Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where is the True Atlantis?

All nations, of all times, believed in the existence of a Primordial Paradise. This land was considered the abode of the Pure, where man originated and eventually developed the first civilization. As I said before, humans did not have the solid bodies that we use today. What I am sharing is founded on scientific fact not only religion or traditions alone. The causes of the Ice Ages are not well known. Myths state the Pleistocene Ice Age was due to the cataclysmic explosion of Mt. Atlas. The giant explosion of the holy mountain is found in worldwide myths. The Great Pyramid
is a symbol of Mount Atlas, the Holy Mountain, Mt. Meru, and the Pillar of Heaven in Hindu traditions. Mt. Meru collapsed. The volcano is called the Krakatoa, the primordial castration. St. John's Revelation referring to the New Jerusalem is Atlantis, reborn from the cinders, as a Phoenix or Vena in the Rig Veda.

The Egyptians originally came from the Island of Fire, Indonesia, the ancestral land, expelled by the cataclysm. The Aryans, the Hebrews and Phoenicians as well as other nations that founded the magnificent civilizations of olden times migrated from this same source. It is from primordial Lemurian-Atlantis that we have our myths and religious traditions. From Atlantis derive all our science, technology, agriculture, cattle herding, the alphabet, metallurgy, astronomy, music, religion and more. Everything we have came from the second Atlantis from the twin Atlantis we forgot,the home of those who survived the first Atlantis catastrophe. It is in India and in Indonesia we find the secret Atlantis and Lemuria behind the thick veil of their myths and allegories.

A great error was made when researchers of the past and some modern believed Atlantis lay in the Atlantic Ocean. The Hindu myths that told of Atlantis sinking in the Occidental Ocean became interpreted as referring to the Atlantic Ocean, western in regards to Europe, their new residence. The ancient Greeks attempted to end their myths by calling the whole ocean that encircles Eurasia and Africa as Atlantis. They renamed the ocean in their myths and applied it to the Indian Ocean. It is located on the other side of the world. Greek mythos often embodies the confusion of east and west.

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