Monday, June 29, 2009

Sensitizing What You Take for Granted

Do you really focus when you look at something? What about hearing, smelling and touching? Do you ever attempt to blend with an object? Do you pay attention to the sudden and unexpected flashes or pictures that appear in your mind? If not, begin. Pay attention to everything within and without. Messages do come but if the mind is off with its average of 60,000 thoughts a day, you will miss something important. There are no flukes in the area of the mind. You will be sent warning messages, uplifting thoughts, ideas, new insights and much more if you are attentive. Psychic experiences are usually spontaneous.

I can see everything in a room whether my eyes are open or closed. You can learn this by sitting at night with no lights on. Once you adjust, start looking around the room and study and identify the shapes you see. Do it somewhere safe. As you identify each shape, say either mentally or out loud, "This is what a particular object looks like in the dark. I am sensitizing my sight to recognize objects accurately in the dark and under any lighting situation." During daylight, at any time or place, take a few minutes and go back and look at the objects you were sensing and seeing in the dark. Mentally repeat what you see and say, "I am training my psychic part of the mind to accurately observe my environment at all times." "I command my subconscious mind to always alert me to everything I need to see for my benefit and protection, so that I may function to my fullest psychic capacity."

Do this every day and you will develop your inner sight. I was born being able to see anything in the dark. What I see is the etheric body of the object or life form. In other words, whatever I witness presents itself to me as light energy. A good time to practice this is at dusk. Go outside and look at the trees, plants, etc. and you will likely see the aura of whatever you are gazing at. It may help if you close your eyes every once in awhile and then open them while remaining focused. Attention, focus and practice will eventually bring you the kind of inner sight that all intelligent creatures had when man was first evolving on planet earth. It is a throw back to a different world but that world definitely had some advantages.