Friday, November 13, 2009

More Code Words

Chinese and Taoist alchemy are explained in terms of the yin and yang principles. This is the concept of the Tao (The One) divided into two principles. The Tao is the Absolute Oneness that underlies all duality. Yin was lead and yang was mercury. The transcendental union lay beyond all duality, which is called the Middle Way by the Buddhists. Keep in mind that these are code words. My intent is simply to remind us that there are external and internal alchemy practices.

European alchemy and its practice was hidden, secret and in time eventually exposed. Practical knowledge about the elixir was symbolized by the Tree of Knowledge, which also represent duality, good and evil. If the knowledge is misused, it can kill you. Knowledge is to be used for the sake of the Good. Ego must stay out of true knowledge.

To put things into perspective, remember that in ancient times only seven basic metals were known: copper, silver, gold, mercury, lead, iron and antimony (greenness).
Researchers who are fascinated by this subject feel that they are unlocking the most potent and mysterious form of matter capable of producing real magic, an elixir of immortality. What you think?

Have a peaceful and thoughtful weekend. Return on Monday