Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Past and the Present

Not too many of us know a great deal about Indonesia because very little research has been done due to its remoteness. Volcanically the area is the most active in the world. With the brief glimpse shared it is also interesting to note that after the Atlantean epoch diminished, the ancient Indian culture eventually passed away as well. True consciousness of Self had not yet reached its height. Then came the Iranian and Babylonian-Egyptian Ages. Human beings gradually matured in order to develop an inner consciousness of self. At length the fourth Age arrived. At this stage the earth was ready for a burst of Christ Energy.

What have we gained since Atlantis? Two things...ego consciousness-individuality and the faculty of sight in the external world. What was early on open to the Atlanteans, the spiritual world, has been basically cosed for the collective consciousness since that time period. Instead of the great finer dimensional beings seen by the early humanity, human beings have gained the world, which now surrounds them. Formerly, they saw the divine. It has only been the rare souls since that time whose spiritual sight, hearing, feeling and knowing senses have been activated.

We are living in a very interesting cycle of consciousness. More and more people are being able to see the subtle worlds and entities while in the physical body. This is happening because human consciousness has become adapted to physical vision. It is for this reason that the Divine itself descends and assumes a physical form because this is the way common man sees. The ordinary and unenlightened man hopefully understands what he sees. This is one reason why the Christ Principle descends every Age in physical form because man can understand form better than he can an etheric or astral or highly advanced spirit form. The writer of the St. John Gospel understood this evolutionary process through his spiritual vision. For anyone to understand what the Christ energy represents, one must develop the wisdom and love that is the essence of the Christ...with the spiritual senses and not the physical senses. We are gradually coming full circle. We are living in a cycle now where it is not only the rare souls that have the sensitivity and power developed in their soul senses...but the many. It is in the darkness that we rediscover the Light.

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