Monday, November 23, 2009

Programming and Manipulation

In today's world, many people want a piece of the action regarding control of thoughts, feelings and creating fear in others. Control becomes a roller coaster ride. In our world a frenzy of fabrication is happening daily. For an example, the Hopi and Mayan Elders did not make prophesies that everything will come to an end nor do they now. Rather, this is the time of transition from one World Cycle-Age into another. It is all about making a choice. Our choice determines how we enter the future ahead. If we resist, cataclysmic changes are more likely to happen. Minds can be overly reactive. There are always people who have hidden agendas. An example of manipulation of humans were the Egyptians.

One of their first acts was to create an Egyptian state and appoint a ruler who is called the Pharaoh, the supreme ruler of Egypt. States and countries are either created by natural land formation, language or for political reasons. Once an Egyptian state was created, it required a leader. Pharaohs were worshipped as gods. The real truth is that a pharaoh according to my research was nothing more than a bio-robot in the hands of the priests. If a pharaoh decided to do something on his own, he was poisoned like King Tut or like Ikhnaton, fled with his family to safety. The priests decided what boy would be trained and programmed to be the pharaoh. The High Priest behind the scenes had control over everything. This is a good example of an artificial world being created.

Another example: By order of the High Priest and his plan, he ordered the priest Moses to lead the Jewish people out of Egypt. The Jewish people were programmed to believe they were the chosen ones. For forty years, they were preached to about their being chosen people. They were taught to make war and plunder cities, all in God's name. Study the Old Testament and you will discover how the Jewish people were programmed and turned into troops of the priesthood. Jewish people are usually very bright and successful. It makes sense. If you believe you were chosen by God, it is your right to be all that you desire. This is something to think about. How were you programmed?