Thursday, July 2, 2009

Psychic Smell and Touch

I am sure you have heard of people who smell the scent or pine, roses or another substance and associate that particular psychic experience with someone close to them who has crossed over to the other side of life. Souls use scent to say thank you or simply make a loved one aware that life does continue in another form. You can increase your own olfactory sense by taking a good sniff wherever you are to discover what odors may be around you. Start with the spices in your kitchen or the foods in the refrigerator. When filling the car with gas, the odor is obvious. The first time that I smelled death, it was startling. A young woman was brought to our home for healing. As soon as she walked into the door, I knew it was an emergency situation. She was completely healed, by the way. If you want to pursue the psychic development of odor, say a mantra along with the sniffing such as, "I am sensitizing my sense of smell because I wish to aware of everything around me."

For those of us who are active in healing work, psychic touch can be absolutely amazing! We feel vibrations and light, the presence of other intelligence in the room and much more. I use hands on for healing treatments, which are very successful. Touch can also be felt in absentee healing. I set a specific time with a client, instruct them in what to do, and they have powerful experiences. So, distance is not an obstacle with the higher vibratory intent and actual experience of the people involved. Usually,both the patient and I feel intense heat during the session. There are always exceptions. I may have hot hands but the receiver may feel coolness because that is what his body needs to be balanced.

You can practice sensitizing touch by choosing any substance handy and touching it and analyzing how it feels. As you go around sensitizing your hands, add a mantra which states your psychic purpose. You might actually have a bitter, sweet or acrid taste occur during a practice. That happened to me yesterday after a session with a woman with breast cancer. I experienced a strong metallic taste. We tend to rush through everything. Take time to pause while eating or drinking and savor the taste of whatever is in your mouth. Always say a form of a mantra mentally such as, "I am now tasting (whatever) and am sensitizing my sense of taste for use in being more aware."

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