Monday, July 13, 2009

Looking at Our Roots Scientifcally and Spiritually

What is being shared week is from scientific and geologic findings, Theosophy and the Akashic Record. I enjoy researching our prehistoric heritage and how soul evolution has played along with our physical evolution. Our planet is also in continual movement. For about a million years Lemurian and Atlantis civilizations was the scene of a civilization quite different from ours today. The earth has changed and also the water and air. Just as the etheric body works in the life of individuals, it works as the spirit of motion and form in the earth. This message focuses on evolutionary changes, physical and its relationship with the evolution of the soul.

The cataclysms of fire and water of worldwide extent have been generally accepted by modern geology. What has been confirmed is the dramatic confirmation of the existence of a now sunken giant continent to the south of Southeast Asia and China. Spy satellites of NASA provided the information. The end was sudden and brutal and occurred as stipulated by Plato, 11,609 years ago. Scientists are still not certain of the real cause. There are recorded one great flood an two mega floods. The more recent one that I am writing about right now is the giant explosion widely attested in all sorts of myths and traditions calling the sunken area Atlantis and Paradise, the Universal Flood and the Universal Conflagration. It was the end of the Ice Age and has been confirmed by geological oceanographic research. Melt waters of these glaciers caused a huge rise in sea level, which created extra weight on the seafloor and cracks began to occur in weak spots. Further volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis were engendered.

According to modern day scientists, the experts have been looking for Atlantis in the wrong sides of the world. Genesis and Plato identify the mysterious sons of God as the Atlanteans who fled to other parts of the world and mated with the Daughters of Men and created hybrids as offspring. Did you know that the Bible speaks of two creations, exactly as Planto tells of the two different Atlantis's. The two traditions also exactly agree with the prehistoric events observed in the geological and the archaeological records. The sources always end up in India and Indonesia,the two Atlantis's of legend. The best ancient source speaks from the
magnificent Hindu saga, the Mahabharate of the sea level rising and not continents sinking. There are maps of Atlantis during the Ice Age showing its location. The location is based on geophysical reconstruction of the seafloor. National Geographic Magazine, October 1988 had a map that corresponds with this conclusion...two Atlantis's, one south of Southeast Asia and another in the Indus Delta. The land was far larger than Australia, two or three times larger than continentalized India. The ultimate divide is located near Indonesia and forms the boundary of the Indian and the Pacific oceans. Ancient authorities know this rift.
Today, the Volcano Anak Krakatau is still erupting. In 1883 tens of thousands of people were killed. Ash from the explosion might have temporarily altered Earth's climate. More tomorrw. Please feel to add your comments and knowledge.

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