Thursday, January 8, 2009

What is Our Responsibility?

Originally, we came from the Great Central Sun located at the center of the universe. I am speaking of our higher Self, the spirit Nature. The problem with an attraction to matter is that the higher Self is usually not fully active. It gradually becomes fully active when the awakening process begins. If you were baking a chocolate cake, it would require a list of ingredients to be perfect. What if you left out the sweetest ingredient, the chocolate? Well, this is exactly how many souls live their lives...minus the sweetest part of all.

Individual spirits chose to leave perfection, a center, a Home vibrating in love, wisdom, purity and infinite good to experience creativity in matter. We left the Center to experience the periphery. The how and when of our return is through the development of a spiritual consciousness. God is the One and only Power in a spiritual universe. When we are ready, it is finally realized that we are to bring ourselves into accord with that Power. We understand that we are to use the powers and gifts for good with love, compassion and discernment and not for selfish reasons.

How we survive destructive appearances in our lives is the direct result of our not giving power to things that destroy, meaning earthly negative desires. If we harbor fear, we lose our balance and certainty. The only true battle that we have in the flesh is to regain the consciousness we once had. Is your belief focused on material power or do you rest your case in the One Power? We can prove that the One Power is victorious when we become quiet and create a conscious connection to our own divinity. Personal divinity is aligned with the Impersonal Divinity...The One. When we can face any appearance that threatens our life with complete confidence in our spirit connection, our inner light expands dissolving the problem. This take total faith and persistence and a transcending love. You must believe it is so.

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