Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Contacts with the Invisible

Isn't it fascinating how the mind works? When we think of a person, even if that person is at the other end of the world, our thought will go directly to that person and no one else among the billions of people on earth. Thoughts are like magnets. Focused mind energy also is effective when we send our thought to the invisible worlds of Light. The most effective way of attracting the attention of an entity is to pronounce his or her name. The vibration of the name will take you to your target instantly. This is why mantras are so powerful and have been popular for thousands of years. When we make contact through the name of a lofty being or ideal, we receive blessings.

A name produces vibrations both good and bad that affect the etheric, astral, and mental bodies of our own identity. How many parents really think of the consequences and how the chosen name contributes enormously to the development of certain qualities and virtues. This is why souls who are doing the Great Work of self-mastery and service sometimes change their name. A new name can alter a person's destiny. Using the name of someone on the 'Other Side' is important in healing prayers. In the invisible world, a name is like a telephone number. If you are interested in making a connection to the energy of angels, archangels, saints and masters, either to ask for help or to help others, understand that a good name pronounced clearly and lovingly becomes a magic power.

Recently, I went to memorial service for another one of my dearest friends. The memorial service was a celebration on every level. Because this dear soul represented love and joy, everyone who was present felt her amazing vibration. The people who gather to honor a departed one draw the soul back to the memorial service or funeral. Because of the use of the name, the soul usually returns and observes the emotional event. It is common for some of us to spiritually see or feel the presence of a departed family member or friend. In this case, I saw my friend standing by the piano dressed in pulsating radiant purple energy. During her physical life, she loved to participate in the Universal Dances. At her service, she was seen and felt gracefully moving around the large room. Other sensitives could feel her touch as well as her enthusiastic joy and freedom.