Thursday, August 6, 2009


When man and God work together, they commune with the other as One. The language of their communication is the language of Light, which man calls "Inspiration". Communication can be spiritually seen as dazzling radiant heavenly Light. You must know the Light for yourself to be unlimited. Then you reach the pinnacle of understanding and joy where Light knows Light and there need be no words...

Truth doesn't change; what changes is consciousness. Humans are only given during specific cycles what they can collectively comprehend. This is one of the many reasons it is vitally important to meditate and go within. Religions, all of them, do not contain the full truth. What is offered is given for the consciousness of a particular cycle/time period. It is true that much of what Jesus shared was for future generations but it is his true human history that has been distorted.

People do not reach the ultimate Creator in prayer. The Creator's Power, Presence and Wisdom cannot be defined in any way, shape or form. The Creator is infinitely beyond the understanding of finite mind. It is impossible! What is possible is to make a genuine connection with beings who serve in the subtle worlds of Light. One who prays will attract a helper who is close to the humans consciousness or a degree above. There is a huge hierarchy here in the kingdoms on earth and a much greater hierarchy of beings existing in the subtle planes. As we spiritually mature, we attract different luminous beings, angels, saint, gods and goddesses. If you are plugged into the Divine energy in any of the many wondrous ways, the communication can be through totems, symbols, visions and geometrical forms to name only several. I call the aforementioned, the language of the angels, gifts given in love to souls reaching for help and understanding~