Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is Required of Us?

To achieve the fullness of our inner spirit allowing it to express as us in a limited physical form, it is necessary that we achieve a certain purity of thought. It is a vital part of the ascension process to cleanse our inner parts so to speak. We are required to have thoughts that are pure enough to change and heal what is needed. My first book, Circle of Light, was published in 1982 under a different last name. Last night, I was prompted to look inside. There is a very powerful poem called 'What is Purity'? It says it all. What is interesting about that book is the fact that people were not serious about soul evolution twenty-seven years ago as much as they are today. There are always some souls who will serious strive to be in the flesh what they are in the spirit but back then they appeared to be rare. I may edit and republish the book.

Deep down, we actually know what we need to know in the important areas of spirituality but often do not pay attention, are lazy or do not attempt to remember. It is possible to release false programming without going through rebirthing sessions, regressions, tapping techniques and many of the other tools out there that work like a divine vacuum cleaner. For instance, a man contacted me through email who is a total stranger but yet he trusted my consciousness and is sincere and ready to let go of his negative programming by changing his perception and reactions. He asked for an absentee healing. We made an appointment and the Holy Spirit, the Sacred Energy of Love, swept him clean, so to speak, even though he lives in another state. Now it is up to him to guard his six senses and pay attention to what he feels, says and does so he does not pick up any new negative baggage. It is possible to be inwardly healed if you have the right intention, trust and belief. Many people who offer healing energy work can easily project healing power to other people but do not apply to their own physical or subtle bodies. Actually, honoring others before honoring your Self is putting the cart before the horse.

If we change our spectral perception and enlarge our inner rhythm, we can do anything. Some people demand or think that everything must be done in that instant. There is more to creating than realized and a timing factor as well as our readiness definitely is part of the equation. Humans have lost their original knowledge and awareness of what IS. We are gradually restoring that awareness...thank God!