Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is There Such a Thing as Chance?

There is no such thing as luck or chance. Every individual determines what happens to him. The gamblers have a mindset, the con artists have a mind set, good people or people who you would consider as bad people all have their own peculiar mindset that attracts to them what they feel is right for them. This will sound odd at first but it is true. If you have a mind set that it is not quite clear for some reason in the area of receiving money for the loving and careful work that you offer, then you have created an imbalanced mindset in this particular area of exchange. Imbalance occurs when the mindset falls to one side ignoring the needs of the other side. To have equal action and reaction in your life, you need to ask those who you comfort and help to also give to you.

What does this have to do with chance? There is no such thing as chance. If you do not value what you are offering in time and energy, you will not receive in equal measure. I know that I have been uncomfortable asking people to give in return to me what I generously offer to them freely from my heart. I admit that this is an area of service that has caused mixed feelings because I simply love to give. I feel it is the natural way to live. Finally, I realize that to be always giving and not expecting a return in the area of human survival needs such as putting food on the table is wrong. God works through people. When we offer a service and the receiver does not give back in one way or another, the receiver does not receive the full measure of the pure love and sacred energy that is sent his way whether it be through healing light, written or spoken words. They, too, must give in one form or another to receive the full benefit of a higher power at work.

This is a touchy subject for most of us who have compassionate hearts. When we focus strongly on spirituality, some of us neglect the practical obligations of every day life. It is necessary to clearly understand and offer service in balanced way. There are people who are willing to give generous sums of money for a workshop or a product that promises to bring some personal harmony or improvement into their lives. Usually, leaders who receive great sums of money are not genuine teachers or a living message of what they present. It is often the glamour of the presentations that pull in the followers. This will continue to hold true until enough souls awaken to what is pure intent, real knowledge and unconditional love. Something to think about if you have been allowing your selfless services to be taken for granted.