Friday, August 7, 2009

Science and the Use of Light

I will only briefly mention the technical applications of the laser beam or how the Atlanteans used to collect and condense the Light of the Sun by means of hugh crystals. You already know how they used the energy obtained in this way to run all kinds of instruments and machines. The laser is light concentrated into a single beam of tremendous power, which can be used to perform all kinds of extraordinary operations. The Atlanteans knew all about the laser and various techniques we recently discovered and other possibilities still yet to be discovered. It is funny in a way because using light or demonstrating the power of light is done more by scientists than mystics. Actually, the future will be one great discovery of light! Scientists conduct their experiments in well-equipped laboratories; those who desire to spiritually evolve cannot afford to neglect their own inner laboratories equipped for us by nature. Atlanteans had advance high technology but not the needed spiritual knowledge required to keep science and spirit balanced.

Nothing can be discovered on the physical plane, which does not already exist, in some form or another, on a subtler level. Discovering is uncovering, by means of intuition or imagination. We are explorers and the quality of our life determines the quality of our emanations. It helps in the discovery when we get all the faculties and all our activities to converge toward a single target, which is, the illumination and perfecting of the whole being. Can you imagine what would happen if the greater per cent of humanity concentrated on Light?

Have a balanced and happy weekend~