Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Firsthand Gifts

Do you ever stop and ask your self why more and more articles are written? There is this blog and the http://www.asunmessageblogspot.com, a web site and a web site monthly newsletter, material in dressers, cabinets, a closet and stacked in the garage written over a period of 28 years. There are two books and a booklet and articles published through other sources. Last March, Facebook became a part of this odyssey of love. I usually write new material for the different outlets although a person here or there may judge that I have shared a particular theme before. Why not? There is one Truth and yet that truth can be said in so many interesting ways. Sometimes growth requires that we study a principle many times before we accept it and then live it. Meditation workshops have been repeated because the participant's experience is new each time.

There is a fount of endless knowledge accessible to a soul whose heart is pure, disciplined and passionate freely offering personal service in the vibrational energy of love, hope and healing gained through firsthand experience. The firsthand experience began in my case living in two worlds simultaneously. This is not a recent acquisition; it began as a child. I easily handle multiple tasking. The challenge is stimulating and the creating is a joy and never a burden. I have had to learn how to speak and write simply, which is not easy to do when soul evolution, unconditional love, higher wisdom knowledge, spiritualizing matter and focusing on self-mastery is the sacred energy prompting creativity.

It is rare for a spiritual package to arrive in the flesh absolutely complete. Even though an individual may experience altered states of consciousness while playing with dolls, seeing the Sacred Light and the blueprint body, behind all form, angelic visitors and actually experiences an active crown chakra as normality. The personality still must mature before the fullness of the spirit inhabits the physical form. It is not only the personality that must mature, the soul, memory bank, must empty itself of all the baggage it has brought into the incarnation from the past. Of course, there is also the new baggage inherited from the physical mother, father and environment.

I can only speak from my own experience. There are different stages of growth physically, emotionally and mentally that create an opening for more of what one truly is, individualized spirit. For the energy to burst forth as greater light, wisdom and love and all the gems that accompany the process of finally awakening to our true identity, is usually gradual. Actually, a paced awakening of spiritual power and gifts is far safer for the humans nervous system and sanity than arriving on earth as a mini master. There are always exceptions of course, but in the western world it would be rough road. It is a huge challenge sustaining balance as it is without advertising any dramatic differences from the norm.

This is why I always encourage everyone to share authentic and personal experience, which is firsthand, rather than quoting another teacher, preacher or author. If we compare notes, there is a definite pattern in remembering and living as a being from multiple worlds. We speak the same language and the genuine language is the language of Light. The Light is not of what we consider the physical world. It is a creative tool used by beings in the higher vibrational worlds.