Monday, October 19, 2009

What Can We Do?

People often ask me what we can do to take action, BE and use the heightened Divine energy that is becoming more available to us. I was trying to think of an example everyone would recognize. A loud voice within my head exclaimed, "Noah!" Of course, Noah knew that changes were coming and he began right away to prepare for the changes. This does not mean we must build an ark or collect two specimens of each plant and animal. It means we are to prepare and open our consciousness to the massive energy field of extreme Intelligence and Love. To be able to correctly tap into the space of love and wisdom, it requires monitoring what we think, say and do. It would also be a good idea to gather a group of like minded souls who will focus on a new intention each week or whenever you meet and hold that intention until your next regular gathering. The intention will be altruistic for the greater good.

We are co-creators. Let us take both individual and group action and use the power of an awakening consciousness to help write a new story that will benefit our spiritual evolution. Noah was obedient to the intuitive guidance he experienced. Although he was mocked, he prepared himself mentally and emotionally through trust, faith, discipline and hard work. He was willing to listen and act. We have the same choice to prepare physically (take good care of the body),mentally and emotionally to embrace whatever appears on the horizon. The inner preparation is far greater than storing food,water or having a gun. I have always stated that it is not where we are physically located that matters, it is our vibratory frequency that matters, the state of consciousness.

For centuries, we have been given self-improvement tools. The tools involved emotional stability and self-mastery. As co-creators, running to workshops, reading endless books and looking for answers outside of ourselves is not the way to exist in a coherent vibratory frequency of love. Use what you already have, mind and heart. Ask for a heightened intuition and daily use it. Be fully aware that you are creating the dream for yourself. For years we have known about the importance of emotional and mental training. Create self-mastery. It is never too late. The more you appreciate your true identity as a spirit temporarily living in a snail body and allow the spirit to be in charge, the less apprehensive you will be regarding the future. Spiritual mastery attunes you to the Source. Your example will hopefully inspire others to do likewise.

The Source is Indescribable and loves us. Its warm radiance provides security, joy and a heightened understanding. I am suggesting that you be willing to shift your focus away from the material concerns and anchor your feeling nature and mind in an attunement that radiates a power, wisdom and love far exceeding dependency on matter. It is the deliberately shifting of our perspective to the Light of All-Knowing. It works when we decide to trust, use discipline, surrender, serve and be who we really are. Be a regardless of what is happening in the appearance world. Embrace change and the good will come to you because you have asked and have opened the door to a Grander Reality.