Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Focus on Love?

Divine Consciousness is attained through a pure and right spirit. We regain our sense of holiness when we are in harmony with the unconditional love that secretly and silently lives within. When we are aware of the Source and have an ongoing direct communication, we are able to transcend matter and its discord. The deeper our understanding and the more awakened we are to our true identity as an individualized spirit, the greater the love energy within interacts with the love energy without. Love is what motivates a true teacher and healer of souls. Love for the One, That which is Indescribable, yet felt deeply, is where true freedom and joy begins.

The greater our effort to perfect the thinking part of the mind, respect the body temple and overcome the ego-personality, the greater the influx of the light of God flowing through us. For us to be truly effective, it requires a constant vigilance so we are not pulled in by collective mesmerism and suffering. A healer can only give according to the degree of his or her own level of purity and illumination. There are many different forms of healing and healers. The consciousness of both the giver and the receiver determine manifestation.

To experience the intimacy of divine love is indeed the sweetest power imaginable. To feel the inexpressible, the awesome, personal and embracing touch of holiness transforms consciousness and makes us feel whole again. To be a true healer, it is necessary to heal our self. When the heart is open to forgiveness, the grace of the Holy Spirit touches us. This holiness is all Power and Presence: It is love. People today refer to the Divine as energy in order to reach the uninitiated. The Divine is energy but it is beyond left brain thinking. It is unlimited, supreme and a sublime form of love that takes one's breath away. Yes, it lives as us. The greater our love for It, the greater our effectiveness in healing ourselves and those who are open to receiving it.