Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Choosing a Script

For ages we have been and still are writing our inner scripts. They are a mix of emotions that either work for or against us. When we finally understand that there are multiple parts to what is called our identity, greater choices for good can be made. Each part has a script of attitudes and beliefs. When someone triggers an old part of us that is negative, we move back in time to a conditioned part of the mind that is dual in its nature. In other words, we tap into an emotional experience from the past. We can move backward, choose to change the reaction and move forward to a non dual place of light and freedom. There is a technique that has been available for at least twenty years called tapping your meridians. Using the Emotional Freedom Technique, we can actually with repetition and pure intention remove the old hindrances from our subconscious. You can check on this for yourself at, Some people like to feel that they can do something physical to help their pain besides the power of prayer or running to a practitioner. The tapping works because the meridians are stimulated. A statement of truth is said simultaneously with the tapping.

The goal is to be stabilized in our emotions and shift to the higher part of the mind and discover a different set of attitudes and beliefs that reflect our true spiritual identity. If we continue to believe in the old scripts, we are held there playing out the old roles. The goal, in my opinion, is to be consciously aware at all times as to whether we are reliving a part of the past or activating a higher awareness that will serve the purpose of our inner Self. Emotional energy defines consciousness. The point of perception from which you view it creates reality. In every moment, we have a choice as to whether we live in duality or a higher field that is not so strongly polarized. We can lessen the effects of duality, polarization, by removing the old scripts that work against our goals. I call this a real healing...the ability to relocate into the higher part of the mind and identify with the inner wisdom where we may be conscious of our spiritual identity and power.

We are the doorway to the mind and body temple. Constantly monitor thoughts. Do not allow false thoughts or unenlightened souls to interfere with your heightened sense of what is and what is not. God is love. You can prove it through your own consciousness. It is time more of us accept this great truth as our reality. One by one we awaken. In our awakening, we help others to do likewise. This is a powerful way to save ourselves and all life, including our precious planet.