Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Resonating Influence of Understanding

The worldwide change that we have begun to experience is actually an opportunity to grow inwardly. The opportunity is offered to all and from that point it rests in individual exercise of free will. The souls who choose to continue on the same path will simply deny themselves and possibly be banished from the earth for thousands of years. At least, this is what is indicated in ancient writings. Not being able to tolerate finer energies is part of the change for those who reject God's Light. Choice and action determines whether we are destroyers or nourishers. Change is also about purging ourselves and making way for the new. Although predictions from the point of ego may be grim, something very good will occur as a result of the shaking earth.

Understanding of how this change actually happens is important. The Apocalypse, or lifting of the veil, is not a singular, but a cyclic event. It is an event that has happened before and will happen again. Similar events took place approximately 13,000, 26,000, 39,000 and 52,000 years ago and another one will occur after our impending one happens in approximately 13,000 years into the future. Some 52,000
years ago, at the Dawn of a previous Golden Age, divine messengers did descend to earth and infused their life-giving energy into hominid species called homo-sapiens-sapiens, which were destined to become the dominant species on our planet. Check out the Old Testament and the Book of Genesis.