Wednesday, January 7, 2009

God Has Power Over What?

God evidently hasn't power over disease, war, death and all the other negatives. When you fully understand that the Creative Principle that the majority refer to as God is not responsible for what happens to us, then you are evolving. If we understand that the nature of God is infinite love, infinite wisdom and good, then it finally dawns on us that God could not have created the ongoing nightmares on planet earth. All the uglies are created by man.

The only real power in the universe is the One Power who we lamely refer to as God. This One Power reigns in the spiritual universe. What happens in the physical-material universe(s) is the result of our demonstration of creativity through desire. There is only this indescribable infinite Intelligent Beingness but since the conscious mind of man is confused and feels separated from the One, chaos reigns. The typical human has a stronger belief in material power than right thinking. What does this have to do with you and me? Nothing ugly or negative can have power over us if we keep our mind and heart centered in the One Power.

You can prove this when the various nasty manifestations present themselves in your life. The imbalances existing in our personal and global lives are not being looked upon or handled from a spiritual wisdom perspective. When we individually reach the point in consciousness where we can look at the manifestations of darkness and realize that the appearances are man created, not created by the One Power, more light blazes in our consciousness. Being in this wide awake and true state of mind removes the fiction in our lives. It is up to us to stay at the center of our being. This is where the One Power resides. Accept and know that the Light that is within you has the power to dissolve the disorder personally and impersonally once you are consistent and brave enough to allow your true nature control.

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