Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Highest Goal

We are in flesh to transform it into spirit and return to our original freshness, power, nobility and beauty. The goal is to be an ideal man or ideal woman, a role model to which people through passion and belief can aspire. The Force of Light will assist and give us a great strength of mind and heart. Love one another but do not elevate yourself in the process. It is not us that others should focus on; it is the message. We can go all the way. There is no one stopping us except ourselves.

All space is filled with light including thoughts, which are varying in their degree of light. At a certain point in awareness, we can actually see projected thoughts and communicate with them. Sometimes, I have seen them as actual letters of light suspended in the air. We can ask questions but, our motive must be pure. It always goes back to the purity of our intention. Answers will come. We can talk directly with the inner Beloved, with holiness, with God. The answers usually are gentle. To comprehend answers received from the Divine, we will need to have a certain level of conscious awareness and purity, otherwise we can be easily misguided or influenced by lesser qualified entities who have not yet reached the summit of God-Realization.

The most powerful energy in the universe is the energy of pure love. It is the energy of love that supplies light to the earth for any length of time. It is reflected and we can actually see it. Our spirits produce the energy of love. The light of the sun is also increased by human love. The sun, the stars, the visible planets are reflectors of love energy. Thoughts in this dimension of light are always comprehensible. Those of us who love trees know that they are the record keepers living on land as the whales and dolphins are the earth record keepers living in the ocean. Trees, whales, dolphins, all nature and creatures are living light. The trees for instance are stewards of the land and protectors patiently waiting for us to connect.

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