Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Choices & Answers

Everybody can choose to get off an unreliable path and begin each day with a different attitude that is prompted through determination and a desire to make the crooked places straight. This in my opinion is choosing a healing path. We were born to be in paradise, which sounds almost naive today. It is truth. We can through pure intent create heaven on earth. It is obvious that humanity needs to grow up. Maturity finally manifests when consciousness changes and expresses at a higher level or vibration. For many, the typical reaction is to resist change or to simply procrastinate, hoping the issue will automatically correct itself. More of us need to think things through and forget about somebody else's dogma. We are similar to radio receivers. We are actually constructed to have access to the whole universe. What source finds a reception in our thought depends on our conscious awareness, feelings and degree of purity. What we receive is in accordance to the purity of our mind and heart. The ideal is only to seek and ask for pure information and not be gullible and unthinking and accept distorted truth.

There are answers to be heard. To hear, we must really listen without interference and pay attention to little signs that lead the way. You know it is truth when you have a flash of feeling or emotion in the soul and tears of joy suddenly appear. When you feel within yourself the impulse or urge to co-create beauty and harmony and thirst for purification, you are heading Home, so to speak.
You are clearly hearing the thoughts of Light.

We have a lot to think about. Right action takes into consideration that we need to clean up the place we have been polluting first, washing away all the obstructions. Actually, good choices begin with a clean up. This is a gradual movement in understanding for the most part. If your intentions are good, let them be expressed right there where you are at the moment. Allow your love to illuminate those living and working around you. We are fully capable of working out our own plan and destiny, whether it is for joy or sorrow. Each one's consciousness will point out the path to follow. Listen-pay attention-be grateful~

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