Friday, January 30, 2009

Learning, Exerting and Making Sacrifices

People who do not understand why we are on earth also cannot understand the concept or goal of Initiation. They feel they can do without all the effort. Isn't there enough pain without always trying for some nebulous something that is not fully understood? What is not realized is that there is a subtle or etheric earth. Some call it heaven or a higher invisible dimension. The soul wants to return to that other place of light and harmony. The problem is that the light of many souls is dimmed and the return to a higher vibration requires true knowledge, exertion and making sacrifices. All religions, even the most primitive, have this tradition of the fall of man followed by his redemption and return to the Creator Mother and Father God.

There is no physical distance between heaven and earth. the distance is in our consciousness. Once the majority of souls return to stability, everything will be different. It is true that our inner life is constantly tried and tested. There is so much disorder on the planet right now that can easily undermine our spiritual goals if we do not become a spiritual warrior. What humans must understand is that there are inferior earthbound souls that tempt human beings. These souls have not yet developed love for God and life. How can this happen? Quite easily. When a soul enters matter, it enters limitation and bondage because the soul forgets its spiritual identity. A great many very advanced spirits forget all about their origins until they meet someone who has or is experiencing a direct connection with the Divine, reads or hears something that triggers a forgotten memory.

Matter is our cross of forgetfulness until we make a consistent contact with the higher Self and the energy of radiant Light. So, we could say that we are the cross because the cross is made up of the four elements. If what I am sharing sounds true to your heart, the following is a suggestion that may assist in your spirit work on matter. Each day stand and face the four cardinal points of the universe in turn. Each of the cardinal points is ruled by an Archangel. Yes, they do exist. In the East is Mikael, in the West Gabriel, in the North Uriel and in the South Raphael. This rite of turning and facing the four cardinal points before a prayer or meditation invites and assists you in communicating with the four dimensions of space. The movement and call will help you transform limitation, a sense of separation and memory loss of who you really are. For those who read this idea for the first time, know it is far from a new thought. The Christian religion devotees make the Sign of the Cross. The Rosicrucian symbol consists of a red rose in the center of a cross. There is also a parallel between these symbols and that of the Grail, the emerald cup. The cross and the cup are always figures of man. It is on the cross that the rose will bloom if we love life and the Divine.

Have a good weekend, a stable one. I invite your comments and suggestions.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wriggle Out of Karma

Every once in awhile, I find an author/teacher whose understanding is identical to my own. We reach true understanding through experience, analysis, meditation and deep thought, which eventually lead to ancient answers, the truth. Those who have some knowledge on the subject of karma do their best to let destiny work itself out without avoiding it. They feel this attitude will set them free from all debt. This process of obligation and paying off causes from the past may take centuries to completely remove. While you are paying debts off, it is very likely you will incur new debts.

I have always taught that there is another path. Deliberately work day and night on your own enlightenment and apply the way of the saints, prophets and mystics. What they do is find opportunities to help our people, nature and causes. Sometimes, this asks of us some form of sacrifice. I find it heartwarming that the energy in the United States of America is swinging towards helpfulness, kindness, generosity and love. Open minded people have been talking about how we are all one since the 1980's; now it is time to do something about it. Through the application of the ancient truth behind a genuine caring and reaching out to others, we remove ourselves from the ordinary laws of destiny...karma as typically experienced. Notice, I said a genuine caring. A true lover of life and opportunity is not a fatalist. We make up our own mind and take destiny in hand.

A few people cry that their astrological chart states bad aspects for them and they give up hope. The inner man, the spirit, is above a birth chart, above the stars and planets and their influence, above karma, above all else. Destiny cannot touch your spirit. We can get out of from under the shadow of moral debts that we have incurred to others, animals, nations and all life including our self by continuing to identity with our innr Self, create and lift consciousness. Your inner Self is capable of setting things right. To chart this course, be confident, absolutely convinced that nobody or any event will burn out your inner spark. Tap into your inner freedom of spirit. Stand tall and have the courage to advance. As you lift your consciousness, you will realize that in the realm of selfless love and purity, there is no such thing as karma. We can turn any situation around by accepting the gold of our true Self. Keep this focus and the debts of the past when we were not so enlightened will be taken care of.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Master of Your Choice

In today's world, there are endless tools available to help us heal regardless of the trauma we have experienced. We are the ones who must be responsible for our actions. As Henry Thoreau wrote: "I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor." In order to change on any level, the first thing we need to do is get unstuck. Look closely at how you perceive yourself. Most limitations to success come from internalizing negative messages from people and past events. These can easily be overcome. We have the power to succeed. What is needed is taking the right action and allowing our awareness and choice-making ability to open up to grander possibilities.

We can take the best products for our body but if we do not watch our thoughts and love our self first, we fall short. Loving yourself first means guarding the gates to the body, mind and soul and not allowing negativity in any form to remain in our mind. Regardless of appearances, every one of us has incredible blessings. Be thankful and embrace them. It is possible to change your thinking and actions. By taking small and steady steps while focusing on the blessings, we allow our dreams to blossom and be realized. As Marcus Aurelius said, "The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it."

Take time out each day for at least 15 minutes and allow yourself to feel the energy flow through you. Then, when you feel centered either go to your computer and write on a blank page or pick up a pen and paper and write a record each day of how you feel. Talk out your problems on paper. I have done this all my life and it works beautifully. Psychologists have discovered that people who keep a journal and write down disturbing experiences in their lives and give their impressions about those events actually make a striking improvement in their immune function. Don't keep your problems bottled up. Every day when you are alone, sit down and write out what you feel is both pleasant and unpleasant. Don't read it over. If you use a journal, put it away somewhere in safekeeping. If you use your computer to record your private feelings, use a new email address and do not allow anyone to know the password or to send you mail to that location. Keep your journal absolutely private. You can either do it for a week with one particular issue or until you have nothing to report to yourself. Read your comments the next day and then delete them.

This old practice of mine takes care of everything. Clarity, surrender, new ideas and a higher intelligence takes over. Later, when some of the material is read, it reads like fiction. You will also observe your own growth. Writing is a totally different dimension than speaking your troubles out. Speaking out loud, the problems become bigger, tremendous, voluminous in size. When you write it out and read it the next day or whenever and delete it, it takes on a totally different energy. It is out of your brain. It is out of your cells. The best part is that you are free and can stay centered. It is possible to free yourself of old patterns and guilt.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Energy Centers

Are you aware that depending on where you were born and raised on our world determines how many subtle energy centers you have in your spiritual field? We accumulate spiritual congestion in our spiritual body, which is not addressed by traditional physicians as a rule. We are capable of healing ourselves when we have the knowledge that there is a personal magnetic field, which has to be healed. People in the Eastern part of the world have seven magnetic centers or chakras. Here in the Western world we have nine energy centers. Because we have more, it does not mean we are more spiritual. There simply is a difference in the magnetic field of different races. Research describes eight energy centers for true American Indians.

Each subtle energy center has its own color. A friend told me yesterday that she has a mass in the thyroid area. According to the ancient teachings, if the color magenta is low over the thymus glad, her immune system is sick. I plan to call her today and suggest that she visualize magenta and demand that the color return to the area of imbalance. There are some common products such as fluoride and sodium fluoride that diminish the color magenta and energy in the immune system. Every center in our aura, subtle force field, acts like a transformer in an electrical plant. Balance is the goal for this form of self-healing.

There are many tools available to balance and clean our energy centers. Different instructions are offered according to the part of the world that you inhabit or the particular teacher's preference. The bottom-line is that the energy centers regardless of their number must be balanced with each other. Every day we are exposed to environmental poisons, the rays from our computers, television, microwaves, cell phones and for some people ongoing stress. When one of our energy channels shuts down or even weakens, it is a form of congestion and impacts our emotional, mental and physical health. I suggest that you explore the subject of color healing and your energy centers. Knowledge of your energy centers is only a glimpse into the vast storehouse of data available for self-healing. Look upon the magnetic energy as an alkaline medium to keep your body balanced. When the physical magnetic fields are balanced, your electrical field, the spirit energy activates. The electrical energy works in an acid medium. There is another circuit of energy to achieve balance, which will be briefly discussed tomorrow.

Monday, January 26, 2009


When something goes wrong in our lives, it is not God's fault. If we become too rigid and do not want to change or too one-sided in our opinion, situation, possession or relationships, our conditioned state of mind can actually result in experiencing a traumatic fall or breakage of bones. Falls and breakage are two manifestations. There are other reasons more complex. Normally, the culprit in our lives is the personality. It simply does not want to give up its power to the inner spark, which is an emanation of God. The inner spiritual part of us actually understands what is best for the body it is using. Because the spark is ignored the majority of the time, people suffer needlessly. I will give you a recent example using a longtime distant friend who called me two days ago.

The woman is single, a senior and living in a condo complex in a large city. She normally uses public transportation. Approximately six years ago while shopping at her local grocery store, she fell and fell hard. She went to her Internist who told her that her spine was out of alignment and she could use some therapy. True, but what she really needed was a visit to a good chiropractor. Because of her fear of chiropractors she did refused that option. Living in daily pain, she has become crippled, bent and uses a cane. An old boyfriend from her young adult years living out of state, sent her a gift check for $15,000 to help her with her personal needs. She already had excellent medical coverage.

Did she use the generous check to recover? No! Does she have anyone to drive her to the store for food and other needs? No! Does she use the money for a cab to get to the store? No! Does she befriend other owners living in her building? No! Does she call a Human Resource Center requesting a volunteer to help her? No! Does she call Meals on Wheels for disabled people? No! Right now, she is literally starving to death because it has become too difficult to take a bus to any store. She doesn't want to become friendly with her neighbors because then it may take up her precious time on the telephone. Just think! If she would use that money for a laptop, she could call PeaPod, a grocery online service, and the groceries she chooses would be delivered to her doorstep. By remaining rigid, she is committing suicide through her choices. She is saving the money until she needs it. Perhaps, she is thinking of her funeral.

I mention this craziness because it is very common. People deny themselves life in hundreds of different ways through the choices of the personality. I have observed in my own personal life and through other people's stories that we may experience trauma to learn to love ourselves and receive from others with gratitude and joy. For many, it is easier to give than receive. If a personality has a low sense of self, it often is more difficult to receive. I am sure that there must be someone in her large condo complex who would gladly take her grocery shopping. She does not have a family and has forgotten that other people are our extended family. The $15,000 sits in a bank. It is a gift of friendship ignored and a life wasted.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Making Yourself Fit

In this particular instance, I am referring to making yourself fit on the mental and spiritual level. Injuries, imbalances and limitation on any level prevent us from being the jewel we really are. Guilt is one of the worse culprits. It is always wise to inspect your life and see where you are at the moment and where you are going. I frequently mention the negative programming we have endured must be deprogrammed from the fetus to the third year of life. The fetus feels the emotions of the parents. There is also trauma as a result of our being hypnotized and conditioned in the brain and emotions through destructive experiences. I used to offer Rebirthing sessions and the participants came face to face with their hidden
pain. So, what else can we do about our inner wounds?

Scientology asks their members to subject themselves to sweat baths five hours at a time for two weeks or more. Rebirthing also suggests water therapy. Everyone does not have the luxury of spending hours in water. Memory is in the brain, the muscles and the connective tissue in the bone marrow. It seems to be recorded on the cellular level. Negative memory is likened to a spell. I remember reading information Rev. Hannah Kroeger wrote twenty one years ago stating that programmed people need a formula of herbs called Birthright. It contains blue vervain, rosemary and calamus root. She suggested drinking one cup two times a day for fourteen days. The formula brings out amazing results. We have to make ourselves free from what binds us.

We help make our self fit by loosening constrictions that hold us back. The rips in our personal aura need to be healed. Any type of violence makes deep scars in the psyche of a person, particularly children. Almost everyone has a phobia that usually stems from injuries and neglect of the spiritual body. What happens in most people is that the inner self closes down when a terrible incident is experienced.
I have witnessed through laying hands on others and calling on a Higher Power to intervene, the hypnotic shell can be shattered from inside. This also works beautifully in absentee healing when the patient is ready and willing to cooperate. What occurs is a breakthrough to a higher level of energy, which is light. With the person's cooperation and acceptance, it becomes a spiritual rebirth. Frequently, a spiritual healing will begin a mental/physical healing. There are many forms of help.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Take Control of Your Thinking

How are your New Year resolutions holding up? Deciding to say a daily mantra, meditate, exercise or be brave and begin a cleansing diet all will help regenerate, inspire and get the results you desire. To create a disciplined mind, learn to concentrate. Early in life I trained my thoughts by staring at a blank wall for long periods of time. The focus was to strengthen awareness of my own spiritual identity. I also love to learn new things but learning is not thinking necessarily. It fills the brain with data, which is needed to develop the power of thought. I would spend time focusing on an idea and translating it in order to use it in daily life. When I would focus on the blank wall, visions and messages, which are ideas coming from a higher energy, would usually occur.

I look upon this type of thinking as soul thinking. It is a means to increase one's light, energy and healing. The power of focused thought is translated into a higher activity of mind. We can heal ourselves and others through the power of directed thought. If we can change our diet and exercise habits, why not change our thinking? When we become deep thinkers and actually understand what we are thinking about, our thoughts become a powerhouse. An inner realization happens as a result of our taking control. Whether your thinking process is logical or a form of inner realization, both methods eventually lead to a destination where you begin to know your true Self.

We succeed when we sustain a faith in our choice, plan and focus. Failure occurs when we start thinking that there is no time for exercise, meditation or any of the other helpful tools that strengthen the mind and heart. So, when you really think about this subject, it has to do with strengthening the will, changing habits, putting yourself in a training mode and believing you can do something worthwhile that will definitely help overcome obstacles. Stop asking yourself if you have time to do something or feel good enough to do it. If you knew it was right when you had the original thought, just go ahead and take control by using your will. By the way, do not allow anyone to meddle with your will or you try and undermine someone else's will. It is the power of will which pushes us ahead.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Are You Experiencing Unbalance?

It is common for someone in pain to want the pain removed. We can undo the knots which tie us to certain conditions when we discover the cause. Cause is usually created through our neglect or ignorance of spiritual as well as physical matters. It is a matter of opinion as to which is worse...physical or spiritual cause. A few spiritual causes are emotional instability, old guilt, mental congestion, low sense of self-worth, trauma to the mind and feeling nature and entity attachments. Physical causes are more obvious. Eating foods, drinks and other products that we know are not good for our body or mind is a big influence. Trauma of any kind, congestion, chemical and environmental poisons, infection are some of the reasons that come quickly to mind.

Today, the word responsibility is practically being shouted at all of us. If you have not taken responsibility for your own balance of body, mind and soul, don't plan on any one else doing it for you. Prevention of illness on any level is totally up to us. It is never too late. It is helpful to start the day with a mantra or communion that will create a positive attitude. Today being Wednesday, I will give you a Wednesday suggestion from the Essene Tree of Life morning communions. Repeat this mantra as long as it feels right for you: Angel of the Sun, enter my solar center (plexus) and give the fire of life to my whole body. (Solar Rays)
What you are doing in essence is asking for more of God's Light to enter your body.

Do you ever think about how our body is a miracle in itself? Every day it smoothly does it work if we do not interfere with negative thoughts and actions. I discuss this throughout my latest book, Be-Embracing the Mystery. For the different functions of the body to keep running, we are expected to maintain mental and spiritual health. Most of us ignore the warning signs. For instance, negative thought forms can actually change the body from a state of health to disease and the reverse holds true with positive thought forms. You probably have heard this truth hundreds of times but do you remember to apply what you have heard? The pituitary gland with hypothalamus is the connector between intellect-emotion and body functions. It is your switch and must be kept balanced. Use your mind and its understanding to heal yourself.

Stop neglecting the possibilities of the mind. Discipline your mind to remember to actively use the Creative Energy within. Neglecting either the mind or spirit creates unbalance in the physical body. There are inexpensive tools that will help obtain spiritual balance. Try singing, humming, reciting an inspirational poem or message, walking, loving nature and learning to laugh at your self and at little things in life. The best tool you already have is will power. Use it to change your present situation. Listen to your heart and it will give you direction. Don't wait until next week or month. Analyze your situation thoroughly and use your understanding to create balance in mind and body. Translate your hopes and desires to meet the needs of your life. With the new changes coming, it is up to us to allow ourselves to be happy and finish the job we came here to do.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Whether you believe in angels or not, they are definitely among us. The energy has shifted and everyone of us will be affected according to our consciousness and determination. Today, many of us are occupied with viewing an amazing event take place in Washington.D.C. Humanity is watching and so are those from the subtle planes and other worlds of Light who care. This afternoon, I am going to do something different. There is a Dr. Kilstein who offers a Finger Healing technique for every type of situation. The following quote is his finger healing technique suggestion that will help you comfortably handle change.

"Like his slogan, President Obama is promising to bring "Change." Change can be scary. We fear the unknown when we can't predict what's coming next. But all changes, whether personal, national, or otherwise, have the potential to bring good things. So when a big change happens in your life, it always helps to think about all the good things this change will bring. Here's a great finger healing for Change, to help you look forward to and welcome change:

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not stiff. Fold your fingers into fists, with your fingertips pressing on the upper pads of the hands. Press the backs of your hands together at the knuckles. Extend your thumbs and touch them at the tips. Hold your hands in front of your navel, with your thumbs pointing slightly upward toward your heart. Breathe long, deep, and slow. Hold this position for three minutes, while concentrating on the energy in your hands. And remember, when change comes (and it will), be prepared for it by using your finger healing technique. As a matter of fact, if you are looking for things to change...If you want to be happier, wealthier, or find love...Or you're stuck in a rough patch and want to pick yourself up, why not test drive this suggestion today?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fear of the Unknown

The other day I was watching a neighbor walking in extreme pain. Her husband was doing his best to help her climb the stairs to their third floor condo. It turns out that somehow she had injured her one kneecap three weeks previously. Tests showed nothing. I decided to call her and offer my services. In this case, it meant a free healing touch session to relieve the pain and remove the source of the pain. The woman actually became alarmed and never had heard of what I referred to as energy work. I told her that in religious terms the offer could be called laying on of hands. She had never heard of energy work and the idea of laying on of my hands to the affected area really shook her composure. She had been in excruciating pain for three weeks and still turned me down. To her credit, the woman said to let her think about it. Well, the neighbor never called me back. It makes you wonder about fear and its origin.

Offering to help someone whether you know them or not is offering unconditional love without any strings attached. It is as if a good part of the world's population is ruled by a universal hypnotism of what they should and should not do. In my understanding, universal mesmerism or hypnotism is a belief that one is separated from God. Too many people continue to believe that suffering must continue and refuse to be open to alternative methods that will shift them towards wholeness. If so, I could say this woman and others like her are victims to a false universal belief. We cannot force understanding or acceptance on another.

Something new, different thoughts, need to be introduced into her mind that will stop world beliefs from clinging to her consciousness. She and others need to hear and accept that the nature of their being is God. Every part of us is the nature of God. What do we do when we try to bring out the good in a plant, animal or child for instance? We love and bless it. When I help people with healing, I know with certainty that I am dealing with the individuals misapprehension of reality. The human mind and its belief in two powers is the culprit. The secret of healing is recognizing a higher Energy, which is the Divine, God, Holy Spirit or whatever name you call the One Creator. God is an experience and not a word. This woman really could use an experience of grace. Grace would change her life. Hypnotism ceases when we enter the stillness and finally understand what is real.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Super Beings

The doctrine that God can be incarnated in human form is found in most of the principal historic expositions--in Hinduism, in Mahayana Buddhism, in Christianity and in the Mohammedanism of the Sufis. I will share a quote from the Bhagavad Gita.
"When goodness grows weak, when evil increases, I make myself a body. In every Age I come back to deliver the holy, to destroy the sin of the sinner, to establish righteousness. He who knows the nature of My task and My holy birth is not reborn. When He leaves this body: He comes to Me. Flying from fear, from lust and anger, He hides in Me, His refuge and safety. Burnt clean in the blaze of My being. In Me, many find home". Yes, we can! Every human being can become an Avatar. He or she needs to be shown the way and helped by divine grace. The Godhead assumes the form of an ordinary human being, who has through effort and instruction, love, willingness and patience earned a one-pointed awareness...enlightenment.

I interpret this quote to mean that one Avatar, super being, will make an appearance upon the stage of history when enough of the collective consciousness is ready for another boost. Usually, these beings are channels of grace and divine power who through example encourage us to adopt the process where we allow our hearts to unfold and our minds expand. In other words, to learn to love one another, which is a spiritual love and to love ourselves. Before a human can be Christlike and identify with the Father-Mother God Ideal, we must begin to imitate what we believe in. Enlightenment and understanding and living our spiritual identity is a requirement in our eventual state of mind called super beings. When not enlightened, Buddhas, Christs and other names that refer to Masters of matter and the little self are no other than ordinary beings. When there is enlightenment, ordinary beings transform into Buddhas. This is our earth assignment.

Most of us have admired super men and women since we were children. As adults this could be why so many of the hero and heroine television shows, movies and books are so popular. It would be fantastic to be able to help and save people. As a child, I loved Wonder Woman. Last year, I went on the Internet found and purchased my own red long sleeved Wonder Woman tee shirt. A blazing picture of the heroine sits smack on my chest. I have never worn the shirt out in public but I smilingly know that the special shirt is sitting on the shelf in my closet. Why not be a hero or heroine? We are all made of light, beauty and inner power. Scripture repeatedly reminds us that the supra normal is our real identity.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The New Man

The scriptures say of human beings that there is an outward man and along with him an inner man. Within us all is the other person, the inner man, whom the Scripture calls the new man, the heavenly man, the young person, the friend, the aristocrat. The seed of God is in us. To quote from Eckhart you will read that the seed of God is in us. "Given an intelligent and hardworking farmer, it will thrive and grow up to God, whose seed it is; and accordingly its fruits will be God-nature. Pear seeds grow into pear trees, nut seeds into nut trees, and God seed into God."

Human beings have free will and we are at liberty to identify with whatever pleases us. This amazing ability to choose our interests creates who we believe we are. The average person may act one way all their life but when a serious illness personally happens to him, he behaves very different. He could have lived a life of fear and then when he realizes he is dying become serene and God centered. For some people, it is easier to behave selflessly in a time of crisis that when life appears normal. The difference between a saint for instance and a typical human is that the saint is one who knows that very moment of our human life is a moment of crisis.

Now, why would that be? It has to do with personal choice. Every day challenges or opportunities present themselves to us. How we respond determines whether we are moving closer to darkness, which is ignorance or opening to radiant light and life. The goal of human life is to finally arrive at a state of consciousness where there are no longer any God-eclipsing obstacles between what we think and believe we are and the Divine Reality. The aim is to be constantly and consciously aware of our spiritual identity and purpose as a lover of God regardless of what is going on around us or directed at us. To understand the words I write and live them is a form of spiritual training that eventually leads us to transcend the human personality and state of ourselves that we are not a man or woman and answer instead, we are a Buddha, Christ or whatever exalted title you prefer to use to describe your state of being as an awakened and new man. This may sound preposterous to some who read this. Get used to it. It is truth.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another View

It has been said by many mystics that God is free of all names and void of all forms but...I disagree regarding the form. Meaning, if God is in All, that Power and Presence is in form whether than form be visible or invisible. A recent survey showed that 84 percent of people asked about heavenly intervention say they believe in miracles. Some attribute miracles to Jesus and the Holy Spirit or angels and saints, deceased relatives and invisible beings. We do live in a universe of infinite possibilities and high probabilities. Weird things do happen every day. When something miraculous occurs most people hopefully claim the special happening as God caring and stepping in to help although the event broke the laws of nature.

What I am referring to has nothing to do with psychic preoccupations which deals with the sixth sense, a developed and focused mind but with a genuine spirituality. Man has always had the power within to realize a mystic union, a direct awareness of something extraordinary going on that involves the Unseen. Every so often, that Unseen becomes seen. The invisible helpers become obvious to our senses. In my latest book, Be-Embracing the Mystery, you can read for yourself many of the strange and yet wonderful Godlike experiences that have been an integral part of my life. There is one proof after another that another Source, power, presence or energy is taking care of me in a rather amazing way. What is this energy?

The incomprehensible energy could be invisible guides, former relatives or strangers who enjoy serving in this capacity, masters or angels cooperating with the higher part of who I am to literally save me from extinction and remove inconveniences along the path. It is the energy of what we call God or Spirit in these invisible friends helping us not some Absolute, Impersonal and Nameless Creator Power. It is God being personal. We also can call on the Impersonal Holy Creative Spirit to heal and help. I have always thought of this Sublime Energy as my best friend although it is definitely more impersonal than an intelligent entity helping out. The multiplicity came out of the One. We have proof that God, the One, exists through our intimate relationship with the many. The outcomes of our relationship with the multiplicity representing God in matter is our evidence.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can God be Proven?

Proof of a divine Reality or God happens when there is a change in us. There is a corresponding change in our nature in direct relationship to our sense of knowing. What is the sense of knowing? It is not a sense of the physical or intellectual but the subtle spiritual or intuitive senses that depend upon direct perception. Authority to speak comes from the authority of knowing firsthand that there is a totally different energy behind the appearance of matter. An individual who is loving and pure in heart is more likely to witness and feel the ultimate Reality. Until that moment arrives for the seeker, he or she can study the works of those who were and are filled with a self-validating certainty of direct awareness.

The facts, so to speak, our realized and experienced in the deepest and most central part of the soul. We can be filled with man's learning and not yet hear the unhearable. We can ask for that knowledge. The knowledge I am speaking of is intuitively known deep within all of us. Some students may begin by looking inwards into their own particular divinity through contemplation, meditation and more. Others, may search for unity in nature and outside of self. Finally, the seeker realizes that something is present in the deepest and most central part of his own soul as well as in the life of everyone and everything else.

Souls like my own have an easier time in experiencing the proof of God, because we see the radiant Light which can only be witnessed through spiritual sight. The Unknowable and Impersonal created Limitless Light. The Limitless Light, which binds all creation seen and unseen together, projects through the One whose primal Will, is our Source. The One created the Two, our Divine Parents, the Father-Mother Principles, which humans refer to as God. The Son, perfect individual spirits (intelligent lights), came forth from the Two. We originally were perfect individual spirit lights. We had a will that could be used to create and enjoy the creative process within the cosmos. Density-matter as we now know it is the result of the individual subtle spirit light forms desiring to create and expand and explore limitlessness. Once an individual wearing a skin begins to see with his inside eyes the light he and others are and the light behind each creative form, an understanding dawns that 'God', an indescribable Divine Power and Presence, lives in our midst. It not only lives everywhere as boundless creative energy, the Light is the glue, the link that holds all creation together. Witnessing radiant Light with our spiritual senses is one of the ways we personally know that there is a mysterious, pure and unpolarized energy behind our flimsy descriptions of what Is.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Who or What is Hindering You?

Are you the type who agrees with mass consciousness regarding time, diagnoses, symptoms or aging? Frequently, we hear from self-help practitioners that we must get out of the box. This means we have crippled ourselves with chalk-marks that make a claim that we must accept conditions and allow a state of paralysis to keep us in bondage. What is interesting is the fact that the conditions can actually disappear if we finally grasp the truth that we had fallen prey to the rules of the game of human life.

If a person is told he has an incurable disease, the amount of chalk marks hindering his mind jumps much higher. At the same time, if told there is nothing that can be done, the prisoner may decide to cross the line and try a totally different approach rather than allow his life to end. Regardless of what type of ugliness, lack or nonsenses appears in your life, why not dismiss it? I am not implying you should stop your treatment if that is the case. What I am suggesting is taking a second look at anything that is hindering you from living from the highest perspective of you soul. Hindrances, chalk marks, limitations ar the enemy. This sounds bold but it is an ancient truth. To be released from any human condition and struggle, we are required to awaken to our true spiritual identity. I keep going back to identity because it is the tool that opens the box.

When you awaken to your spiritual identity something rather remarkable occurs. Divine harmony, a security and balance, a secret love and assurance is yours. You see, nasty conditions or situations will not change and you will not be able to cross over your chalk marks as long as you accept as your truth that sin, a disease, aging or any lack and limitation is an actual truth. Oh, yes, it appears as if they are happening to you and the majority of people. A very unusual thing happens when your consciousness shifts to a higher perspective. The unreal is exposed. What I am saying is worth thinking about. What troubles you is actually an illusion that you accept as true. Change your mind. In changing your mind, hold your understanding as a real conviction. I would suggest you keep silent about your new discovery particularly if you are under stress and strain. We fall into traps of lack, limitation and disease because we have allowed ourselves to become mesmerized. As you are healing or changing the conditions in your life, look deeply into your thinking and whether you harbor any undesirable character traits. Because we live in matter and are strongly influenced by world consciousness, it could be that you are unknowingly picking up on energy that is weakening your own life force. This does not to continue.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Seeing God Face to Face

Yes, it took me awhile to reach the state of mind where I saw myself correctly and could view others for what they really are. I am certain you have read in scripture or other writings that we cannot see God face to face. Yes, we can. Every time we look at each other we are seeing God appearing as an individual being. The human may not know this truth but it is truth nonetheless. God, the spirit, the energy of life, can appear in any form. We see God every day every where. What you see outside of your self may not be perfect in its appearance or behavior and what others see in you may appear lacking or even unattractive. The simple truth is that you are still seeing God face to face.

This truth applies to minerals, plants, animals, humans and souls in the subtle worlds. The sacred is appearing as all living manifestations. To really accept this reality requires a developed consciousness. It means you will need to train yourself to look past the appearance of everything you see including your own body and behavior. It takes practice to see clearly. When you finally grasp that behind ugliness and suffering IS God AS ugliness and suffering, you lose your fear, ignorance and confusion.

The gift of seeing the truth behind manifestation with a strong inner conviction alters consciousness in such a way that you will not fear anything. Since the majority of souls do not understand their true identity, they judge by the appearance and not the holiness behind the appearance. If all humans understood that they were wearing a skin for the sole purpose of being divinity in form, we would have harmony, love and wisdom ruling on earth. Instead, it is still the blind leading the blind. We are consciousness, a consciousness that is ignored more than it is cherished. What we are and what is materially around us is not an illusion of its self. It is our concept of it that is the illusion. Concepts need to be changed in order for intelligence to recognize what is reality. Reality pertains to what we recognize through an inner awareness. All the discords of the world are discords of the physical senses and not the spirit.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What is Our Responsibility?

Originally, we came from the Great Central Sun located at the center of the universe. I am speaking of our higher Self, the spirit Nature. The problem with an attraction to matter is that the higher Self is usually not fully active. It gradually becomes fully active when the awakening process begins. If you were baking a chocolate cake, it would require a list of ingredients to be perfect. What if you left out the sweetest ingredient, the chocolate? Well, this is exactly how many souls live their lives...minus the sweetest part of all.

Individual spirits chose to leave perfection, a center, a Home vibrating in love, wisdom, purity and infinite good to experience creativity in matter. We left the Center to experience the periphery. The how and when of our return is through the development of a spiritual consciousness. God is the One and only Power in a spiritual universe. When we are ready, it is finally realized that we are to bring ourselves into accord with that Power. We understand that we are to use the powers and gifts for good with love, compassion and discernment and not for selfish reasons.

How we survive destructive appearances in our lives is the direct result of our not giving power to things that destroy, meaning earthly negative desires. If we harbor fear, we lose our balance and certainty. The only true battle that we have in the flesh is to regain the consciousness we once had. Is your belief focused on material power or do you rest your case in the One Power? We can prove that the One Power is victorious when we become quiet and create a conscious connection to our own divinity. Personal divinity is aligned with the Impersonal Divinity...The One. When we can face any appearance that threatens our life with complete confidence in our spirit connection, our inner light expands dissolving the problem. This take total faith and persistence and a transcending love. You must believe it is so.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

God Has Power Over What?

God evidently hasn't power over disease, war, death and all the other negatives. When you fully understand that the Creative Principle that the majority refer to as God is not responsible for what happens to us, then you are evolving. If we understand that the nature of God is infinite love, infinite wisdom and good, then it finally dawns on us that God could not have created the ongoing nightmares on planet earth. All the uglies are created by man.

The only real power in the universe is the One Power who we lamely refer to as God. This One Power reigns in the spiritual universe. What happens in the physical-material universe(s) is the result of our demonstration of creativity through desire. There is only this indescribable infinite Intelligent Beingness but since the conscious mind of man is confused and feels separated from the One, chaos reigns. The typical human has a stronger belief in material power than right thinking. What does this have to do with you and me? Nothing ugly or negative can have power over us if we keep our mind and heart centered in the One Power.

You can prove this when the various nasty manifestations present themselves in your life. The imbalances existing in our personal and global lives are not being looked upon or handled from a spiritual wisdom perspective. When we individually reach the point in consciousness where we can look at the manifestations of darkness and realize that the appearances are man created, not created by the One Power, more light blazes in our consciousness. Being in this wide awake and true state of mind removes the fiction in our lives. It is up to us to stay at the center of our being. This is where the One Power resides. Accept and know that the Light that is within you has the power to dissolve the disorder personally and impersonally once you are consistent and brave enough to allow your true nature control.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What is God?

What do you feel God is? How do you know there is a God? Have you seen God? Can God be described? If not, why bother discussing this question? Where did you learn about God? This last question is a very good one because most people learn about God from someone else. How many souls have learned about God as a result of an inner experience versus being taught by another's concept of God? Jesus realized a complete oneness with God and from personal experience could say with authority that the Father God lives within. In other words, all the grace, love and powers that humankind seeks, we already have.

Humans call God Father or Mother or both because the One Absolute Energy is a Universal Creative Principle whose infinite nature is an all-embracing love. Now, if you really desire to experience the goodness and grace of God, you are required to align yourself with the Creative Principle. One way of doing just that is to contemplate truth. If you really understand your own relationship with Creative Principle, the Infinite Intelligence, the Indescribable and know It as love, your problems are solved. It is not that the One Power and Presence prefers some people over others; the relationship and interaction is the direct result of whether or not we have an awareness of God.

Many of us prefer not to use the name God because it is limited in its general meaning for most people. The name does not begin to describe what the One Power actually is. Yes, we can see that Power in nature, in people and in the universe. This power is an infinite Intelligence that we personally know as immortality, infinity, goodness, health and harmony, grace and abundance. All the aspects of Divine Love exist in us already. When we pray, it is far wiser to ask, seek, and knock for more radiant Light, greater spiritual wisdom and discernment so we can fully accept the spirit identity that we own already. I have mentioned in other Blogs how joy is missing on planet earth. One of the reasons joy is missing is that people are so reluctant to opening themselves to what is buried within. Why not listen to the inner Voice and with confidence allow the inner to express through the outer? Instead of talking about what is God, we are demonstrating the Indescribable.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Why Seek a Spiritual Healing?

Have you found that when all physical, mental, moral and financial discords are removed that you still feel an inner unrest? Unrest continues until we make a direct and constant connection to the Source of our life. Finding our inner spirit and making that contact lifts us into a new consciousness of life. In seeking a spiritual healing, we are lifted into a grander dimension of consciousness where physical limitations do not operate. Our motivating force needs to be finding the connection to Divinity because man is not the healer.

Spiritual healing is very different, actually strange. We do not require training regarding body parts, nor do we have to engage in special hand movements or statements of truth. It appears revolutionary because all we have to do is BE and the One Power and One Presence does the work. People have difficulty grasping this state of mind because all the evidence in the world appears to be contrary. To understand what I am trying to convey requires preparation of the mind, heart and soul. It is necessary for the individual acting as the transmitter of divine power to feel confident and be in a state of harmony surrendering the process to the higher good of the patient. Focusing on matter is not the answer.

You see, there is something available that is really not known by the human mind. The Light is the means by which healing occurs. Light appears as a result of devotion to God, the Supreme Spirit. As soon as Light becomes a part of your consciousness, it benefits you as well as those who come to you. Every time you lift and sustain a sublime state of consciousness, more light vibrates in the world of matter. The nature of the Light, the divinity of our true Self, is good, loving, wise and truthful. To be a true healer of self and others requires a steady awareness of the Light, which has always existed. Healing on every level occurs or unfolds according to the proportion of our conscious awareness of a higher Reality. Although it is a high power that does the actual healing, we are required to bring our own state of being into awareness of that truth. It is then that healing takes place.

Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Beginning

Being at the beginning of a new year, a new story, an adventure that we create, I was reminded of the late great master teacher, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov and his comments on this subject. He emphasized how important it is as to how we begin things and what state of mind we are in and what our intentions are. The results we reap throughout life, successes and failures, depend on how we began them. Before we begin anything new whether it be a new year, relationship, project or destination, it is wisdom to first center ourselves. We do this through the many tools offered such as breathing exercises, mantras, prayer, meditation or visualization. The result is a calm and focused feeling, an attitude that will create a good energy and the ability to find the right words.

Beginning anything new can be looked upon as a quest. How we feel about the new beginning is what we birth. Every day can be a new beginning. Freshness may take time or it can happen suddenly over night. Our responsibility is to open the mind, ask, see and envision it. To begin again, we must be willing. To align with destiny, which I firmly believe we create, we must not tire of trying. It is exciting to begin again because it is a way to tap into the mystery of who we really are.

In the classes I teach on the subject of manifestation through mantras, emphasis is placed on the importance of beginning whatever it is with Celestial help. There is a Hindu god called Lord Ganesha. He is the symbol of one who has discovered the Divinity within himself. Lord Ganesha has tremendous popularity in India and outside of India. People who love what he symbolizes invoke his energy before they begin any project. Lord Ganesha's energy will tell us where the obstacles are so we do not waste time in going through struggle and disappointment. Many people use his mantra and name at the beginning of a meditation session or at the beginning of a project. The recitation is for removing obstacles (physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual). It behooves us to use the tools available with reverence and gratitude.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Gadfly

If you continue to read what I write, you should realize by now that my assignment is to be a gadfly. Yes, a pest of sorts, reminding you to step out of your spiritual amnesia and take action. Why not decide to be a grander version of who you think you are and be it permanently and with joy? Great numbers of people on earth have lost a sense of joy. How can one feel authentic joy if fear, limitation, doubt, selfishness and cynicism rules? I am constantly reminding anyone who will listen that you can actually recapture joy, be master of the lower nature and be free although others may judge you as not.

Just because we have renewed hope in a different leader and his chosen staff actually taking the people of world into consideration, it does not mean they are the ones who will heal our lives. We must step up to the plate and be responsible for our own space and the energy we project into the world consciousness. The typical person seeks temporary relief from personal woes through outside stimuli. the habit of looking elsewhere for answers and healing must stop and asserting one's own inner power begin. Yes, there are solutions, excellent and and ancient tools that definitely accelerate soul growth. What will be new is our daily use of them.

Almost every one I know is relieved and glad that the year 2008 is behind them. Is it? How do we insure our lives without have a repeat of the past? Why not be determined to find proven methods that create a permanent balance and happiness and discontinue the old ways that have harmed and hindered? The good things that produce both a gentle softness and a needed strength are the result of inner growth, an expansion of our light, our soul. When we ignore this choice, our light diminishes and negativity takes hold. Instead of deterioration, we need to seek more fervently as to how we can materialize a genuine human BEing. We create this radiant state of mind through passion, effort, trust, love and a deliberate science. The science is a proven art at living. It is produced as a result of a higher understanding and knowledge that loves Unseen and the seen. It is a light of consciousness which clearly shines on what is true and what is false.