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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Past and the Present

Not too many of us know a great deal about Indonesia because very little research has been done due to its remoteness. Volcanically the area is the most active in the world. With the brief glimpse shared it is also interesting to note that after the Atlantean epoch diminished, the ancient Indian culture eventually passed away as well. True consciousness of Self had not yet reached its height. Then came the Iranian and Babylonian-Egyptian Ages. Human beings gradually matured in order to develop an inner consciousness of self. At length the fourth Age arrived. At this stage the earth was ready for a burst of Christ Energy.

What have we gained since Atlantis? Two things...ego consciousness-individuality and the faculty of sight in the external world. What was early on open to the Atlanteans, the spiritual world, has been basically cosed for the collective consciousness since that time period. Instead of the great finer dimensional beings seen by the early humanity, human beings have gained the world, which now surrounds them. Formerly, they saw the divine. It has only been the rare souls since that time whose spiritual sight, hearing, feeling and knowing senses have been activated.

We are living in a very interesting cycle of consciousness. More and more people are being able to see the subtle worlds and entities while in the physical body. This is happening because human consciousness has become adapted to physical vision. It is for this reason that the Divine itself descends and assumes a physical form because this is the way common man sees. The ordinary and unenlightened man hopefully understands what he sees. This is one reason why the Christ Principle descends every Age in physical form because man can understand form better than he can an etheric or astral or highly advanced spirit form. The writer of the St. John Gospel understood this evolutionary process through his spiritual vision. For anyone to understand what the Christ energy represents, one must develop the wisdom and love that is the essence of the Christ...with the spiritual senses and not the physical senses. We are gradually coming full circle. We are living in a cycle now where it is not only the rare souls that have the sensitivity and power developed in their soul senses...but the many. It is in the darkness that we rediscover the Light.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Past

When the Himalayan glaciers melted, they did so on both sides of the Himalayas creating four rivers. The rivers are called the rivers of Eden (Lemurian Atlantis). the mass migrations are told in the Bible and similar holy books of all nations and in legends. Many of the legends disguise real facts under the veil of allegories. Lemuria as the Great Mother, the Great Black Mother of Gods and Men, Kali, Parvati, Isis, Venus, Cybele and even the Virgin Mary. The Great Mother bore the Lemurian civilization on her own not seeded by outside civilizing heroes, angels, gods, devils, etc. These were the Lemurian Sons of God who illuminated the world with the Light of our Great Mother.
The second location for Atlantis, India, is our Great Father, the inseminating god known as Shiva, Jahveh, Zeus, Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl and Bochica. He is the god who is castrated and dies but who resurrects from among the dead, whole and virile as ever.

Volcanoes are manifestations of God's power, a weapon of Nature often used to castigate the nations and to force Evolution to follow its course. Whether catastrophism is our Creator's way or Nature's way, it is definitely wielded to create evolutionary change. The Christ we know was proceeded by many aliases, offhand such as Osiris, Attis, Tammuz, Adonis, Shiva, Kronos, Saturn, Dionysos, Serapis, Mithra, Krishna and the infinite avatars, and Hercules, the great hero and more. There will be others...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Earth Changes

Indonesia was the ultimate boundary of the ancients. Lemuria-Eden is the primordial Paradise where humanity originally arose. It was the dispute between two races, the battle of the sons of Light and the sons of Darkness that led to the destruction of Atlantis. We had had massive extinctions of life on earth hundreds of times. Look at Mars with its dead residues of life, its oceans empty and dry, its terrible dust storms. Nature or Mother Earth sometimes uses its will to remove negative forces. the myths state that Atlantis flooded because they warred. Venus is another instance and became sterile as the Moon.

What is truth? Plato's Atlantis is a luxurious tropical Paradise, bedecked with metals, horses, elephants, coconut, pineapples, perfumes, aromatic wood and other features that were an exclusivity of Indian and Indonesia in the ancient world. The true Atlantis, the archetype of all other Atlantis's is Indonesia or the extensive sunken continent rimmed by this island arc. It was the primordial Atlantis that served as a model for the second Atlantis, the one of the Indus Valley.

Have you ever wondered why the seas became unnavigable? They were covered with thick giant banks of floating, fiery pumice-stone, which were ejected by the giant explosion of volcanic Mt. Atlas, the one who caused the foundering of the Lost Continent. Similar phenomenon on a lesser scale has happened since. There are no sunken continents at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean as an extensive study of this region has unequivocally shown. What exists is a vast Mid-Atlantic Ridge dividing the Atlantic Ocean in the middle. The ridge corresponds not to a sunken continent but to land that is slowing rising out of the sea bottom. Such rifts and ridges exist in all oceans. The two Atlantis's are located in an area where the Mid-oceanic Ridges rise above the surface of the sea.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where is the True Atlantis?

All nations, of all times, believed in the existence of a Primordial Paradise. This land was considered the abode of the Pure, where man originated and eventually developed the first civilization. As I said before, humans did not have the solid bodies that we use today. What I am sharing is founded on scientific fact not only religion or traditions alone. The causes of the Ice Ages are not well known. Myths state the Pleistocene Ice Age was due to the cataclysmic explosion of Mt. Atlas. The giant explosion of the holy mountain is found in worldwide myths. The Great Pyramid
is a symbol of Mount Atlas, the Holy Mountain, Mt. Meru, and the Pillar of Heaven in Hindu traditions. Mt. Meru collapsed. The volcano is called the Krakatoa, the primordial castration. St. John's Revelation referring to the New Jerusalem is Atlantis, reborn from the cinders, as a Phoenix or Vena in the Rig Veda.

The Egyptians originally came from the Island of Fire, Indonesia, the ancestral land, expelled by the cataclysm. The Aryans, the Hebrews and Phoenicians as well as other nations that founded the magnificent civilizations of olden times migrated from this same source. It is from primordial Lemurian-Atlantis that we have our myths and religious traditions. From Atlantis derive all our science, technology, agriculture, cattle herding, the alphabet, metallurgy, astronomy, music, religion and more. Everything we have came from the second Atlantis from the twin Atlantis we forgot,the home of those who survived the first Atlantis catastrophe. It is in India and in Indonesia we find the secret Atlantis and Lemuria behind the thick veil of their myths and allegories.

A great error was made when researchers of the past and some modern believed Atlantis lay in the Atlantic Ocean. The Hindu myths that told of Atlantis sinking in the Occidental Ocean became interpreted as referring to the Atlantic Ocean, western in regards to Europe, their new residence. The ancient Greeks attempted to end their myths by calling the whole ocean that encircles Eurasia and Africa as Atlantis. They renamed the ocean in their myths and applied it to the Indian Ocean. It is located on the other side of the world. Greek mythos often embodies the confusion of east and west.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Root Races

Each root race passes through various stages: youthful, mature and decline. Each population of a root race is divided into 7 sub races. Each sub race maintains itself for a long time while others are developing alongside it. That is why the world population is as it is because different stages of development are living together here on earth.

With each subsequent sub race, evolutionary changes occur. As an example, memory consisted of vivid sense impressions, color and sound. They then developed feelings, which their Lemurian ancestors did not yet know. Memory came with language. Memory did not show up until the final Lemurian period. The Atlantian period is the one in which the development of language took place. A new bond was formed among humans in the early states of the first sub-race as the result of sound-words inside themselves and to the objects of the external world.

Soul powers of the first Atlanteans still possessed something of the forces of nature. Their sound-words contained a power over things and other human beings. They could cure, advance the growth of plants, tame the rage of animals and perform other similar functions. All these powers progressively decreased in form among the later sub-races of the Atlanteans. As spirit and soul become increasingly earth-matter oriented, the psychic powers decrease.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rudolph Steiner's Akashic Record

Steiner states that the early Atlanteans had a different mental capacity than ours; they were not equipped with logic but did have a highly developed memory. Whatever they performed, they did from memory. They thought in images, like our animals and not in concepts. Over a long period of Atlantean life they lived uniform lives because of the developed and faithful memory. They did not invent a million years ago, they remembered. People respected a person who looks back upon long experience.

The Mystery Schools back then had a requirement for admission. The student had to remember previous incarnations and acquired the faculties for receiving wisdom. No logic...only memory. The personality was not important. They knew how to control the life force, how to control the energy dormant in grains and plants. They had vehicles that could float at ranges lower than mountain ranges. The vehicles could not be used today because at that time the cover of air, which enveloped the earth was much denser than it is now. During the early cycle the water on the whole earth was much thinner than today. Because of the thinness, the water could be directed and used for technical services. Civilization was radically different than ours.

Atlanteans took into himself water, which could be used by the life force of his body to increase physical power when he needed them for a project. Their ideas of fatigue and depletion of forces were quire different from ours. In the early cycle, the community did not resemble our modern city. They lived in alliance with nature. This alliance continued to the middle of the third sub race. Settlements resembled a garden in which houses were built of trees with artfully intertwined branches. Their social sense was related to nature. Nature was considered common property. Plants and animal form have become quite different since that time. All of nature has been subjected to transformation.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Early Atlanteans...

The early Atlanteans sense of feeling according to Rudolph Steiner and his access to the Akashic Records, was dramatically different than how we understand the sense of feeling. If the Atlanteans were tired and needed rest, they would enter their physical body. For activity, they would enter the spirit world. In the spirit world, they felt transposed into a group soul. During this early first period of Atlantis, a process took place in which human beings gradually passed from one set of conditions into their opposite. Gradually, the etheric body was being driven into the physical and this occurred during the last third of the Atlantean epoch. They originally felt at rest in the physical and alive in the brilliance of the spiritual world. As the shift from the one viewpoint changed, they withdrew from the spiritual into the physical. The Atlanteans at that stage of physical evolution finally understood themselves in the confinement of a body shell as an independent being.

Gradually, it dawned upon them that they were egos with their own consciousness and not the group soul they had previously known as their identity. As they spent more time in the snail-body, they knew what they were and learned to perceive the physical environment that used to be seen only as vagueness. Now, when they descended fully into their physical bodies and looked at the sky, they did not see the rainbow but they finally did see something like a circle formed of color. They were seeing for the first time the sun although at that time the sun did not penetrate with its power through the heavy mist. The awakening of external consciousness was connected with the emergence of the Sun from the mist. Now, we can understand why so many early religions worshipped the Sun. The early Atlanteans did not require the Sun to physically live because, remember, they spent more of their time out of the physical body then in it.

Once the Sun appeared and physical and environmental changes occurred, the door of inner spirit vision closed to these beings. This is a cosmic process in world history. Consciousness of self evolves through spiritual darkening. In this way, human beings grew away from the brilliance of the group souls but gained individuality. It was a long time before they really grew to possess individuality, as we know it. Souls today are still searching for the spirit contact they once had when they were not as grounded in matter.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rudolph Steiner and the Akashic Record

The following information in this particular article is partly taken from Rudolph Steiner and his exploration of the Akashic Record approximately a million years ago. The early people had a will that was magical. An example was their ability to affect the growth of flowers. Natural surroundings depended on the beings that lived during that epoch. Steiner places land masses prior to the Atlantean beginning and states that they were essentially manipulated by the use of evil will of an earlier root race who were divided in the area of intention referred to as the Lemurians. A small group survived and were the earliest Atlanteans. Race development and soul development work hand in hand. It was after this catastrophe we come to the ancient Atlantean epoch when the human race developed in a more expanded way in the physical senses. More on that later. They lived very differently than we do. They had a kind of spiritual vision and their bodies had a different construction. The etheric body was not yet so firmly bound up with the physical body. Keep in mind, there were different epochs or stages of Atlantean growth. Later, towards the last third of the Atlantean epoch did the projecting etheric body draw in and take the form of the present physical human head.

Their bodies did not look like ours and their whole soul life was different. If you were to visit early Atlantis, you would find that it was not surrounded by air as the present earth but by air saturated with volumes of mist with water. This air became clearer and more transparent the further Atlantis developed. The mists were densest where the more advanced Atlantean civilization developed. Atlantis was covered far and wide by mist. No division of rain and sunshine. No rainbows...not until Noah after the flood witnessed the first rainbow. From the point of physics, it was impossible before due to the weather conditions to see a rainbow. Ancient Atlanteans lived in a different state of consciousness and memory was different from what we have now. Today, we use our physical senses during the day. At night and asleep our etheric and astral body and ego withdraw. In the morning, everything returns. It was just the opposite experience for the early Atlanteans.

During the early Atlantean period, their physical world was entirely different. We see objects in clear outlines. They saw objects indistinctly like someone would who is very nearsighted. Only gradually through time did the clear outlines develop. In early times, objects looked like cloudy structures. Early Atanteans did not sleep like we do. Since the physical formations were misty, human beings lived within a spiritual or more subtle world where they had better sight. Spiritual beings, not physical ones, were their companions. Just the opposite of the average humans experience today. More...

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In the Beginning...

Our first ancestors arose in Africa some three million years ago and spread all over the world. By a million years ago, there had been a series of explosions and one of the most dramatic occurred in the region of Indonesia, precisely the spot where humanity first flourished. I am getting ahead of myself but it helps to look at the long view. When the sea level rose an estimated amount of 100-150 meters, Atlantis disappeared and based on Plato's data, twenty million people drowned. The sunken continent was Lemuria Atlantis, the larger of the two Atlantis's...the Land of the Dead. The greatest of all Lemurian colonies was Atlantis, founded in India, during the heydays of Lemuria. Their grandeur ended at the end of the Pleistocene period approximately 11,600 years ago. There were survivors who moved to India, the next site of Atlantis. The doomed people during the Great Deluge fled, immigrated to remote places such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, North Africa, Europe, North Asia, the Near Orient, Oceania and the Americas. Some came on foot in huge hordes. The survivors created Atlantean colonies and attempted to recreate their Eden in the new homeland. Because of the immigrants, we find similarities, remnants all over the planet.

For about a million years Lemurian/Atlantis civilizations was the scene of a civilization quite different from ours today. The earth has changed and also the water and air Just as the etheric body works in the life of individuals, it works as the spirit of motion and form in the earth. This series of articles focuses on evolutionary changes, physical, and its relationship with the evolution of the soul. Now that we had a glance at the mega catastrophe's, let us look at how our physical, emotional and mental nature evolved along with the soul.

The first human beings appeared comparatively late in the etheric's evolution and at the time they had a very different constitution from the present. The forms were actually gross in the beginning according to our standards of appearance. Organs gradually developed out of entirely different forms. Solid parts were only built into the form gradually. Originally, the body did not have bones. The bones developed out of soft cartilaginous structures, which traversed the human body like cords.

Everything originated from a quite soft substance and the soft substances from fluid ones and the fluid ones from airy ones and the airy from etheric ones and the etheric from astral ones, which had densified from spiritual substantiality. Tracing back...everything material has originated from spirit.

Ancestors of the Atlanteans lived in a region, which has disappeared. Theosophical writings call the ancestors...Lemurians. They, too, passed through the various stages of development, the greatest of them declined. The first sub-race of the Atlantans was formed from the small section that survived. These beings had a high
evolutionary potential and were advanced but in a different way. Lemurians in contrast to Atlanteans memory was weak and they could not preserve ideas. They lived by instinct, not animal instinct. So, when two different forms of life merge, things change. Tomorrow, we will look at how the early forms differ from today's form.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Indonesia and Its Atlantis Connection

Theosophy states that we have seven root races. We now exist in the Aryan, fifth root race. The first four were the Polarians who were primarily spiritual (Astral/Etheric) and did not leave physical remains. The second (tee Hyperborean) were also non-physical (etheric). The Lemurians, the third root race were the first with physical bodies although they did not resemble a body as we know of it today. The Lemurians and the fourth root race, the Atlanteans bodies and minds developed over at least a million year period. I will into that aspect of the soul/physical evolution in another article. The Atlanteans are generally considered to have had great occult and/or technological powers and inhabited the first Atlantis near Indonesia until the Great Deluge and the survivors fled and established the second Atlantis near India. The Atlanteans are judged as the ones who destroyed the continent due to their abuse of psychic power. Each root race consists of seven sub races. It was from the fifth sub-race of Atlanteans, known today as the Semites, that the first Aryans emerged, migrating to India and producing what was known in those distant times as the Rama Empire. According to one interpretation they were rivals to the Atlanteans in the leadership of the ante-dilluvian World and it led to a war between the two empires, including ancient nuclear warfare.

Tomorrow's blog will go back further in time but today I do want to mention the ancient fish caught in Indonesia, four feet, 110 pounds that were believed to be extinct for 65 million years. Several other live specimens have been discovered. I always find it interesting how the past catches up with us. There is a park in that area called Leang-leang Prehistoric Park. Archaeologists have found rock paintings on cave walls. Scattered ancient animals bones and stones are found throughout the area. Scientists are preparing to piece together a rare complete skeleton of a prehistoric elephant found in the tropics of Indonesia. It is rare that a fossil of an animal is ever found in such a hot, humid climate but believe he was submerged in quicksand in Java some 200,000 years ago. It was apparently covered by volcanic sediment that protected it from high temperatures, erosion and decay.

It is believed that Indonesia must have existed during the Pleistocene period (4 million years BC) when it was linked with the present Asian mainland. It was during this period that the Homonids made their first appearance and Java Man inhabited the part of the world now called Indonesia. When the sea level rose as the result of melting ice north of Europe and the American continent, many islands emerged, including the Indonesian archipelago. There is a definite connection between Lemuria, Atlantis, Indonesia and South India. More to come...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Looking at Our Roots Scientifcally and Spiritually

What is being shared week is from scientific and geologic findings, Theosophy and the Akashic Record. I enjoy researching our prehistoric heritage and how soul evolution has played along with our physical evolution. Our planet is also in continual movement. For about a million years Lemurian and Atlantis civilizations was the scene of a civilization quite different from ours today. The earth has changed and also the water and air. Just as the etheric body works in the life of individuals, it works as the spirit of motion and form in the earth. This message focuses on evolutionary changes, physical and its relationship with the evolution of the soul.

The cataclysms of fire and water of worldwide extent have been generally accepted by modern geology. What has been confirmed is the dramatic confirmation of the existence of a now sunken giant continent to the south of Southeast Asia and China. Spy satellites of NASA provided the information. The end was sudden and brutal and occurred as stipulated by Plato, 11,609 years ago. Scientists are still not certain of the real cause. There are recorded one great flood an two mega floods. The more recent one that I am writing about right now is the giant explosion widely attested in all sorts of myths and traditions calling the sunken area Atlantis and Paradise, the Universal Flood and the Universal Conflagration. It was the end of the Ice Age and has been confirmed by geological oceanographic research. Melt waters of these glaciers caused a huge rise in sea level, which created extra weight on the seafloor and cracks began to occur in weak spots. Further volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis were engendered.

According to modern day scientists, the experts have been looking for Atlantis in the wrong sides of the world. Genesis and Plato identify the mysterious sons of God as the Atlanteans who fled to other parts of the world and mated with the Daughters of Men and created hybrids as offspring. Did you know that the Bible speaks of two creations, exactly as Planto tells of the two different Atlantis's. The two traditions also exactly agree with the prehistoric events observed in the geological and the archaeological records. The sources always end up in India and Indonesia,the two Atlantis's of legend. The best ancient source speaks from the
magnificent Hindu saga, the Mahabharate of the sea level rising and not continents sinking. There are maps of Atlantis during the Ice Age showing its location. The location is based on geophysical reconstruction of the seafloor. National Geographic Magazine, October 1988 had a map that corresponds with this conclusion...two Atlantis's, one south of Southeast Asia and another in the Indus Delta. The land was far larger than Australia, two or three times larger than continentalized India. The ultimate divide is located near Indonesia and forms the boundary of the Indian and the Pacific oceans. Ancient authorities know this rift.
Today, the Volcano Anak Krakatau is still erupting. In 1883 tens of thousands of people were killed. Ash from the explosion might have temporarily altered Earth's climate. More tomorrw. Please feel to add your comments and knowledge.

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Exercises to Bring Out Creative Psychic Abilities

The use of colors is an ancient practice. Perhaps, you already use them for psychic and spiritual work. White is the best when you are in doubt as to what the client's body requires. As a review, the seven basic colors of the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (a very dark blue) and violet. Each color relates to a specifically energy wheel in your etheric body. They are power points and are commonly referred to as chakra centers.

Sit quietly where you will not be disturbed, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Visualize yourself hold seven balloons on separate strings, one for each of the seven chakras. One at a time release the balloons. Allow them to float away from your mental sight. Release them in any order you wish. When you have released them all, open your eyes. Repeat this exercise as often as you wish. If you are resistant to releasing a color, do not worry about it. Label the balloons with the words red, orange, yellow, etc. and mentally say the colors to yourself.

If you have difficulty visualizing, just pretend. Eventually, you will begin to visualize. Some people take awhile to learn how. One color mental exercise is enough for the holiday weekend. Keep up the good work. Love yourself, honor yourself and be thankful that you care for life and the freedom to be who you really are.

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Psychic Smell and Touch

I am sure you have heard of people who smell the scent or pine, roses or another substance and associate that particular psychic experience with someone close to them who has crossed over to the other side of life. Souls use scent to say thank you or simply make a loved one aware that life does continue in another form. You can increase your own olfactory sense by taking a good sniff wherever you are to discover what odors may be around you. Start with the spices in your kitchen or the foods in the refrigerator. When filling the car with gas, the odor is obvious. The first time that I smelled death, it was startling. A young woman was brought to our home for healing. As soon as she walked into the door, I knew it was an emergency situation. She was completely healed, by the way. If you want to pursue the psychic development of odor, say a mantra along with the sniffing such as, "I am sensitizing my sense of smell because I wish to aware of everything around me."

For those of us who are active in healing work, psychic touch can be absolutely amazing! We feel vibrations and light, the presence of other intelligence in the room and much more. I use hands on for healing treatments, which are very successful. Touch can also be felt in absentee healing. I set a specific time with a client, instruct them in what to do, and they have powerful experiences. So, distance is not an obstacle with the higher vibratory intent and actual experience of the people involved. Usually,both the patient and I feel intense heat during the session. There are always exceptions. I may have hot hands but the receiver may feel coolness because that is what his body needs to be balanced.

You can practice sensitizing touch by choosing any substance handy and touching it and analyzing how it feels. As you go around sensitizing your hands, add a mantra which states your psychic purpose. You might actually have a bitter, sweet or acrid taste occur during a practice. That happened to me yesterday after a session with a woman with breast cancer. I experienced a strong metallic taste. We tend to rush through everything. Take time to pause while eating or drinking and savor the taste of whatever is in your mouth. Always say a form of a mantra mentally such as, "I am now tasting (whatever) and am sensitizing my sense of taste for use in being more aware."