Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the Beginning...

Our first ancestors arose in Africa some three million years ago and spread all over the world. By a million years ago, there had been a series of explosions and one of the most dramatic occurred in the region of Indonesia, precisely the spot where humanity first flourished. I am getting ahead of myself but it helps to look at the long view. When the sea level rose an estimated amount of 100-150 meters, Atlantis disappeared and based on Plato's data, twenty million people drowned. The sunken continent was Lemuria Atlantis, the larger of the two Atlantis's...the Land of the Dead. The greatest of all Lemurian colonies was Atlantis, founded in India, during the heydays of Lemuria. Their grandeur ended at the end of the Pleistocene period approximately 11,600 years ago. There were survivors who moved to India, the next site of Atlantis. The doomed people during the Great Deluge fled, immigrated to remote places such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, North Africa, Europe, North Asia, the Near Orient, Oceania and the Americas. Some came on foot in huge hordes. The survivors created Atlantean colonies and attempted to recreate their Eden in the new homeland. Because of the immigrants, we find similarities, remnants all over the planet.

For about a million years Lemurian/Atlantis civilizations was the scene of a civilization quite different from ours today. The earth has changed and also the water and air Just as the etheric body works in the life of individuals, it works as the spirit of motion and form in the earth. This series of articles focuses on evolutionary changes, physical, and its relationship with the evolution of the soul. Now that we had a glance at the mega catastrophe's, let us look at how our physical, emotional and mental nature evolved along with the soul.

The first human beings appeared comparatively late in the etheric's evolution and at the time they had a very different constitution from the present. The forms were actually gross in the beginning according to our standards of appearance. Organs gradually developed out of entirely different forms. Solid parts were only built into the form gradually. Originally, the body did not have bones. The bones developed out of soft cartilaginous structures, which traversed the human body like cords.

Everything originated from a quite soft substance and the soft substances from fluid ones and the fluid ones from airy ones and the airy from etheric ones and the etheric from astral ones, which had densified from spiritual substantiality. Tracing back...everything material has originated from spirit.

Ancestors of the Atlanteans lived in a region, which has disappeared. Theosophical writings call the ancestors...Lemurians. They, too, passed through the various stages of development, the greatest of them declined. The first sub-race of the Atlantans was formed from the small section that survived. These beings had a high
evolutionary potential and were advanced but in a different way. Lemurians in contrast to Atlanteans memory was weak and they could not preserve ideas. They lived by instinct, not animal instinct. So, when two different forms of life merge, things change. Tomorrow, we will look at how the early forms differ from today's form.