Friday, April 3, 2009

It is Time To Take a Stand

I am referring to the rights of your true Self, the part of you that lived before you came into flesh and continues to live once you drop the skin. You have the choice to rebel against anything or anyone who is preventing you from realizing and living the truth of your existence. To evolve and be the wonder that you are, you must go beyond your frame and seek the vastness of the divine beloved within. It is through the union of the body, mind and soul that you are eventually able to remove the veil of illusion. Phythagoras taught that the experience of life in a finite, limited body was specifically for the purpose of discovering and manifesting supernatural existence within the finite. Our responsibility is to discover how the finite can express the power of the Infinite.

Truth is who you are. Do something greater, blow upon that inner spark until the flame arises. Learn to say no to everything that clouds your good. Honor the spirit within and come alive. An inner power will emerge. You will find that truth was never absent. Most people have no idea as to who they really are and what is to be accomplished in the flesh. Be different. Be in charge. Only you can live your truth and be your truth. If you desire happiness, completeness and love, do something about it. Trust, act and treasure the perfect Self within and ask for help from a higher Source.

Once you feel the inner power, there is no stopping you. The journey is about remembering, hope and sharing. The limited personality is like a huge wall creating separation from the Self of God. Let us together break down the wall. God speaks to everyone, not only the messengers and teachers we have read about. Remove the wall and identify with Spirit, which lives in light and eternity. You can still have the good things in life, but now there is a difference. They do not blind you. Your eyes are wide open.

Have a safe, healthy and happy weekend~

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