Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pushing Toward a New Reality

We are no longer isolated. Have you noticed how more people are independently choosing to process or correct and help the well being of others? During this cycle, we are pushing toward a new reality but humans do not know what that reality is. Studying and living according to the law of Nature will help us. We have to change ourselves and get in touch with the Upper Worlds of Light, Love and Wisdom to be free. It is becoming increasingly necessary that we must transform human nature to avert catastrophe. We are a new culture trying to live in a responsible way. With this choice, we are experiencing growing pains. We don't know as yet how many people are required to create a critical mass where the masses begin to think differently. Rising of awareness needs to be based on pertinent information. Education takes years.

For the right change to happen we need a critical mass. Modern scientists are agreeing with what meta physicians/mystics/deep thinkers knew years ago. We are using our imagination and creating new patterns. We are building hope. Questions such as Where are you? Why are you here? What is keeping us in the dark? are being asked frequently. What are needed are complete perception, unlimited view and infinite possibilities. We have to stop living the box. Get outside of it because most people haven't the vaguest idea as to what is out there.

We need to do our inner work first to fully understand what is actually happening on the planet during this cycle. Purpose and nature cannot be perceived through the five senses and ego. It is critical we awaken the higher forces, which are quite different because they are beyond space and time. It is our responsibility to tap into a power that is greater than mind. It is an all-pervasive energy. When we develop the right state of awareness we can tune into and blend consciously with it. Then, what we radiate outwards, the carrier wave, is used correctly. We use the power of Light with love and understanding. Love is an active and living thing. In its highest form, it is impersonal. The goal is to love equally, then all things are yours and you are a part of all things.