Tuesday, November 3, 2009


People are distracted by everyday concerns. Distractions do not allow for any kind of serious thought. We must take the time to use the mind and pay attention to the feelings of the heart. Do we really have freedom if our thoughts are conditioned and our behavior robotic? For thousands of years simple truths have been hid from us. No other country is the culprit. No other person, political party or organization. The majority live as robots and are comfortable in the security of their conditioning. Transformation is for each man within himself. It happens when we decide to think independently. The following are a list of questions that beg for answers. Take your time and answer them to your self. If you would like to share them with other readers, please do.

Do you realize that we are terrorists ourselves against the mind, emotions and body? Look at how you handle each area as a normal response.

Do you ever wonder why it has taken humanity so long to spiritually awaken?

Do you really feel you have freedom of thought knowing that information is constantly being stored and acted upon from the subconscious part of the mind?

Do you know truth through thought or feelings and why are feelings filled with enormous amount of information?

Do you have any idea why so many people admire Native People? What do they have that is lacking in today's society?

Do you ever stop and wonder what the intent is behind prophesy?

Do you feel you actually communicate with God?

Do you ever ponder what normal daily activity may erode freedom and the power of your thoughts?

Do you think humanity could actually experience a paradise on earth?

Do you know that depression is usually not recognized as a spiritual depression?

Do you ever evaluate what is a spiritual mistake?

Do you feel human society is on the path of progress or being further degraded?

When we feel with the heart the questions posed, we begin to understand why in every country crime, disease and various disasters are increasing day by day.

Just a thought...