Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love, Light and Happiness

Have you found that it is very difficult in trying to describe love, particularly love of the sacred kind? Words are least for me. At the same time, regardless of what is happening in our lives we need to create around us our own space of love and offer it to each other. I like the feeling that comes with saying or writing 'space of love'. So much change is happening all around us and to us personally that is not harmonious. If we constantly worry, worry may allow undesirable things to happen. Matter, cells, atoms, nuclear particles will chaotically move as the result of worry. Chaotic energy brings disease. Many times when something negative comes near me or tries to influence my inner feelings, a silver-blue light appears as if to say, 'Now, now, be still'. Sometimes, it is a small circle of light and other times it takes an unexpected form. The bluish glow appears and all is well. Thank, God, angels, luminous and intelligent Light works Its wonders and is in our midst.

Do you see Radiant Light or see it on or by others? It is intelligence, perhaps an actual being. I talk with the sphere when I see it and always give thanks. Perhaps, this may sound a wee bit strange to you but it certainly is more authentic than the dogmas we cling to or hide behind. It is very sad but many people are preprogrammed for disease,death and repeating actions over and over through endless incarnations. It is up to us to work out our own happiness. Be aware that there is a dark side but be detached from it. The darkness is the spiritual ignorance and unenlightened behavior lingering in souls who resist change and evolution. Choose to communicate only with what is bright in each one's heart. It is a challenge but it is possible and will eventually penetrate the hard shell of another.

How do we reach a high level of happiness? No one is going to come along and make us permanently happy and make everything perfect. Give thanks for what you already have and do your best to sincerely help others. Although a situation may look catastrophic and doom inevitable, don't give it negative emotional attention. The miracle that we need happens to be within ourselves. We have to reprogram the mind and life. We can break the bonds of karma not only for ourselves but others around us. Each one's happiness lives within. The happiness is there on a particular level of awareness. The only question is the method of reaching that level. We need to learn how to do this. One of the choices we can make is to realize that it is our duty not to hide the creative Light under the falsity of invented dogmas and patterns that are harmful. The door to truth is already open; never debate what you know as truth. What we are required to do is for the eyes of the soul to be opened to see and gain a greater awareness. Pay attention to everything happening within and without.

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