Monday, December 14, 2009

Thoughts, Focus and Your Ray

Our souls must be liberated from the tyranny of theories. Hopefully, you have a dream, a vision of happiness. See it clearly and put it into practice. Thought is a state of mind, an image and a desire. Even a stone has its own pulse and rhythm even though it only beats once a day. Our body is a temple. Our consciousness has built this temple stone by stone as a result of our thoughts. Good thoughts heal. We have the capability of giving light and warmth to other people. Although the financial world is being turned upside down, the only rich individual is one who is rich in spirit, healthy in spirit and this wealth cannot be compared with any other kind of riches. So, wherever you are, creating a big space of love, remembering the radiant light and your own invisible power ray will warm you and others.

Do your best not to focus on age, ailments, lack or limitation. Instead, learn how to emit light. Don't bury your light in yourself like a grave...share it. That is a very important point. Also, remember to relax. Try to understand other souls and their aspirations and thoughts. Words we say warmed by feelings have special significance.

There are some people who simply refuse help. You know this already. We cannot pour the light of faith for instance into the faithless. They will probably become more agitated. Regardless of the others opinion send your ray of goodness. I am referring to an Essence, a substance that sustains all of us. Although the behavior of society as we know it through television, papers, magazines, books and the Internet demonstrate that man is heading down a path of degeneration, I refuse to accept the appearance world although I find it nauseating at times. Many of the people who are abusive toward self and abusing others is an attempt to escape from their own prison of utter subjection to something the heart and soul cannot possibly comprehend. For thousands of years the collective consciousness has allowed us to live under the shadow of spiritual sadism. These are strong words but all we need to do is look at the hatred, burnings, secrecy, murders, wars, lies and rules made in the name of God.
The truths of a Buddha, a Christ, a Prophet,a saint,a mystic and many other God realized beings has been twisted and torn to such as extent that few remember the Good Messengers, only the distorted truths.

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