Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Extraordinary & the Ordinary

Many of us who experience mystical visions from the realms of radiant Light, write about the sublime experiences because of their beauty and wonder. To have these experiences is indeed a blessing offering hope, direction and evidence of a higher life available to all of us. I accept them with gentle tears of joy and gratitude. Although they are extraordinary compared to the experiences we normally have as humans, I am actually fascinated in more ways by the ordinary. What I mean by ordinary is the interaction of friends, family and strangers who have physically left their bodies and choose to remain in the lower invisible worlds for a spell.

To describe ordinary according to the perspective of a neighbor of mine who had a near death experience swimming will be interesting to people who have not examined the idea of ongoing life. When he temporarily left his body and visited the lower astral plane, he was very surprised and disappointed. He expected Heaven as described by his church and all he saw were people walking around everywhere. He did not understand the various planes that exist according to consciousness, will and desire. So many people believe that they are going to sit on the right hand of God or interact with great masters, angels and experience whatever they envision Heaven to be. It is true that often times we receive or experience the results of our belief system but it is not necessarily as grand as we had hoped. The soul finds that out soon enough. The invisible worlds are basically the same as the physical world up to a point. The point of transformation is reached when individual consciousness matches the Causal and Celestial worlds.

What I find fascinating is how souls who have physically left their bodies behave so ordinary. After my mother's death, she came and reminded me about having her gravestone updated. The man I was dating four years ago who died unexpectedly appeared in my kitchen addressing me in his own special way asking me to tell his married daughter to locate a very old and special wallet of his squirreled away somewhere in his home. It turned out sentimental notes, stubs,etc. from the time he and his wife were lovers were tucked away in that old wallet. The daughter did find it and I am certain he is now satisfied. The funny part to me were his old departed buddies standing near him. As below so Above in his particular case. Many souls have unfinished business, concerns about loved ones and attachments that they will not release until they are satisfied. It is desire that keeps them in the lower regions of light until they assimilate their recent life journey and are ready to move on. No lingering.