Monday, December 28, 2009

Blue Moon and Keywords for the New Year

Happy New Year!!!
I will resume writing on January 4th but did want to mention the Blue Moon on 12-31-09, a lunar eclipse. There will be an influx of Celestial Light. It is an excellent time to review your intentions and check on your progress. The next Blue Moon to happen on New Year's Eve is not expected to happen again until the year 2028.

As for Keywords for the New Year:

Life is our most precious possession-
Material life is successful when it is consistent with our spiritual life-
A supreme purpose is to dedicate our life to a sublime purpose-
Our daily life if given to our inner spirit can be transformed-
A good future is insured by the way we live today-

May goodness come to you in all ways~


Friday, December 18, 2009

You Are a Gift of Love

Now that you know why you are in a body, let me tell you more about yourself. There is so much wonder and beauty within you that should be seen to be appreciated. It cannot be seen unless you first recognize Its presence. The wonder that you are is a part of God, the holiness of that which Is. You are love personified. You are radiant Light covered by delusion. You are the gentle touch of all that is precious and wonderful. Does this sound too good to be true? Being the holiday season, think of this truth and allow it to become alive within you.

Man thinks so little of himself because he usually judges by appearance. The appearance is not the truth of who you are. The appearance can reveal the real you when you allow the sun within to shine. What you witness on earth is but a very small portion of the evolutionary process. There are many planes of intelligence existing simultaneously within reach. These planes are of a very fine nature and vibrate at a higher frequency. This you already know but do you consciously experience them?

The realms of love, light and life are the natural home for the spiritual evolution of the progressing mind-soul. As you move toward the higher levels of consciousness, you will easily open fully to your true identity as a spirit ascending in consciousness. Along the ascension path, you meet old friends and spiritual helpers that show and help reveal to you the latent spiritual gifts within. What you experience as you consciously ascend are variations of true love. Divine love is the fibre that holds the fabric of existence together. It is a love that desires to return to its Source. Within each heart is a childlike presence that desires to grow in its wonder and knowledge. It desires to be what it really is. You are love. You are a part of God. You are beautiful. You are an amazing child of Light. Accept the gift that you truly are. May you be blessed with goodness...
I will return to the Blog December 28th
Love and Joy,

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is the True Disease?

I share from the view of love, intuition, experience and observation. Disease begins in the mind and soul, not the essence, the light particle...the God part. Eventually, it materializes in the physical body. The conscious and subconscious part of the mind is the active agent that controls the human personality. The past programming of the soul is also a very strong influence. To harbor thoughts that work against harmony corrodes the physical form and makes it difficult for the inner spirit to freely express.

In my opinion, true disease is a lack of spiritual insight, ignoring our divine nature, a misunderstanding of the universal laws of balance and ongoing laziness. The result for the most part is a collective consciousness that is unawakened, divided and robotic. When the light within is ignored and remains hidden, the negative emotions work through the personality and corrupt the physical body. It is a gradual tearing down of the temple. Eventually, some of afflicted wake up and attempt to rebuild and edify the covering of the spirit. To transform and heal disease caused through negligence, the personality must change and as a builder it is required to establish a firm foundation through a steady faith, a higher understanding, discipline, patience and kindness toward not only its own form, but toward all life. Another way of expressing this truth...we need to fall in love with our higher Nature and do everything humanly we can to demonstrate it through our lower nature.
We know all of this. Much of what I share is a simple reminder not only to you but to my self. If we would fully accept the truth of who we really are and why we are in the flesh, infirmities would be understood in such a way that men and women would honor life and do their best to be co-creators of beauty and wholeness. The Great Physician is interested in our awakening to our inner spirit. When this occurs and is consistently felt and expressed, the body will mend itself. The true temple, as the light form of our consciousness, begins to manifest and out picture the new understanding and exercise control. Deliberate intent, steadfastness and love for the higher perfection that we really are will bring forth a brighter version of form.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Inner Joy and Purity

The reason I freely share is to give out to others what I know as an inner truth, a reality that so far surpasses anything we can imagine. The more we feel It, the inner Goodness, the greater our desire is to give it away. It is like a cup that is always full. When we live our inner joy, we not only raise our own consciousness to higher and higher levels of wonder and love, we obviously help others to believe in their own inner magic.

As we rise to new heights, we are able to bring our dreams and ideals to fruition through the intention of our soul expressing through feelings and intuition. The main factor here is and will always be: the purity of one's awareness. Everything is preceded first by thought. Eventually, each will gain an extraordinary 'lightness'. We are Essence. Those of us who are in a physical body must make the whole earth into a space of love. We can as co-creators make the world a happier place. We change ourselves and help others by doing our sincere best to nullify the cloud of doom hanging over the earth. Give freely to all who are able to accept the divine Light. We are writing our own story and can be in total control of the contents. We determine what is written and how the story concludes. In truth, it never ends but the characters, reactions, scenery and plot are determined by our consciousness.

Twenty-five years ago I was inspired to write a poem called, "What is Purity?". It appeared in a book I had published way back then. Here it is...

What is Purity?

PURITY is a state of being; it takes eons of time to awaken within the conscious mind. It is the key to eventual freedom and Oneness.
PURITY is understanding and keeps forever in its consciousness the truth that each is struggling in his or her own way for conscious perfection.
PURITY is a cleanliness of mind. It does not soil itself with negative thoughts that separate; these outpourings only dissipate and discolor the energy of the soul.
PURITY is kindness and selflessness towards others; the desire to give, lovingly, each in his or her own way.
PURITY is patience in life, the battleground, the school for souls. All worthwhile desires take time to materialize.
PURITY is resting in that which is Unseen, that which we cannot always grasp or comprehend; to put our trust in God knowing that we are loved and all will be as it should.
PURITY is a result of long preparation and paving of the Way. We prepare our body and conscious mind for purity, the honored guest.
PURITY is to accept our humanness. Human we are, and commonsense and discernment must be our guidelines in living.
PURITY is joy in the comfort that is felt as understanding and thankfulness. It is a happiness that only those who are touched by the grace of Spirit comprehend.
PURITY is life, the true life, for it has purpose, dedication and realization. It has a freedom that flows out of unity and harmony.
PURITY is humility before holiness. We cannot comprehend the Supreme Spirit intellectually. Its love, power and wisdom is only glimpsed through an awakened heart, the intuitive experience.
PURITY is a final realization that we are Purity Itself, never separated; the one life, the one heart, the one mind pulsating throughout the Universe.

Peace, dear ones, peace~

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Choices & Answers

Everybody can choose to get off an unreliable path and begin each day with a different attitude that is prompted through determination and a desire to make the crooked places straight. This in my opinion is choosing a healing path. We were born to be in paradise, which sounds almost naive today. It is truth. We can through pure intent create heaven on earth. It is obvious that humanity needs to grow up. Maturity finally manifests when consciousness changes and expresses at a higher level or vibration. For many, the typical reaction is to resist change or to simply procrastinate, hoping the issue will automatically correct itself. More of us need to think things through and forget about somebody else's dogma. We are similar to radio receivers. We are actually constructed to have access to the whole universe. What source finds a reception in our thought depends on our conscious awareness, feelings and degree of purity. What we receive is in accordance to the purity of our mind and heart. The ideal is only to seek and ask for pure information and not be gullible and unthinking and accept distorted truth.

There are answers to be heard. To hear, we must really listen without interference and pay attention to little signs that lead the way. You know it is truth when you have a flash of feeling or emotion in the soul and tears of joy suddenly appear. When you feel within yourself the impulse or urge to co-create beauty and harmony and thirst for purification, you are heading Home, so to speak.
You are clearly hearing the thoughts of Light.

We have a lot to think about. Right action takes into consideration that we need to clean up the place we have been polluting first, washing away all the obstructions. Actually, good choices begin with a clean up. This is a gradual movement in understanding for the most part. If your intentions are good, let them be expressed right there where you are at the moment. Allow your love to illuminate those living and working around you. We are fully capable of working out our own plan and destiny, whether it is for joy or sorrow. Each one's consciousness will point out the path to follow. Listen-pay attention-be grateful~

Monday, December 14, 2009

Thoughts, Focus and Your Ray

Our souls must be liberated from the tyranny of theories. Hopefully, you have a dream, a vision of happiness. See it clearly and put it into practice. Thought is a state of mind, an image and a desire. Even a stone has its own pulse and rhythm even though it only beats once a day. Our body is a temple. Our consciousness has built this temple stone by stone as a result of our thoughts. Good thoughts heal. We have the capability of giving light and warmth to other people. Although the financial world is being turned upside down, the only rich individual is one who is rich in spirit, healthy in spirit and this wealth cannot be compared with any other kind of riches. So, wherever you are, creating a big space of love, remembering the radiant light and your own invisible power ray will warm you and others.

Do your best not to focus on age, ailments, lack or limitation. Instead, learn how to emit light. Don't bury your light in yourself like a grave...share it. That is a very important point. Also, remember to relax. Try to understand other souls and their aspirations and thoughts. Words we say warmed by feelings have special significance.

There are some people who simply refuse help. You know this already. We cannot pour the light of faith for instance into the faithless. They will probably become more agitated. Regardless of the others opinion send your ray of goodness. I am referring to an Essence, a substance that sustains all of us. Although the behavior of society as we know it through television, papers, magazines, books and the Internet demonstrate that man is heading down a path of degeneration, I refuse to accept the appearance world although I find it nauseating at times. Many of the people who are abusive toward self and abusing others is an attempt to escape from their own prison of utter subjection to something the heart and soul cannot possibly comprehend. For thousands of years the collective consciousness has allowed us to live under the shadow of spiritual sadism. These are strong words but all we need to do is look at the hatred, burnings, secrecy, murders, wars, lies and rules made in the name of God.
The truths of a Buddha, a Christ, a Prophet,a saint,a mystic and many other God realized beings has been twisted and torn to such as extent that few remember the Good Messengers, only the distorted truths.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Forgetfulness, Abuse and Freedom

We all desire happiness. The problem is we have forgotten the path to real happiness. With so many issues confronting us daily, we must be more attentive than ever. It helps tremendously to purify our thoughts and not bother with vain and nonsense things. We all have a space in the universe. For many, it feels it has been lost and the desire is to find it. Some souls gave up when they were children and decided that they really didn't want to be here. Other people feel like aliens. In my opinion, those of us who are actively living from the impulses of the inner Nature are the real aliens. People for the most part have life all wrong. Many accept abuse as a normal state of affairs. Abuse in this instance includes how we are continually duped by the government, the educational system, the church, man made laws, parental ignorance and much more. Century after century various systems have come and gone, one after another, but all with a single goal...transform us into a soulless slave. This probably sounds harsh but if you are not a deep thinker and question life, it is very easy to become robotic. Often times, parents programming and belief systems are part of the problem. We must think for ourselves and look closely at how we have been conditioned.

We must free our souls from aggression, selfishness, fear and many other dark feelings. When we are free from aforementioned, we are capable of goodness, happiness, balance and fulfillment. We need to create a space of love that I have previously suggested. We need to embrace our inner reality, embrace the whole earth and Her life forms. The larger part of which we are, spirit, is capable of embracing the whole earth. We embrace the earth with our invisible self!

Become aware of your inner nature, the collective memory, respect it, work with it, heal it and cherish it. Act in accord with the limitless spirit, the essence of who you are. Have you ever felt your spirit? There is a magnificent light emanating from us, it is grace and hope and many other godlike attributes. Be conscious of your spiritual light and emit it. Imagine how different our lives would have been if our parents thought of the soul coming into their newborn as a Buddha or a Christ!
To feel this truth, it must be felt with the heart because the heart is capable of understanding it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love, Light and Happiness

Have you found that it is very difficult in trying to describe love, particularly love of the sacred kind? Words are least for me. At the same time, regardless of what is happening in our lives we need to create around us our own space of love and offer it to each other. I like the feeling that comes with saying or writing 'space of love'. So much change is happening all around us and to us personally that is not harmonious. If we constantly worry, worry may allow undesirable things to happen. Matter, cells, atoms, nuclear particles will chaotically move as the result of worry. Chaotic energy brings disease. Many times when something negative comes near me or tries to influence my inner feelings, a silver-blue light appears as if to say, 'Now, now, be still'. Sometimes, it is a small circle of light and other times it takes an unexpected form. The bluish glow appears and all is well. Thank, God, angels, luminous and intelligent Light works Its wonders and is in our midst.

Do you see Radiant Light or see it on or by others? It is intelligence, perhaps an actual being. I talk with the sphere when I see it and always give thanks. Perhaps, this may sound a wee bit strange to you but it certainly is more authentic than the dogmas we cling to or hide behind. It is very sad but many people are preprogrammed for disease,death and repeating actions over and over through endless incarnations. It is up to us to work out our own happiness. Be aware that there is a dark side but be detached from it. The darkness is the spiritual ignorance and unenlightened behavior lingering in souls who resist change and evolution. Choose to communicate only with what is bright in each one's heart. It is a challenge but it is possible and will eventually penetrate the hard shell of another.

How do we reach a high level of happiness? No one is going to come along and make us permanently happy and make everything perfect. Give thanks for what you already have and do your best to sincerely help others. Although a situation may look catastrophic and doom inevitable, don't give it negative emotional attention. The miracle that we need happens to be within ourselves. We have to reprogram the mind and life. We can break the bonds of karma not only for ourselves but others around us. Each one's happiness lives within. The happiness is there on a particular level of awareness. The only question is the method of reaching that level. We need to learn how to do this. One of the choices we can make is to realize that it is our duty not to hide the creative Light under the falsity of invented dogmas and patterns that are harmful. The door to truth is already open; never debate what you know as truth. What we are required to do is for the eyes of the soul to be opened to see and gain a greater awareness. Pay attention to everything happening within and without.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Highest Goal

We are in flesh to transform it into spirit and return to our original freshness, power, nobility and beauty. The goal is to be an ideal man or ideal woman, a role model to which people through passion and belief can aspire. The Force of Light will assist and give us a great strength of mind and heart. Love one another but do not elevate yourself in the process. It is not us that others should focus on; it is the message. We can go all the way. There is no one stopping us except ourselves.

All space is filled with light including thoughts, which are varying in their degree of light. At a certain point in awareness, we can actually see projected thoughts and communicate with them. Sometimes, I have seen them as actual letters of light suspended in the air. We can ask questions but, our motive must be pure. It always goes back to the purity of our intention. Answers will come. We can talk directly with the inner Beloved, with holiness, with God. The answers usually are gentle. To comprehend answers received from the Divine, we will need to have a certain level of conscious awareness and purity, otherwise we can be easily misguided or influenced by lesser qualified entities who have not yet reached the summit of God-Realization.

The most powerful energy in the universe is the energy of pure love. It is the energy of love that supplies light to the earth for any length of time. It is reflected and we can actually see it. Our spirits produce the energy of love. The light of the sun is also increased by human love. The sun, the stars, the visible planets are reflectors of love energy. Thoughts in this dimension of light are always comprehensible. Those of us who love trees know that they are the record keepers living on land as the whales and dolphins are the earth record keepers living in the ocean. Trees, whales, dolphins, all nature and creatures are living light. The trees for instance are stewards of the land and protectors patiently waiting for us to connect.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is Required of Us?

To achieve the fullness of our inner spirit allowing it to express as us in a limited physical form, it is necessary that we achieve a certain purity of thought. It is a vital part of the ascension process to cleanse our inner parts so to speak. We are required to have thoughts that are pure enough to change and heal what is needed. My first book, Circle of Light, was published in 1982 under a different last name. Last night, I was prompted to look inside. There is a very powerful poem called 'What is Purity'? It says it all. What is interesting about that book is the fact that people were not serious about soul evolution twenty-seven years ago as much as they are today. There are always some souls who will serious strive to be in the flesh what they are in the spirit but back then they appeared to be rare. I may edit and republish the book.

Deep down, we actually know what we need to know in the important areas of spirituality but often do not pay attention, are lazy or do not attempt to remember. It is possible to release false programming without going through rebirthing sessions, regressions, tapping techniques and many of the other tools out there that work like a divine vacuum cleaner. For instance, a man contacted me through email who is a total stranger but yet he trusted my consciousness and is sincere and ready to let go of his negative programming by changing his perception and reactions. He asked for an absentee healing. We made an appointment and the Holy Spirit, the Sacred Energy of Love, swept him clean, so to speak, even though he lives in another state. Now it is up to him to guard his six senses and pay attention to what he feels, says and does so he does not pick up any new negative baggage. It is possible to be inwardly healed if you have the right intention, trust and belief. Many people who offer healing energy work can easily project healing power to other people but do not apply to their own physical or subtle bodies. Actually, honoring others before honoring your Self is putting the cart before the horse.

If we change our spectral perception and enlarge our inner rhythm, we can do anything. Some people demand or think that everything must be done in that instant. There is more to creating than realized and a timing factor as well as our readiness definitely is part of the equation. Humans have lost their original knowledge and awareness of what IS. We are gradually restoring that awareness...thank God!

Monday, December 7, 2009

What Path Have You Chosen?

How long have you been seeking authentic truth? Although the collective energy usually presents itself as drowning in chaos, I firmly hold onto the transfiguring divine love known as the Feminine Principle, Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother vibration. It is a mighty force and the greatest as far as I am concerned in the Universe. It has no bonds, no barriers, and no conditions. During these stressful times, it is very reassuring to focus on the Mother-Wisdom-Love. When we do, we experience a true peace, love and presence resonating in our hearts and minds.

I know that balance and the much sought after world peace will eventually come individually and collectively to earth and all Her creatures as we give our attention and walk through the door that is already open for those who love and care. As we expand our soul's Light and freely give service to life, the power of Divine Love will spread. Perhaps, you feel like you are going through a different doorway, one that resembles a black hole. Remember the story of the ugly duckling?
She stopped focusing on her self, surrendered and went with the flow. As a result, she went through the change, was transformed into a beautiful swan because of her trust and acceptance.

It is a good habit to ask yourself whether you are bringing benefit to your body, mind, soul, environment, family, friends and society. When we remember to make beneficial choices, the results are peace and harmony because we are expressing the inner Nature, the power, presence and love of our inner essence. Neurons are conditioned by perspectives of fear and worry and much of what we experience currently is colored and validated by the same 'in control' neurons. We can change the fear and worry neuron perspective by looking at our negative feelings as a blessing to awaken us to practice a new perspective. A new perspective is one expressing love, appreciation and acceptance. The practice will develop new neuronal networks, which in time will validate the new perspective. Try doing this.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Drop Denial and Face Facts

Many of us have loved ancient Egypt and have memory recall of lives once lived during those colorful times. There is a catch...If a pharaoh tried to do something on his own like King Tut, he was poisoned. Look at Ikhnaton and how he tried to change consciousness by leading people to look at the Sun as a symbol of God. He was forced to flee with his family to safety. Behind the Pharaohs were the power brokers who were in control and not the Pharaohs sitting on the throne.

What can we do so we are not continually deceived? Use the mind and take time to really think. Pay attention to your feelings. If you get upset, do a set of vocal toning exercises beginning at your base chakra, go outdoors into the fresh air and breathe. Dark forces do exist. They constitute any person or organization whose design is to produce a climate of panic and dread. It would help weaken their power if people understood what has happened to freedom over at least 9000 years. They need to understand what must be done to better their lives in the area of truth and its application. Treat your self, others, nature and surroundings with sincerity and love. Never allow anyone to influence you against your will. Do not lie.

A new worldview is being formed in those who are awakening. We are in our imagination dreaming and creating goodness. When our dreams turn into reality, all wars and diseases will cease. For this to happen, we must change the way we live and build a divine world in matter through inspired feelings. We believe in our dream and will never betray it. We can open ourselves up to stability within and independence from eternal falsity. My suggestion is to clean up the place you have been polluting first. Stop looking for a paradise out there somewhere; it can be here but we must create it. We can choose our future. Weaken the competition by establish a new consciousness. The dark forces are active. Never forget that. Look at the advertising, books, news, television programs, movies and everything! There has been little conscious awareness let alone pure thought. Consciously commune with Nature whether it is with indoor plants or the great outdoors.

In closing this subject, realize that for thousands of years simple truths have been hid from humanity. No other country is the culprit. No other person, political party or organization. People must stop living as programmed robots. Religion is on its way out. The manipulators created it. A hypnotic sleep has been in charge. The process has begun. If you are tired of false dogmas to disorient man and desire to regain a full awareness that is pure, pay attention to your feelings right now and think about this message. Transformation is for each man within himself. Decide to think independently. Each of us has within a treasured knowledge of our origins. Do you desire to live in a balanced and peaceful reality now? We are here because it is truth that we desire to express. It is time for a splendid new beginning to dawn on mankind.

Will return Monday...

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Thank you and may you be blessed in new ways

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Distractions as Glamour

Temples, idols, fame and fortune and so much of the glamour that has hypnotized humanity is the influence of swindlers, and part of the energy of darkness. It is a deliberate attempt to corrupt the innate goodness of man. We must admit that throughout history there have been and are influential people behind the scenes, not caring, only manipulating according to a personal agenda. These soul less beings and assistants still rule today. There is hope because many souls are waking up to how humanity has been manipulated for thousands of years and are attempting to think for themselves, return to nature and change the energy of false glamour. We are a far cry from where we must eventually be to return to our original pureness and wholeness. The intention of those who manipulate is to exercise control of events in whole countries. For thousands of years, the majority of people have behaved as robots not realizing what has happened to them. Selfish beings create and hold their creation in subjection.

It is an ongoing struggle for those who really care and desire to evolve. People are distracted by everyday concerns. Distractions do not allow for any kind of contemplation. The dark forces are a collective energy. Who is or are the masterminds? People are asking questions and flock to movies or read books that deal with secret societies and codes. Our lifestyle today is fertile soil for terror, disease and all forms of catastrophes. Caring souls are returning to growing their own food and are actively concerned about the health of planet earth. For survival, changes in the way we think, feel and act must become both inwardly and outwardly obvious. Drastic and good changes must happen because the harm caused requires a tremendous amount of love in order to heal the damage brought about through negligence.

Everyday things that we do such as putting harmful substances in our bodies is an act of terrorism. If someone asks you how he or she can change the negative energy that people spew, ask the person to analyze the current lifestyle and eating habits. Start being responsible and begin one step at a time and remove yourself as an accessory to terrorism against your self, others, nature and life forms. The new movie 2012 is an act of emotional terrorism against anyone who watches it. I find it interesting that there are groups who are labeled terrorists. Many of the members think of themselves as saviors attempting to put an end to the decadent life that is lived in the western world. Think about it. I often stand back and look at the disgusting behavior being publically exposed and the current entertainment accepted by so many as normal and shake my head in disbelief. It is difficult to visualize that within the corrupted behavior that is casually accepted by millions of people that a spirit actually exists. Exists it does...hidden and inactive until the personality wakes up to the lie he or she is living. Humanity for the greater part exists in a deluded state of mind.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Establishing Rule

Gradually, people were drawn into fame and glamour and little by little sank into a state of serfdom turning their thoughts away from Nature,unity, the inner spirit and communing personally with the Ultimate Power, the One. It took over a hundred years to establish the princedoms. Those in control set up borders, which indicates separation, appointed clerks, scribes, merchants and servants gathering people by separating them from the natural world of light with no boundaries. In other words, an artificial world was created in which we still live.

The last pureness found in collective consciousness was in Russia, which I mentioned in the last article. As you already know, the Vedic culture and the truths I write about were considered pagan a thousand years ago. The intent of the selfish rulers and followers was to create a type of man inclined to unquestioning submission to authority, human authority. They offered the people a new religion but actually the new programming contained everything that Egypt had had 5,000 years earlier. A prince was treated like a pharaoh and considered to be appointed to his position by God. The occult ministers of the new religion were the advisers...just like in Egypt in the past.

Those who took power spread lies stating that the early Vedic's were pagans who burned and sacrificed women and children. Not true. They were vegetarians and would not hurt any living creature. The false rumors are still alive. It was the nomads that introduced meat to the world because there was hardly any edible fruit to fend for in the prairie land and deserts. They ended up killing cattle. In other places on earth, people saw through what was happening and did not allow the priests and preachers within their borders. I found it interesting that Japan, China and India did not become Christian. In the meantime, humanity plunged deeper into a world of unreality. Now, throughout the world people are slowly opening their eyes. By the way, did you know that the Earth Day we celebrate originated a few years ago in Russia? The power of pure knowledge culture is slowly returning. It is the energy of love, similar to a mother's feelings.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dark and Hidden Agendas

The reasons behind Romes fall may not be known by most Christians. The emperors were under the impression that Christianity would enhance their power and authority. The High Priest in any given cycle has been the power behind the scenes for a good 10,000 years. They are the ones who gave the command and Christian Rome burnt the Library of Alexandria to the ground. Reportedly, 700,033 volumes were lost. Some of the books recorded knowledge of the ancient Pure Ones. Fortunately, some books were salvaged, concealed and studied. The goal of the High Priest was to get people further removed from their pure origins, spiritual identity and relationship with nature and God. At the Second Council of Constantinople the command was established against the doctrine of reincarnation. They also destroyed the truth that Jesus was two persons, human and divine. The hidden power behind the outward rulers did not want people to think about the essence of earthly life. The motive was to get people to think that a happy life only exists beyond the earth's borders. They taught that no one can have paradise here on earth. The idea caught on. Long ago, before Jesus, a man who attained Christ consciousness, graced this planet, the High Priest had aspired to destroy the culture of the last Pure Ved (wisdom-knowledge) people. The remaining people lived in Russia. It is interesting to learn this because it is in Russia where spirituality, the real spirit, is emerging.

Looking back, priests told people they are doing things the wrong way. They said that the people must build an array of temples and palaces and go there and bow down to God. If you have been reading some of my earlier blogs, the ancient Pure Ones always experienced a one on one relationship with the Divine. Free thought eventually became corrupted. Non-living things, all the manufactured objects we surround ourselves with can erode free thought. Everything changed. People long ago were used to speaking to God through Nature. Now, in my understanding Nature means more than the beauty of earth and her wondrous creations. Nature includes the energy of the One Power, One Presence and All-Knowing Wisdom. Souls with a pure heart and mind will consistently experience Nature in its fullest meaning.

How does a manipulative power destroy a culture? Division. By dividing the whole territory where people lived in harmony and love into different states or sections separated them. Men with selfish intent went in to the divided states looking for selfish people who they could bring over to their thinking. When they found such a man, they would woo him with the bait of power, jeweled headdresses, a chosen status and a separate house to live in that looked like a temple. They were often given servants and much more. This is how the first princes, royalty, rose to power amidst the Pure Ones. They rose through the power of deception and manipulation and set themselves upon a throne.

Side comment: What is new in Russia in recent years is the emphasis on ecology, free thinking, health and encouraging people to live on their own land and farm. Since 2006, the National policy supports a strong agriculture, affordable housing, high quality education and yes, the health care that the USA is struggling with.

Have a peaceful and good Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my Internet friends and deeply appreciate the opportunity to share my views. Feel free to share yours...

More next week...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Did Jesus Know About Programming?

Jesus must have known about the programming because he was a Jew. Perhaps, you are wondering why he did not tell the truth to his people regarding the early times of pure awareness when humans scattered over the planet lived happily in contact with the Creator and nature. Would the Jews have believed him if he had said that we are all God's chosen children? I would like to believe that he tried to deprogram his people and use his gift for acquiring new wisdom in an attempt to prevent the priests from carrying out devious designs. His anger in the temple overthrowing tables filled with goods demonstrate his feelings. There is historic evidence published regarding Jesus and his journeys among wise men with the intent of learning a great many truths so he could help enlighten his own people, the Jews. We sometimes forget, his teachings were intended for the Jewish people.

Remember in the New Testament when his disciples brought him a demon possessed woman and Jesus sent her away and answered, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel". If he called them lost, he obviously knew that the forty years of programming in the Sinai wilderness had created a mind set, a hypnotic dream for the Jewish people. Moses himself was a tool in the hands of the High Priest. The intent of the High Priest is to subject people to the selfishness of the priests...meaning their way of thought and doing things. We all know about the people systematically burnt in ovens, poisoned with gas and buried alive in common graves. Millions were brutally slain. They were expelled; they were also exterminated in England and Spain. Could it be that non-Jews from a deep subconscious level wanted the programmed Jews eliminated? Throughout history they have been targeted. Why? Could the programming of being chosen be the irritant?

Jesus tried to remove the programming and 'save' his people. He came up with a new religion for them, in contrast to the 'eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth', he said, 'whoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also'. Instead of telling the Jews they were special, he called his people, the servants of God. The consciousness of the Jews was oppressed by the world of the unreal. They refused his teachings. Jews believed they were chosen people as Moses taught and all other peoples ought to be subject to them and Jesus said, 'all are equal before God and love one's neighbor and even one's enemy'. This last sentence contradicts the servants of God statement. At least, I feel it does. We are God's children, individual light projections from the Great Light. As you know, it is not an easy task to remove forty years of programming. Imagine, if we all had been programmed from birth with the good news that we are chosen, I believe the world would be much better off than it is.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Programming and Manipulation

In today's world, many people want a piece of the action regarding control of thoughts, feelings and creating fear in others. Control becomes a roller coaster ride. In our world a frenzy of fabrication is happening daily. For an example, the Hopi and Mayan Elders did not make prophesies that everything will come to an end nor do they now. Rather, this is the time of transition from one World Cycle-Age into another. It is all about making a choice. Our choice determines how we enter the future ahead. If we resist, cataclysmic changes are more likely to happen. Minds can be overly reactive. There are always people who have hidden agendas. An example of manipulation of humans were the Egyptians.

One of their first acts was to create an Egyptian state and appoint a ruler who is called the Pharaoh, the supreme ruler of Egypt. States and countries are either created by natural land formation, language or for political reasons. Once an Egyptian state was created, it required a leader. Pharaohs were worshipped as gods. The real truth is that a pharaoh according to my research was nothing more than a bio-robot in the hands of the priests. If a pharaoh decided to do something on his own, he was poisoned like King Tut or like Ikhnaton, fled with his family to safety. The priests decided what boy would be trained and programmed to be the pharaoh. The High Priest behind the scenes had control over everything. This is a good example of an artificial world being created.

Another example: By order of the High Priest and his plan, he ordered the priest Moses to lead the Jewish people out of Egypt. The Jewish people were programmed to believe they were the chosen ones. For forty years, they were preached to about their being chosen people. They were taught to make war and plunder cities, all in God's name. Study the Old Testament and you will discover how the Jewish people were programmed and turned into troops of the priesthood. Jewish people are usually very bright and successful. It makes sense. If you believe you were chosen by God, it is your right to be all that you desire. This is something to think about. How were you programmed?

Friday, November 20, 2009

What Happened to the Pure Ones?

Cycles come and go, shifts happen and so do people. The change gradually happened because people invented images of various gods and began to control nature with the help of the gods they invented. The change or new cycle is referred to as The Age of Image. It lasted 9000 years. Images are amazing if we have inner unity. Many of us today use imaging to create good changes in our lives. There are also images created by the collective thought such as what typically happens in politics. Collective thought can possess colossal destructive or creative potential. Today, there are organizations using intention to create positive changes in world consciousness. There are many people who are enamoured by what so-called prophets have to say about the future. Nostradamus is an excellent example. If you really think about it, his prophesies are extremely negative. If enough people believe in what he states as his reality, the reality can manifest. This holds true for any psychic reader who tells his customer bad news. The information is stored in the subconscious of the recipient. In the past as well in the present different leaders chose to use energy to create grandeur and self-importance and focused their attention on how to become masters of all the people of the earth.

Who are the manipulators? Who are the people behind the scenes making the rules that unthinking people follow? They can be priests or any wealthy influential person who has a tight knit secretive group working for their own purpose. Generation after generation hidden dynasties live on. Those who make the rules for man take great pains to hide the knowledge of the Pure Ones from other people.

A manipulator, whether an individual or as a secret group, work with the dark forces. They have accumulated an arsenal of devices to keep man functioning as a bio robot. Think about it. Wars never stop. Throughout known history every country has crime, disease and various disasters that are increasing every day and never stop. It makes you wonder if human society really is on the path of progress or being further degraded. You already know what happened to Atlantis. Next week, I will share further researched information.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Ancient Veda's

Few people today know about the very ancient Veda's. India is usually associated with the term Ved or Vedic. It actually means the Pure Ones. They lived all over the planet, not only in India. These people paid close attention to feelings, raising children and how land and plants were all an integral part of the design of co-creation, meaning humans could best live co-creating with God. Great knowledge is transmitted through feelings and through respect for life and nature. Every time a new feeling arose, new information was taken in. When you really think about it, we gain more new and concentrated information through feelings. Through nature, the feelings of nature, we can actually receive great knowledge of the universe much more so than television or reading books. Information is perceived in a blink of an eye through feeling. The ancient Pure Ones were balanced, a quality deeply missing in modern man. In fact, when we look back through history rarely do we see any evidence of balance in humanity.

Speaking of history, a great of what is recorded has been distorted. We are given drawings of primitive men covered in hair or men clothed in armor with a sword. Today, we have pictures of people using cell phones or surrounded by a multitude of appliances, contrivances and mechanical gadgets. All these images are images of the human mind during a period lacking purity of thought. How many happy faces do we see? Long ago in a different world cycle there were actually people who were happy, intelligent with a child-like purity. More of us would be peaceful today if we had flourishing gardens and lived in harmony with all creatures. If our bodies were in harmony with our surroundings, would we hate and kill?

How can we create good? How can we create peace and happiness? Man made laws will not take care of separation, disease, pain and suffering. Only our connection with the Supreme One and nature heals our sense of self. Everything is determined by feelings. We eat food that we have not grown and has been tampered with. At least more people today are declining to eat meat. The Pure Ones were fully awake. How can we be conscious of the Divine if we are drugged on every level with so many things that corrupt rather than build? If you do not have land to grow your own vegetables, at least try organic produce. The typical food in grocery stores could easily be labeled mutant. If you are far from nature, bring it into your home. I have so many tall and lush plants in my home that it feels and looks like a conservatory. Inner knowledge has a much better chance of ruling when you make it possible to be near or tending nature.

The Pure Ones possessed knowledge of the stars in the sky and all creation, plants and animals. Everything and everybody lived in harmony and were drawn to the Sun. They were also very aware of collective thought. Do you ever stop and pay attention to man's collective thought today? We are bombarded on every level with energy that separates us from our Source. People say they want peace. We will not have peace until we change our thoughts to a loving and compassionate state. Humanity needs to be healed. The earth needs to be healed. A healing will occur as collective thinking is purified. Do you feel what I am feeling? Feelings do transmit great knowledge.

Have a thoughtful and peaceful weekend


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pre-history Consciousness

When we have an honest and conscious connection with Universal Intelligence, we are also open to suggestions and how to correct mistakes. I have found that if a mistake is made, the Divine Mind will give a hint on how to correct it. The ancient awakened people were completely aware that everything around, either visible or invisible has been created by the One Power, Presence and Wisdom. These three are the Nature of what Is. The people understood that everything that grows and lives is the living energy and thought of the Divine. It is a plan or a program. During the early Vedic Age man did not bow down before God. Think about it for a minute. If we are projection, an individual light/spirit of the One Great Light/Spirit, we are also related. We are the children or the cells in the indescribable body of the One Nature. Multiple religions did not exist back then either. There was a unique culture to life and people lived it as Divine. There were no diseases of the flesh. Man did not have to think about survival, food or clothing because everything was supplied naturally through the higher Nature.

Rulers did not reign over human society. No manmade boundaries marked off states. The families were happy. Human thought was united by their aspiration to create a space of splendor. Whatever discoveries they made, were shared with others. Families were formed by the energy of love that is rarely understood today. There were many rituals, holidays and carnivals among the people of the Vedic Age. The people were sensitive and were imbued with a conscious awareness of the Real Divine existence on the Earth. Weddings, sexual intimacy, every act was expressed as a sacred energy powered with understanding. Their love of land and nature was experienced in the likeness of the Divine. The souls lived from the heart/feeling center and understood that the inspiration of love is stronger than all the sciences combined, which are deprived of love. Since ego rules today, this sounds like a fairy tale. It once was true but humanity has forgotten....

More to come...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Downward Spiral

Humanity evolves and at the same time experiences cycles that are definitely in the realm of decline. Darkness, spiritual manipulation, has corrupted people's minds all over the earth at one time or another. Could it be that there are people behind the scenes who deliberately create, control and intoxicate people? To discover truth, we must not give in to robotic thinking. It is vital that we use discernment and look behind the major players who may not be writing the script at all.

The downward spiral, which is a form of dormancy, began approximately 10,000 years ago. To throw people off the path of truth and light can be easily carried out by manipulative and power hungry people whose aim is to falsify history. Tampering with ancient truth teachings usually occurs when a new order, a new authority or ideology desires to take control. All that needs to be done is conceal from the public traces of our original, pure and loving beginnings. If deception occurs, it usually becomes the power behind the scenes when a new conqueror or charismatic personality comes front and center stage. Books are burned and records destroyed by someone or a small group of power hungry people who have their own agenda. Man has been on the planet for billions of years, years we do not hear or read about.

I have always been attracted to the Vedic Age. The Vedic Age that is being referred to was well before the historically known Vedic Age in our history books. The first Vedic Age was peopled by pure beings and this Age lasted for thousands of prehistory years. The pure beings lived all over the world, not solely in India. They were unusual because they knew how to have direct communication with the Divine Source. They did not require an intermediary. I do wish to add that direct communication with the Divine is not an easy accomplishment when souls are passing through a Dark Age, an Age of forgetfulness and spiritual ignorance, that we are now slowing leaving behind. The numbers of souls who have direct communication with the Source has accelerated all over the world because more Celestial Light is available to souls who are ready to receive It. You see, advice can actually be obtained directly from God. Now, if you exist during a dark cycle and our current growth period, the information may be not correct if you are not balanced your self. This is an important point to understand.

More to come...

Monday, November 16, 2009

In the Beginning...

The following is a true story said simply and from the heart. A very long time ago before our known history, souls were pure in their intent. I use the term soul for the various levels of mind including memory. The soul can either evolve or devolve. Soul and Spirit are two different creations. Spirit is the eternal essence and also individual cell in the limitless and indescribable body of the Supreme Being. Originally, the soul was also pure in its intent. It was not egotistical or filled with ideas of a manufactured life devoid of Light. The people of that early cycle paid attention to their feeling nature. They were filled with spirit awareness. These people lived all over the world.

During this early cycle of inner knowledge, mankind reached a level of sensitivity that allowed them to create energy images through collective thought. Many of us are attempting to do this in present time to offset the negative collective thought of souls who have separated themselves, disconnected their consciousness with the One Great Light. The early people had the ability of co-creating in the universe. When our intent meets the criteria of the Supreme One, we can be conscious creators of the highest degree. If the souls had remained in a state of pure intent, amazing things would have occurred on our planet. Instead, many repeated mistakes occurred over a period that lasted a good 9-10,000 years. What is a mistake? A mistake happens when there are an insufficient purity of thought, with an insufficient culture of feelings and deep thinking. Mistakes obscure opportunities to create in love and selflessness. Mistakes lead mankind away from the Center, away from the Spirit of truth. The downward spiral has lasted for hundreds of years. Mistakes include all the tampering of scriptures from the various religions, the false idols that have come and gone during this long period. Mistakes include fabrications and lies of not only extremist groups but the glamour often found in new age interests. Mistakes occur because of robotic choices.

Whenever humans go through the glamour of the occult, there is an intense degradation of human consciousness. Illusion and manipulation weaves its threads as the spell of the so-called mysteries lure the innocent into patterns that will lead them away from Reality and not toward it. As we are now breaking the old patterns of deception, pure intent is demanded of us. It is prudent to take stock of our purpose, our spiritual identity and search out where the mistakes were made. In this new offering, I will mention some of the mistakes and briefly retrace the course of history so we can move steadily forward to a new cycle where peace and a joyous life can actually be lived here on earth. No one can afford to ignore the truth that there are dark forces that have been alive and prevalent, feverishly trying to control people's minds and with much success. We only have to look at the chaos experienced all over the world and have blatant confirmation that something is drastically wrong. There are thousands of us who love the Light, Nature and Truth. We have been silent for a long time. Our numbers are growing. It will not be too long and our numbers will rise in the millions.


Friday, November 13, 2009

More Code Words

Chinese and Taoist alchemy are explained in terms of the yin and yang principles. This is the concept of the Tao (The One) divided into two principles. The Tao is the Absolute Oneness that underlies all duality. Yin was lead and yang was mercury. The transcendental union lay beyond all duality, which is called the Middle Way by the Buddhists. Keep in mind that these are code words. My intent is simply to remind us that there are external and internal alchemy practices.

European alchemy and its practice was hidden, secret and in time eventually exposed. Practical knowledge about the elixir was symbolized by the Tree of Knowledge, which also represent duality, good and evil. If the knowledge is misused, it can kill you. Knowledge is to be used for the sake of the Good. Ego must stay out of true knowledge.

To put things into perspective, remember that in ancient times only seven basic metals were known: copper, silver, gold, mercury, lead, iron and antimony (greenness).
Researchers who are fascinated by this subject feel that they are unlocking the most potent and mysterious form of matter capable of producing real magic, an elixir of immortality. What you think?

Have a peaceful and thoughtful weekend. Return on Monday

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Secret Codes

Everything that is hidden from the masses is written in symbolic language, secret codes. So, please keep in mind that this subject is vastly more complicated than what is being shared on this blog. Codes tie in with the practice of both Indian and Chinese alchemy of external work and internal breath work. So, why am I even bothering mentioning this subject? I enjoy research and am always attempting to understand how we arrived at this point of our soul evolution after once experiencing an original and forgotten pristine nature. The whole purpose of Indian alchemy was to 'pierce' the veil of spiritual ignorance so that matter could recover its true Nature and become capable of reflecting a high consciousness. Piercing is called Veda. In the original Indian and Chinese traditions, the emphasis was not upon the transmutation of ordinary metals into gold. The metals are symbolic veils and the true science of alchemy transcends ordinary chemistry and physics, neither of which fully recognize the conscious properties of matter.

When a seeker becomes a seer, a Siddha, an awakened being, it is possible to literally see the subtle currents of conscious energy in matter and in the environment. It is also seen as the substance behind physical life and nature. This is piercing the veil of spiritual ignorance. The Siddhas who I agree with were involved with the total transformation of the individual on all levels: spiritual, mental and physical into a godlike cosmic being. This is taking the image of God to its logical extreme. One becomes the creator, destroyer and enjoyer of all things.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Ancients and Alchemy

The Vedic myths tell us that churning the ocean of consciousness produces the nectar of immortality. Let's think about this statement. True, it could benefit science but what about consciousness? Alchemy is related to various gums in alchemical texts. As the Bible and other scriptural sources state, fallen or descended angels gave the 'secret' knowledge to the humans living thousands of years ago. Since early written history, man has craved gold and still does. It was chemistry that the ancients were referring to, advanced technology, which they judged as the real power.

So, who were these advanced technician-scientists? Could they be the same ones I have talked about before, the Annunaki, the sons of Anu who landed in Sumeria promising, controlling, experimenting with the existing DNA of the two legged people who lived during that long ago time? If they arranged everything, they possibly could not be the visitors, the Elohim, mentioned in the Bible but intelligence not from our planet. Both the Elohim and the Annunaki had intercourse with the existing species for upgrading purposes. Of course, all that has been written is based upon historical speculation. For instance, the ancients never gave the initiated anything important in the way of esoteric knowledge, only minimal useful teaching. We must exercise discernment on this subject and be very careful what we accept that has been handed down publicly. Those who have the inner wisdom knowledge and spiritual visions understand that there is a philosophic Gold, which is neither wet or dry. It is radiant celestial Light.

In India, alchemy means the science of mercury or the science of the elixir. The word Siddha means a 'perfected one'. The Hindu alchemist associates superhuman powers and bodily immortality with a virtual identification with the godhead. The conclusion of the Vedic leaders was that soma, nectar, is an actual alchemical or metallurgical allergoy. Their purpose was to produce gold and other precious metals for ornamental and trade purposes. In all frankness, they wrote of health, longevity and spiritual immortality in the one Rig Vedic hymn. They wrote about a hermetically sealed soma vessel. But the Vedic soma has a metallurgical basis. Both in Vedic and Western alchemy, gold was an important ingredient in the production of this bread, which could also be a drink. They wrote that three bindus, drops of different colors, were units of desire, white, mixed, and red. And these drops are compared to moon, sun and fire.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mysterious Elixir

I try and write five times a week and enjoy sharing different subjects of interest. Time passes so quickly that it is not always possible to take time out for blogging. I do wish to finish this particular subject so I will contine this week. During the crusades, the interest in alchemy began again in Europe but only in secret societies. Many seekers assumed this secret wisdom was of spiritual importance. What it was is a precursor for modern-day chemistry, metallurgy and the medical profession, involving the prescription of drugs.

The last-known alchemical practitioner was Sir Isaac Newton who was famous for his scientific groundwork for classical mechanics, or universal laws of motion. With the advent of modern chemistry and physics, the practice of alchemy largely died out. The idea that metals can be transformed into a fabulous elixir, capable of rendering the soul immortal and transmuting base metals into gold and eating and drinking the nectar is now viewed by most people as a misguided myth. All this aside, it would be wonderful if there was a product that would bring beneficial results to a physical body quickly and easily. People who suffer rarely have the time or energy to focus on becoming an immortal. They are having enough difficulty attempting to keep their physical body, human emotions and thoughts peaceful.

The belief and practice that pervaded the ancient world from China to India to Egypt and later Europe and the Western World claims that divine men, descending angels or the gods walking on the earth in predawn history of the human race instructed certain living people at that time as to how to make a mysterious elixir, the food of the gods. It could be eaten as dry or a drink. Powers could be attained from the mixture, not the kind of mystical powers assumed by the masses but, the power of technology. It was called the white sulfur, the white gold, and the fascinating and the highly sought manna from heaven. The Egyptians were thought of having a secret science of stone making. Researchers insinuate that the Egyptians had a secret white bread. The power of the metals were known by Osiris and Moses. The secret language, which they used to describe this manna, was really a code for the metals: gold, silver, mercury and copper. There are mixed messages or interpretations of what the mysterious elixir really is.


Friday, November 6, 2009


The parties were interested in a secret process to produce a spiritualized form of matter which could be ingested. They felt that by ingesting the powder they would be privy to enormous power. Because the ancient rulers were viewed as embodiments of God on earth, their authority ultimately rested on their spiritual powers. They believed the various metallurgical elixirs would enhance the spiritual power of the ruling classes and they could remain in tune with the cosmic forces that rule the universe. Everything was kept secret so they would retain authority over the masses. To do that, they used symbolism and veiled language.

The Greeks had always been jealous of the secret wisdom possessed by the Egyptians whom they considered masters of philosophy, architecture, stone masonry and other disciplines. In the third century BC, the Greeks took charge of Egypt and did everything to seek out Egyptian secrets. There was tremendous excitement during those days because the Ptolemy's established the Great Library of Alexandria. Scholars came from India and the new empire to the Great Library to study the ancient secrets.

This was the first time secret knowledge was put on public display with the blessings of the Greek-Egyptian pharoahs. They wished to revive the secret wisdom of the greatness of Egypt. Greek, Arabic and Hebrew scholars came to the library to study alchemy. Eventually, the Hellenistic empire fell and Rome took over destroying the Great Library at Alexandria through a series of fires. Although alchemy was largely forgotten, it survived in Arabic countries and in certain Jewish communities.

More on Monday...Have a healthy, safe and happy weekend!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Matter versus Spirit

Where I have a different focus from the ancients is in my lack of interest in matter, the metals, that the ancients felt were so necessary for enlightenment and immortality of the soul. The European alchemists commonly referred to this spiritualized form of the metals as the Philosopher's Stone. It really wasn't a stone: it was an elixir (powder) produced from metals. They sought the elixir not so much for spiritual purposes as for monetary ones...transmuting base metals into gold. This was the attitude and intent of the European alchemists.

In contrast, the ancient traditions existing thousands of years earlier sought the elixir for immortality. They desired to transmute mortality into immortality and referred to the powder as the food of the gods, food for the soul. They claimed that the elixir had the potential to purify the body, mind and soul so that the initiate would become a fit receptacle for spiritual enlightenment. This does sound like an easier, smoother and much quicker means than the normal struggle of self-discipline, nutrition, mastery, faith, trust, patience, contemplation and healing of the subconscious garbage that is necessary to remove in today's way of thinking.

The craftsmen who practiced stone masonry and metallurgy kept secrets through hereditary traditions often involving initiatory rites. In ancient Egypt, all of the mines were owned by the royal families and operated under the supervision of the priesthood. Certain metals were considered a sacred science. It was the law of the Egyptians that nobody must divulge these things in writing. The precious metals: gold, silver, copper, antimony, iron, lead and mercury symbolized the 7 planets that they knew about, the 7 divine mountains and this knowledge added secular power to the priesthood and the royal families. To secure positions of power, the elite ruling classes kept strict control over the mining, production and refinement of metals.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Anyone can be a Healer: The Ancient Spiritual Science

Anyone can be a Healer: The Ancient Spiritual Science

The Ancient Spiritual Science

I love to research topics. Alchemy can be approached from various perspectives. This particular blog is from the perspective of a Vedic researcher and scientist, Robert E. Cox. The science of immortality was demonstrated and discussed at length by the ancient Vedic, Egyptian and Hebrew traditions. The doctrine held in common by the three traditions involved a layered model of the universe. The model was such that the overall organization of the physical universe can be described in terms of layers of consciousness, each of which is tied to its fundamental space-time scale.

The ancients believed that to obtain full immortality in the bosom of the Infinite, the soul has to ascend and descend through these layers until it transcends the boundaries of the universe both above and below. For this reason, the system of layers was compared to a divine ladder, or stairway to the sky, on which the soul could ascend and descend. The system was not abstract. It covers the first 33 steps on the stairway to the sky, which take the soul to the shore of this world, marked by the overall form of the super universe, which the ancients compared to the cosmic egg. The ancients mapped out the stages, steps, or layers of consciousness that deliver the soul to the 'shore of the other world', the immortal world of the Supreme Being, which lies beyond the boundaries of the created universe.

The Vedic, Egyptian and Hebrew traditions mapped out a sequence of 42 layers both above and below. Regardless of these tradition differences, they saw eye to eye to leading up to December 2012 and the 42 months that followed afterwards. Although this subject is one that I view from a spiritual and not a material perspective, it is intriguing and will be expanded upon tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


People are distracted by everyday concerns. Distractions do not allow for any kind of serious thought. We must take the time to use the mind and pay attention to the feelings of the heart. Do we really have freedom if our thoughts are conditioned and our behavior robotic? For thousands of years simple truths have been hid from us. No other country is the culprit. No other person, political party or organization. The majority live as robots and are comfortable in the security of their conditioning. Transformation is for each man within himself. It happens when we decide to think independently. The following are a list of questions that beg for answers. Take your time and answer them to your self. If you would like to share them with other readers, please do.

Do you realize that we are terrorists ourselves against the mind, emotions and body? Look at how you handle each area as a normal response.

Do you ever wonder why it has taken humanity so long to spiritually awaken?

Do you really feel you have freedom of thought knowing that information is constantly being stored and acted upon from the subconscious part of the mind?

Do you know truth through thought or feelings and why are feelings filled with enormous amount of information?

Do you have any idea why so many people admire Native People? What do they have that is lacking in today's society?

Do you ever stop and wonder what the intent is behind prophesy?

Do you feel you actually communicate with God?

Do you ever ponder what normal daily activity may erode freedom and the power of your thoughts?

Do you think humanity could actually experience a paradise on earth?

Do you know that depression is usually not recognized as a spiritual depression?

Do you ever evaluate what is a spiritual mistake?

Do you feel human society is on the path of progress or being further degraded?

When we feel with the heart the questions posed, we begin to understand why in every country crime, disease and various disasters are increasing day by day.

Just a thought...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sacred Number 42 Continued...

In the Vedic tradition, there are 42 stages which are described and symbolically represented. There are 42 flames surrounding the dancing form of Shiva, the Absolute. The 42 triangles of the Shri Yantra, known as the king of all esoteric diagrams and the Shri Lalita, the Divine Feminine. None of this is arbitrary. The 42 stages of the path are archetypal. They characterize all major transformation in consciousness throughout the universe and throughout time.

What we are interested in right now is the 7 year period of purification. This includes the descending path of 42 months extending from June 2009 to December 2012. Be aware that Ego will hold sway over the Self. It will fight for its survival. We are seeing this blatantly demonstrated in politics, religion and other places. This is the 'beast' mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Collective Ego will fight to maintain control and secure its survival in the face of a rising tide of higher consciousness. The seven year battle of purification can be compared to a cosmic battle between the forces of Darkness and Light. Right now during the first half of this period, the forces of Dark ignorance appear to be stronger than the forces of Spirit Light.

In the middle of the seven years, December 2012, the tide will turn. From that point forward, the forces of Light will progressively begin to dominate over the forces of Darkness and in the end, the forces of Darkness will be obliterated. More souls will see and be conscious of the Light during the month of December 2012. It will at that point not completely remove the darkness. As we move into the second 3.5 years, the forces of Light of the Self will become progressively stronger in the collective awareness. The veil of darkness will be progressively removed from human consciousness. This means more and more souls will wake up to the Inner Light of the Self. The nourishers shall inherit the earth.

This battle has been symbolically called 'Armageddon', which represents the final battle between the forces of darkness and light. It is a cosmic battle and the seven year purification period has been foretold for thousands of years by the ancient Vedic scholars and mystics as part of a Divine Plan...a profound transformation in human consciousness. Their interpretation is one of hope and that is why I chose to share it with you.

I will resume writing on 11-2-09. In the meantime, trust and have faith in the Good.

In gratitude,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vedic Purification Time Frame

Vedic philosopher researcher and author, Robert E. Cox, states that this past June 2009 pinpointed the time frame in which the new cycle of 42 months began. It is a seven year period of purification, known as Tribulation, which will be brought about by the purifying influence of time. What does this mean? The purifying energy of time is designed to infuse divine consciousness into human consciousness. All the filth and corruption accumulated in our collective psyche and current world system will be purged. This movement can be compared to a period of withdrawal.

All transformations involving purification start with disruption and pain and eventually end in goodness and bliss. The period of change totals seven years. Seven years is divided into two halves of 42 months. Today, until halftime, 2012, is the descending phase when the Intelligent Celestial Light Energy is showering earth. Each phase is 3.5 years each. The seven years is a universal archetype. The 3.5 years after 2012 are called the ascending phase. The two halves complete the seven year period of a 42 month activity. The ancient Vedic explanation differs from 'new age channeling' in terminology and content. Channeled messages state we are ascending in present time.

The number 42 is found in all major scriptures. 42 stages are mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, a Tribunal of 42 judges, and reciting the 42 negative confessions. There are 42 secret books of Egyptian myth. Hebrew Scriptures, chapter 33 of the Book of Numbers, tells us that the sons of Israel traversed a total of 42 stages on their journey through the wilderness from Egypt, the land of bondage to Canaan, the Promised Land, which represents the land of liberation. The number 42 is significant.

The Zohar of the Jewish tradition of Kabalah originally consisted of 42 letters and is known as the 42 lettered name of God. The creative potential is found in the Book of Genesis in the 42 letters. Kabalah tells us that there are 42 divine emanations known as the descending path. Through the same 42 emanations, the consciousness of a mortal being has the potential to ascend back to the Supreme Godhead. Change adds up to 84 months in a seven year period of transformative energy.

More tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Darkest Before the Dawn

It has been suggested that the unique feature of the coming Golden Age will be the coexistence of advanced spiritual consciousness along with advanced material technologies. For instance, Hubble Space Telescope Center revealed that huge blue streaks surround the Pleiades nebula. Although I received this news from a friend who was listening to the radio, it is of great interest because it confirms my out of body excursions to that area. Spirit and science complimenting each other.
Information will increase in the time to come regarding cooperation as physical and spiritual science work together.

The good part of the heightened energy is the point when we finally are admitted into the larger society of intelligent beings throughout the universe, some of whom are much more advanced than ourselves. This can be strictly on an intellectual and material level or in self-mastery and enlightenment. The new cycle is a long one and changes in our activities are gradual. The amazing part is the a genuine science of consciousness will open up new technologies both mental and physical, beyond our wildest dreams.

This is not a trivial period. We shall soon experience a radical transformation in virtually every aspect of human, economical, political, intellectual and spiritual. The upheaval has begun and will continue to be turbulent and chaotic
and for some very painful. We can find hope in the pattern of change always being darkest before the dawn.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Goal

As we gradually attain self-mastery and commune with the Beloved within, we open the door to the deeper mysteries of the universe. We have an opportunity to become consciously connected with each other, all of life and Nature. The tidal wave of Celestial Light has already begun. This is an evolutionary spiral that is noving us toward the full potential of the human race. During the beginning of this cycle, the souls on earth tend to rely heavily on intuitive and spiritual faculties. During the darker periods such as the past several thousand years, it is typical to rely upon reason. The goal is to have both intuition and reason fully developed and functioning simultaneously. Our whole brain and consciousness working together to the fullest is a true and balanced intelligence. When we reach that Ideal, we have attained our full potential in the flesh. This is our destiny, both individually and collectively. When we are fully balanced, we have an understanding of who we are and purpose and actually enjoy living in the flesh.

At the present moment in history, the hour hand points to 6am on the Cosmic Clock. We are about to experience the Dawn of a new epochal day. As the hand moves around the Cosmic Clock, the most important hours are those that respond to Dawn (6am), Noon (12pm), Dusk (6pm) Midnight (12am). These times mark the end of one 13,000 year cycle and the beginning of another. It is at these 'watches' that a fresh pulse of consciousness washes over our planet and a new Golden Age begins. The four
13,000 sub cycles make up the end of the larger 52,000 year cycle. During these 'watches', the qualities of consciousness display their different characteristics. During the morning our planetary consciousness is most fresh and alive. Evening is dull and tired. Midnight occurred about 13,000 years ago and then the pre-dawn period of collective awareness began to stir. We are about to awaken to the dawn of a whole New Day. (A Luminous Being gave me a personal message about the New Day in 1981)

During the last few recent minutes before the Dawn, advance technology is again being given to us because hopefully the collective soul of humanity has advanced enough not to destroy itself.

More tomorrow...

Monday, October 19, 2009

What Can We Do?

People often ask me what we can do to take action, BE and use the heightened Divine energy that is becoming more available to us. I was trying to think of an example everyone would recognize. A loud voice within my head exclaimed, "Noah!" Of course, Noah knew that changes were coming and he began right away to prepare for the changes. This does not mean we must build an ark or collect two specimens of each plant and animal. It means we are to prepare and open our consciousness to the massive energy field of extreme Intelligence and Love. To be able to correctly tap into the space of love and wisdom, it requires monitoring what we think, say and do. It would also be a good idea to gather a group of like minded souls who will focus on a new intention each week or whenever you meet and hold that intention until your next regular gathering. The intention will be altruistic for the greater good.

We are co-creators. Let us take both individual and group action and use the power of an awakening consciousness to help write a new story that will benefit our spiritual evolution. Noah was obedient to the intuitive guidance he experienced. Although he was mocked, he prepared himself mentally and emotionally through trust, faith, discipline and hard work. He was willing to listen and act. We have the same choice to prepare physically (take good care of the body),mentally and emotionally to embrace whatever appears on the horizon. The inner preparation is far greater than storing food,water or having a gun. I have always stated that it is not where we are physically located that matters, it is our vibratory frequency that matters, the state of consciousness.

For centuries, we have been given self-improvement tools. The tools involved emotional stability and self-mastery. As co-creators, running to workshops, reading endless books and looking for answers outside of ourselves is not the way to exist in a coherent vibratory frequency of love. Use what you already have, mind and heart. Ask for a heightened intuition and daily use it. Be fully aware that you are creating the dream for yourself. For years we have known about the importance of emotional and mental training. Create self-mastery. It is never too late. The more you appreciate your true identity as a spirit temporarily living in a snail body and allow the spirit to be in charge, the less apprehensive you will be regarding the future. Spiritual mastery attunes you to the Source. Your example will hopefully inspire others to do likewise.

The Source is Indescribable and loves us. Its warm radiance provides security, joy and a heightened understanding. I am suggesting that you be willing to shift your focus away from the material concerns and anchor your feeling nature and mind in an attunement that radiates a power, wisdom and love far exceeding dependency on matter. It is the deliberately shifting of our perspective to the Light of All-Knowing. It works when we decide to trust, use discipline, surrender, serve and be who we really are. Be a regardless of what is happening in the appearance world. Embrace change and the good will come to you because you have asked and have opened the door to a Grander Reality.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Astronomical Phenomena

The long 13,000 year cycles, which govern the rise and fall of consciousness on earth, are built into the fabric of the universe and are intimately related to astronomical phenomena. They are related to the precession of the equinoxes. This information is based on results from a cyclic change in the orientation of the earth's rotational axis according to Robert E. Cox, a Vedic researcher and philosopher. The precession of equinoxes is an indicator, which can be used to mark the phases of evolution over the long course of time. As our consciousness is linked with the behavior of the body and mind, there is an immeasurable, indescribably planetary Being linked with the behavior of the planetary body, Earth, according to the Master seers.

Earth consciousness changes just as human consciousness changes. The changing orientation of the axis of rotation is the result. Our local universe is part of the "body" of a vast Divine Being or Energy if you prefer, made in the image of God. This energy is the power, presence, wisdom and unconditional love as well as all the other adjectives we associate with the Source of All, our spiritual Parent. Earth is a tiny part of that vast Universal Energy. Not only is earth linked to the vast Universal Energy, it is also linked with everything else beyond the known universe.

Every 13,000 years a major pulse of consciousness, which comes from the very center of the universe, washes over our planet. This pulse elevates consciousness. Many of you reading this are already feeling the new energy. Souls are like growing seeds. The incoming energy is helping with our sprouting, so to speak. It is wishful thinking to believe the Pulse elevates all the consciousness of humanity. Remember, humans have a choice and a will. What the incoming Pulse does is make available the veil of spiritual ignorance that has darkened the collectively since the last pulse some 13,000 years before. Truth is being revealed. What an individual does at this point determines both the individual future and the collective future. We currently are moving upward away from the lowest ebb, the darkest hour. A new tidal wave of energy is washing over the planet and its life. Change is occurring as well as opportunities for spiritual growth. Souls who have pure intentions and are taking conscious steps to evolve will be overjoyed.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A New Threshold

We are standing on the threshold of a whole new adult world. Finally, we will become true humans, true citizens of the universe, capable of exploring all its marvelous wonders in a responsible civic manner. There are simple choices that we can daily exercise to bring more light into our evolving souls. If those who read this article would unite and make a deliberate joint effort to wake up each morning with bright and hopeful thoughts, our action will increase the brightness in the world of matter. It is always easier to bring souls through the dark forces' window of time and even avert catastrophes if we dwell on something good. We would be working with an invisible dimension...the dimension of thought and the forces of Light.

As I have discussed before, there are cyclic patterns. We experience a plateau, then the energy rises to a peak and gradually drops down and then eventually rises again to a peak. This pattern has repeated itself four times. Thank God, we are at the beginning of the rising energy. The earth has seven billion souls here to witness the rising of the Light. The souls who take advantage of this grand opportunity and make the right choice will be elevated to the status of spiritually mature adults. What some people do not grasp is that the spirit, the divine within, expands from an original individual spark to a mighty flame. Some humans also do not understand the difference between their inner spirit/light and the soul. The soul can evolve or devolve. It is computer data, an emotional memory disk of your journey in matter. Some people call it the subconscious part of the mind. This is where Ego/personality has its greatest influence. Once people wake up to what the spiritual identity really is...a spirit, a projection of God, an immortal essence working its way back to its Creator Source, they will become co-creators consciously employed in the service of the Creator. The inner Spirit/Light will be the master of the soul/memory.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hope Comes with Adulthood

52,000 years ago, the light of the Self-Spirit was kindled in the souls of the newly upgraded species similar to some of the experiments now being done in our labs. As a result, they became in contrast to what they had been, enlightened human beings. These were our ancient ancestors. Over the long course of time, the darkness of spiritual ignorance returned and our ancestors devolved into little more than primitive savages, struggling to survive under harsh environmental conditions.

Then, a new Apocalypse occurred and once again the veil of darkness/ego was removed through changes and cataclysms. Another Golden Age appeared and our ancestors became enlightened once more. Of course, the cycles run over thousands of years. Perhaps you are asking yourself why this energy devolves and evolves repeatedly. In the course of the last 52,000 years as a species, we have experienced four previous Golden Ages, all of which have faded. Here we go again. In spite of the deplorable current situation, the veil of darkness will be soon removed again and the earth once more will be an amazing place to live.

However, the coming global transformation is predicted in Vedic scriptures as being unique and distinct from any that has come before. This is the part that may be new to some of you because what I am now going to share is the CAUSE behind the peaks and valleys of soul evolution. When the Light of the Self/Spirit first dawned in the human soul, we were infants in spirit consciousness. Eventually, through the Ages of growth we entered childhood. Consciousness evolved. During times of darkness, souls lack moral responsibility and have little direct communication with the Divine except for the few.

The unending turmoil experienced during the past few thousand years is a sign of humanities collective puberty. Now, comes the exciting part! We are hopefully about to emerge as adult citizens of the universe, capable of genuine 'co-creation'.
This means that we will act as responsible adults, not teenagers or infants even during times of darkness. Cycles of time will continue to occur as they have before. Light will follow darkness and darkness by Light. As evolving souls finally entering adulthood there should be a huge difference during the dark cycles in future times. We will resemble adults and will not fall easily to the age-old enemy...ego. I know this sounds very hopeful as well as plausible. I trust and so must you even though we are only at the beginning of the long awaited change.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Resonating Influence of Understanding

The worldwide change that we have begun to experience is actually an opportunity to grow inwardly. The opportunity is offered to all and from that point it rests in individual exercise of free will. The souls who choose to continue on the same path will simply deny themselves and possibly be banished from the earth for thousands of years. At least, this is what is indicated in ancient writings. Not being able to tolerate finer energies is part of the change for those who reject God's Light. Choice and action determines whether we are destroyers or nourishers. Change is also about purging ourselves and making way for the new. Although predictions from the point of ego may be grim, something very good will occur as a result of the shaking earth.

Understanding of how this change actually happens is important. The Apocalypse, or lifting of the veil, is not a singular, but a cyclic event. It is an event that has happened before and will happen again. Similar events took place approximately 13,000, 26,000, 39,000 and 52,000 years ago and another one will occur after our impending one happens in approximately 13,000 years into the future. Some 52,000
years ago, at the Dawn of a previous Golden Age, divine messengers did descend to earth and infused their life-giving energy into hominid species called homo-sapiens-sapiens, which were destined to become the dominant species on our planet. Check out the Old Testament and the Book of Genesis.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ego, Change and Attitude

The 20th century stands as the most barbaric century in recorded history. An estimated 196 million people lost their lives due to wars and programs of mass genocide. Now in the 21st century, mostly hidden from sight the practice of slavery still persists. It is a subtle and very different form of slavery. The slavery is enslavement to personal debt and debt of nations. It is slavery to material objects. Our rivers and seas are polluted and we have consumed vast forests, decimated thousands of species of plants and animals and scarred the landscapes of cities with pollution. Our 'modern' ways have produced chemical fertilizers and the abuse continues...

What if our parents had been spiritually mature and envisioned our incoming souls as a Christ consciousness awakening in our miniature bodies? What if we who are parents had an attitude towards the incoming souls of our children that they, too, were Christs or Stars ready to shine? What is sorely needed is a change in attitude. For centuries, a false god has been worshipped by the ego/personality. This false god is not benevolent. It is greed, war and destruction. What has happened all over the world is not an accident. It is not an unforeseen event. Cycles repeat themselves. It was destined to happen. The difficult times in which we now live have been foretold by prophesies since time immemorial. The selfish ego is bent on self-destruction. Under its control are all of the social, political, corporate and economic institutions that now dominate the world. This corruption has created the world as we know it. In the process of wrecking our world, the Ego will destroy its own possessions. We are seeing signs now as to how it is destroying its own wealth and power. This is good because the collective selfish Ego will become weakened and humbled. People will be forced to face their own souls, their individual ego, the enemy within and banish it.

There are good changes occurring. For instance, well over 70% of Russia's total population has acquired small parcels of land and are producing food for their own table and making an enormous contribution to the national economy. More people are awakening to the treasures of the earth and the treasures yet to be discovered within. It is happening because we are ready for a new experience significantly different than the trap we have fallen into.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Inner Ray of Light

If only more people understood that they have within a warm and radiant Light that can be lovingly used to not only help themselves but others who need extra warmth, wisdom and love in their lives, we wouls be living in a totally different energy than what is currently being experienced all over the planet. The cause of the chaos is the ego/personality who has taken up residence at the basis of thinking mind. It is an energy that has displaced the Power or ignored the inner Power of our true Self. Ego in this particular comment represents the non-Self, the absence of the activity of the Divine Self. It is a veil of ignorance, a veil of empty darkness. It is ruled by the subconscious memory rather than the Divine Knowing of who we are in truth. In the years ahead, the veil will lift from conscious awareness both individually and collectively. The eventual result will be a spirit that shines forth truth and is more obvious in its presence and power. The Final Event, the true Apocalypse, will usher in a new Golden Age for all humanity.

Virtually every ancient culture around the world, even at the very beginnings of recorded history, nostalgically speaks of a lost time when the beings on the earth were actually filled with the presence of the sacred Light. The typical soul has fallen from that state and has forgotten how to commune with the Divine. This is how I interpret the meaning of the term 'fallen'. The conscious mind has forgotten the higher part of the Mind and Spirit and functions from the lesser nature of physical and material desires. If a soul forgets how to commune with the Divine, which includes Nature, it is basically lost until that moment when the spell is finally shattered.

In a mind set of forgetfulness, collective humanity appears to be determined in destroying the planet and life. All of recorded history tells us that we have been at war with ourselves since the very beginnings of human civilization. It teaches us that when given the change, the ego, the source of corruption, will raise its ugly head and take over. The ego is driven to seek power and control and is willing to use any means at its disposal to obtain and keep it. The human soul has and in many cases right now been infected for at least the last 4 to 5000 years of recorded history. My assignment is to help souls remember who they spiritually are and the warmth, beauty, truth and love that they can easily radiate out into the world through their own personal ray of Light.

Have an insightful weekend~ Will continue this subject next week.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Seven Year Cycle of Planetary Change

The Vedic teachings according to Robert E. Cox, a Vedic philosopher and researcher, indicate that an eighty-four month period is the primary time frame for the destruction and eventual transformation to take place. Forty-two months, beginning last June 9th leading to December 21, 2012 and another 42 months following that date. Many of the ancient sages and seers foresaw the ultimate transformation through their powers of intuitive vision. Many of us who are not so ancient periodically experience visions suggesting what may happen on earth during this time period. I have always felt that we have a choice regarding our personal involvement and the severity of the times. What we are viewing on television and new movies ready to be released on this subject only show the horror and the fear experienced by humanity.

The natural disasters and other changes actually serve a positive purpose. Removing security on any level serves the purpose in destroying the massive collective Ego that has ruled for 13,000 years. Many who are on earth right now will witness the greatest transformation that has ever occurred in recorded history. According to Prof. Cox and his Vedic interpretations, the coming Golden Age is different from previous Golden Ages. I will explain more about this point later.

All transformations in Nature involve a process of both destruction and creation. Reason informs us of this truth. The Greek term "apocalypse" literally means, "lifting the veil." The veil that is about to be lifted is the dark veil of spiritual ignorance that has largely covered the human spirit for the last few thousand years. The veil is the Ego/personality, an age-old enemy within who is but a shadow of our True Self. How do we diminish the Ego? One way is being forced to lose what is important to us such as a job, home, money, an important relationship, position or standing in a bread line. Losing possessions and a secure routine definitely humbles the Ego. Losing health and wealth in order to discover and strengthen the inner wealth and achieve a balance between body, mind and soul sounds extreme but sometimes it is necessary to jolt humanity into a higher understanding and spirituality.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sacrifice and Rules

One way for us to look at earth changes and personal upheavals is to view chaos as a collective sacrifice that will continue over the course of the next few years. Change forces and pushes us and the eventual result is balance, which emerges as a holistic type of society. Holism will be to the best interest of each of us individually and in the best interest of the human race. Natural occurrences are already reducing the population and will continue to do so. As a result of disruption, there will also be extreme changes or transformations in human consciousness as well and the old rules will not apply. All the old rules were rooted in the notion of elitism and primarily served the very wealthy and royalty. It happened as it did ever since the cycle began in the Age of Leo, a zodiac sign signifying royalty, nobility and those with great monetary power. The cycle served the ascendancy of the elites. Watching current news, it is obvious that the greed of the elite cycle is being exposed.

The coming cycle is the Age of Aquarius. The sign of Aquarius is the sign of the common class or the non elite. As a result, the coming cycle will be destined to mark the ascendancy of the majority instead of the minority. This does not mean that standards will be lowered. Instead, compassionate and caring people will have control and nourishment will occur rather than any form of tyrannical actions.
The collective consciousness will be more about sharing, bartering and the current social system rooted in ignorance will self-destruct. This must happen before the new social system rooted in higher knowledge can arise. What humanity will pass through is a major change in consciousness. Global transformation cannot be stopped. It is part of our collective destiny. We do have free will and are daily given an opportunity to choose how we will participate in the transformation. We have a choice to be a nourisher or a destroyer.

The destroyers will not be able to handle the new energy. I wrote about this fact in my first book, Circle of Light. Nourishers will inherit the earth. As always, the decision is up to the individual soul. There are options.

More tomorrow...