Friday, December 11, 2009

Forgetfulness, Abuse and Freedom

We all desire happiness. The problem is we have forgotten the path to real happiness. With so many issues confronting us daily, we must be more attentive than ever. It helps tremendously to purify our thoughts and not bother with vain and nonsense things. We all have a space in the universe. For many, it feels it has been lost and the desire is to find it. Some souls gave up when they were children and decided that they really didn't want to be here. Other people feel like aliens. In my opinion, those of us who are actively living from the impulses of the inner Nature are the real aliens. People for the most part have life all wrong. Many accept abuse as a normal state of affairs. Abuse in this instance includes how we are continually duped by the government, the educational system, the church, man made laws, parental ignorance and much more. Century after century various systems have come and gone, one after another, but all with a single goal...transform us into a soulless slave. This probably sounds harsh but if you are not a deep thinker and question life, it is very easy to become robotic. Often times, parents programming and belief systems are part of the problem. We must think for ourselves and look closely at how we have been conditioned.

We must free our souls from aggression, selfishness, fear and many other dark feelings. When we are free from aforementioned, we are capable of goodness, happiness, balance and fulfillment. We need to create a space of love that I have previously suggested. We need to embrace our inner reality, embrace the whole earth and Her life forms. The larger part of which we are, spirit, is capable of embracing the whole earth. We embrace the earth with our invisible self!

Become aware of your inner nature, the collective memory, respect it, work with it, heal it and cherish it. Act in accord with the limitless spirit, the essence of who you are. Have you ever felt your spirit? There is a magnificent light emanating from us, it is grace and hope and many other godlike attributes. Be conscious of your spiritual light and emit it. Imagine how different our lives would have been if our parents thought of the soul coming into their newborn as a Buddha or a Christ!
To feel this truth, it must be felt with the heart because the heart is capable of understanding it.

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