Friday, January 16, 2009

Super Beings

The doctrine that God can be incarnated in human form is found in most of the principal historic expositions--in Hinduism, in Mahayana Buddhism, in Christianity and in the Mohammedanism of the Sufis. I will share a quote from the Bhagavad Gita.
"When goodness grows weak, when evil increases, I make myself a body. In every Age I come back to deliver the holy, to destroy the sin of the sinner, to establish righteousness. He who knows the nature of My task and My holy birth is not reborn. When He leaves this body: He comes to Me. Flying from fear, from lust and anger, He hides in Me, His refuge and safety. Burnt clean in the blaze of My being. In Me, many find home". Yes, we can! Every human being can become an Avatar. He or she needs to be shown the way and helped by divine grace. The Godhead assumes the form of an ordinary human being, who has through effort and instruction, love, willingness and patience earned a one-pointed awareness...enlightenment.

I interpret this quote to mean that one Avatar, super being, will make an appearance upon the stage of history when enough of the collective consciousness is ready for another boost. Usually, these beings are channels of grace and divine power who through example encourage us to adopt the process where we allow our hearts to unfold and our minds expand. In other words, to learn to love one another, which is a spiritual love and to love ourselves. Before a human can be Christlike and identify with the Father-Mother God Ideal, we must begin to imitate what we believe in. Enlightenment and understanding and living our spiritual identity is a requirement in our eventual state of mind called super beings. When not enlightened, Buddhas, Christs and other names that refer to Masters of matter and the little self are no other than ordinary beings. When there is enlightenment, ordinary beings transform into Buddhas. This is our earth assignment.

Most of us have admired super men and women since we were children. As adults this could be why so many of the hero and heroine television shows, movies and books are so popular. It would be fantastic to be able to help and save people. As a child, I loved Wonder Woman. Last year, I went on the Internet found and purchased my own red long sleeved Wonder Woman tee shirt. A blazing picture of the heroine sits smack on my chest. I have never worn the shirt out in public but I smilingly know that the special shirt is sitting on the shelf in my closet. Why not be a hero or heroine? We are all made of light, beauty and inner power. Scripture repeatedly reminds us that the supra normal is our real identity.