guilty if you are not? If so, it is time to stop and reevaluate your life. Busyness will eventually create a deep unhappiness within. It reminds me of a dream that I once had. I collected all my most precious jewels and gave them away to someone who was extremely busy. What a waste! A person who is overly occupied is quickly edging toward exile from his or her own true identity.

To give is a natural gesture of an open heart. Not to take disciplined time out to receive from the font of the inner Wisdom leads to grief. To give and not allow your self to receive is not honoring who you are or permitting the inner spirit to feed you the divine nectar. When I refer to receiving, it is not necessarily receiving help or guidance from another human. There is a higher form of receiving that pulls us out of the short sightedness of busyness and returns us to the Center where we can identify with the inner image, the original image of God. If we are caught up in the busyness of complicated activities, it is very easy to fall into the habit of a poor use of the spiritual senses, intelligence and emotions. How can we hear or see with the spiritual senses or experience the intimacy of the Divine if we are constantly caught up in activities of the world? I am suggesting that you give priority to developing an intimacy with the Source and Principle of your being, the One. If you allow negligence through busyness, you will eventually be sad. Sadness is one of the worse experiences of the soul.

Start simplifying your life. Learn to delegate responsibilities to others. You are not other people's savior. How can you be liberated if you do not give full attention or have access to sacred knowledge? If you do not make daily time for deep contemplation, prayer and meditation, you will experience a great loss. The mind will be unprepared and the ability to activate true vision compromised. As you learn to erase the old design that kept enabled a sense of separation from the inner wisdom, others will naturally gravitate toward your energy. They will recognize that you have something special to give them. This is true. What they do not realize is that the treasure they seek is already within them. They do not know about their treasure and usually do not believe you when you remind them. In this writing, I am simply urging you to remember your own treasure and not neglect it. Do not fall into the habit of busyness and neglect your own precious jewels. It is a greater gift for you to help others through example to realize that the Divine gift they are missing is already within them. Keep reminding yourself and those who come to you of this great truth. When friends and strangers finally listen and take action, they will understand that they do not require an intermediary. The Super Consciousness, the higher part of the Mind, is the intermediary between the feeling nature and the spirit nature. As they learn to identify with the Super Consciousness, the Christ Presence, they will transfigure the body, expand and calm the soul and identify with the inner Spirit.

Note: For those who read the daily blogs, the messages are not excerpts from my book, BE-Embracing the Mystery.