Monday, December 22, 2008

So...Here We Are In Form

Humanity left the perfect consciousness and the subtle realms in order to create a physical body and eventually develop it into a vehicle that could again express divinity but in the flesh. This is not so strange when you think of the many ways we create beauty and magic in our daily lives. We also create hardship, loss and limitation through our forgetfulness of purpose. But, the real beauty in the act of desiring and creating is that we can rediscover and regain the perfection we once were right here on earth.

When our senses are quickened we feel the passion and magnificence of the human voice through the high notes of the late tenor giant Pavarotti. I silently sob when listening to him. Have you ever taken a whale boat watch ride? When the mighty whale surfaced near our boat and looked straight into my eyes, I was thrust back through the stream of evolution. What about the wild life coming to our patio door on a wintry day? To feed them is to feed ourselves. There is no difference. We are all one.

My affinity with swans reawakened when I was responsible for saving two of them on a frozen river. Their wings had been clipped and could not fly. Doesn't this story remind you of the human race? Our wings have been clipped through a sense of separation and denial of our true spiritual identity. Through millions of years, the One Absolute Creator has nourished, supported, strengthened and filled the existing life with hope and the will to develop into a perfect medium capable of expressing inner Divine Attributes. We witness the Divine in all stages of life from the spider patiently designing his web to the Black Bear mothering her playful cubs. Yes, we wear a coat of skins but God's perfect Idea, the Christ Energy, lives as us.