Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Are You Experiencing Unbalance?

It is common for someone in pain to want the pain removed. We can undo the knots which tie us to certain conditions when we discover the cause. Cause is usually created through our neglect or ignorance of spiritual as well as physical matters. It is a matter of opinion as to which is worse...physical or spiritual cause. A few spiritual causes are emotional instability, old guilt, mental congestion, low sense of self-worth, trauma to the mind and feeling nature and entity attachments. Physical causes are more obvious. Eating foods, drinks and other products that we know are not good for our body or mind is a big influence. Trauma of any kind, congestion, chemical and environmental poisons, infection are some of the reasons that come quickly to mind.

Today, the word responsibility is practically being shouted at all of us. If you have not taken responsibility for your own balance of body, mind and soul, don't plan on any one else doing it for you. Prevention of illness on any level is totally up to us. It is never too late. It is helpful to start the day with a mantra or communion that will create a positive attitude. Today being Wednesday, I will give you a Wednesday suggestion from the Essene Tree of Life morning communions. Repeat this mantra as long as it feels right for you: Angel of the Sun, enter my solar center (plexus) and give the fire of life to my whole body. (Solar Rays)
What you are doing in essence is asking for more of God's Light to enter your body.

Do you ever think about how our body is a miracle in itself? Every day it smoothly does it work if we do not interfere with negative thoughts and actions. I discuss this throughout my latest book, Be-Embracing the Mystery. For the different functions of the body to keep running, we are expected to maintain mental and spiritual health. Most of us ignore the warning signs. For instance, negative thought forms can actually change the body from a state of health to disease and the reverse holds true with positive thought forms. You probably have heard this truth hundreds of times but do you remember to apply what you have heard? The pituitary gland with hypothalamus is the connector between intellect-emotion and body functions. It is your switch and must be kept balanced. Use your mind and its understanding to heal yourself.

Stop neglecting the possibilities of the mind. Discipline your mind to remember to actively use the Creative Energy within. Neglecting either the mind or spirit creates unbalance in the physical body. There are inexpensive tools that will help obtain spiritual balance. Try singing, humming, reciting an inspirational poem or message, walking, loving nature and learning to laugh at your self and at little things in life. The best tool you already have is will power. Use it to change your present situation. Listen to your heart and it will give you direction. Don't wait until next week or month. Analyze your situation thoroughly and use your understanding to create balance in mind and body. Translate your hopes and desires to meet the needs of your life. With the new changes coming, it is up to us to allow ourselves to be happy and finish the job we came here to do.