Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Groups Forming All Over the Planet

People are slowly waking up to a higher reality that has been ignored far too long. There are many groups focusing on raising consciousness forming all over the world, particularly among women. Some call it a sisterhood, which holds no conditions except love. Not only are women empowered when they unite with pure intent, the men and children in their lives are touched by an energy that they, too, are now desiring. Something different is happening all over the world. If you haven't consciously tapped into the increasingly evident spirit hood that is being created between women, men, children and Nature, get involved with Facebook. You will connect your light with others who listen, support, love and actually take positive action to reclaim the family of humanity.

I feel the Feminine or the Divine Mother Energy is the beating heart behind the strength of the movement. The people of the world have been missing balance. Women usually learn this early because most of us are caregivers with a compassion for life that accepts, supports and believes. We are constantly seeking ways to inspire and give hope. Women are the healers. Men also have a creative compassionate rhythm of the cosmic mother within then. For the most part, they have to work harder to move past the egoistic self-consciousness that harms the original space of unity. The consciousness movement is coming back to the womb, a state of purity. This state is the stillness of one's own nature and to see everything and everyone as only one. Lao-tsu is a perfect example of a man who did imagine, create and live his life existing in the womb of the cosmic mother. Coming back to the womb of the Mother is directly related to our broadening the personality to the cosmic scale. To be authentic, it requires us to return to the consciousness of infancy...which is, complete trust, enlightenment, immortality, peace and unity with all beings and with one's own higher nature.

Due to the higher and powerful energy of the earth cycle we are now entering, good souls who have been vacillating regarding consciously taking steps to evolve the soul will also be drawn to the wisdom and unconditional love of the Cosmic Mother. A greater intuitive understanding, which will appear in thinking minds, will seem like it is new thought. You and I know that it is not new. It is the ancient wisdom returning. The light of this powerful wisdom was ours during our original creation when first appearing visibly and tangibly in matter. What will happen in the year 2010 and ongoing evolves around the awakening of the hidden spirit within. More and more individuals will accept and increasingly make direct contact with the essence, the particle of God, within. They will understand the truth that the flesh body and the ego personality with all its confusion, fear and ignorance has been the real alien. To remove the false influence, souls will earnestly seek to live in a new way, a simple life, one more aligned with nature and the other projections of the Grand Creator.