Monday, July 20, 2009

Rudolph Steiner's Akashic Record

Steiner states that the early Atlanteans had a different mental capacity than ours; they were not equipped with logic but did have a highly developed memory. Whatever they performed, they did from memory. They thought in images, like our animals and not in concepts. Over a long period of Atlantean life they lived uniform lives because of the developed and faithful memory. They did not invent a million years ago, they remembered. People respected a person who looks back upon long experience.

The Mystery Schools back then had a requirement for admission. The student had to remember previous incarnations and acquired the faculties for receiving wisdom. No logic...only memory. The personality was not important. They knew how to control the life force, how to control the energy dormant in grains and plants. They had vehicles that could float at ranges lower than mountain ranges. The vehicles could not be used today because at that time the cover of air, which enveloped the earth was much denser than it is now. During the early cycle the water on the whole earth was much thinner than today. Because of the thinness, the water could be directed and used for technical services. Civilization was radically different than ours.

Atlanteans took into himself water, which could be used by the life force of his body to increase physical power when he needed them for a project. Their ideas of fatigue and depletion of forces were quire different from ours. In the early cycle, the community did not resemble our modern city. They lived in alliance with nature. This alliance continued to the middle of the third sub race. Settlements resembled a garden in which houses were built of trees with artfully intertwined branches. Their social sense was related to nature. Nature was considered common property. Plants and animal form have become quite different since that time. All of nature has been subjected to transformation.

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