Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What is God?

What do you feel God is? How do you know there is a God? Have you seen God? Can God be described? If not, why bother discussing this question? Where did you learn about God? This last question is a very good one because most people learn about God from someone else. How many souls have learned about God as a result of an inner experience versus being taught by another's concept of God? Jesus realized a complete oneness with God and from personal experience could say with authority that the Father God lives within. In other words, all the grace, love and powers that humankind seeks, we already have.

Humans call God Father or Mother or both because the One Absolute Energy is a Universal Creative Principle whose infinite nature is an all-embracing love. Now, if you really desire to experience the goodness and grace of God, you are required to align yourself with the Creative Principle. One way of doing just that is to contemplate truth. If you really understand your own relationship with Creative Principle, the Infinite Intelligence, the Indescribable and know It as love, your problems are solved. It is not that the One Power and Presence prefers some people over others; the relationship and interaction is the direct result of whether or not we have an awareness of God.

Many of us prefer not to use the name God because it is limited in its general meaning for most people. The name does not begin to describe what the One Power actually is. Yes, we can see that Power in nature, in people and in the universe. This power is an infinite Intelligence that we personally know as immortality, infinity, goodness, health and harmony, grace and abundance. All the aspects of Divine Love exist in us already. When we pray, it is far wiser to ask, seek, and knock for more radiant Light, greater spiritual wisdom and discernment so we can fully accept the spirit identity that we own already. I have mentioned in other Blogs how joy is missing on planet earth. One of the reasons joy is missing is that people are so reluctant to opening themselves to what is buried within. Why not listen to the inner Voice and with confidence allow the inner to express through the outer? Instead of talking about what is God, we are demonstrating the Indescribable.

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