Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Inner Joy and Purity

The reason I freely share is to give out to others what I know as an inner truth, a reality that so far surpasses anything we can imagine. The more we feel It, the inner Goodness, the greater our desire is to give it away. It is like a cup that is always full. When we live our inner joy, we not only raise our own consciousness to higher and higher levels of wonder and love, we obviously help others to believe in their own inner magic.

As we rise to new heights, we are able to bring our dreams and ideals to fruition through the intention of our soul expressing through feelings and intuition. The main factor here is and will always be: the purity of one's awareness. Everything is preceded first by thought. Eventually, each will gain an extraordinary 'lightness'. We are Essence. Those of us who are in a physical body must make the whole earth into a space of love. We can as co-creators make the world a happier place. We change ourselves and help others by doing our sincere best to nullify the cloud of doom hanging over the earth. Give freely to all who are able to accept the divine Light. We are writing our own story and can be in total control of the contents. We determine what is written and how the story concludes. In truth, it never ends but the characters, reactions, scenery and plot are determined by our consciousness.

Twenty-five years ago I was inspired to write a poem called, "What is Purity?". It appeared in a book I had published way back then. Here it is...

What is Purity?

PURITY is a state of being; it takes eons of time to awaken within the conscious mind. It is the key to eventual freedom and Oneness.
PURITY is understanding and keeps forever in its consciousness the truth that each is struggling in his or her own way for conscious perfection.
PURITY is a cleanliness of mind. It does not soil itself with negative thoughts that separate; these outpourings only dissipate and discolor the energy of the soul.
PURITY is kindness and selflessness towards others; the desire to give, lovingly, each in his or her own way.
PURITY is patience in life, the battleground, the school for souls. All worthwhile desires take time to materialize.
PURITY is resting in that which is Unseen, that which we cannot always grasp or comprehend; to put our trust in God knowing that we are loved and all will be as it should.
PURITY is a result of long preparation and paving of the Way. We prepare our body and conscious mind for purity, the honored guest.
PURITY is to accept our humanness. Human we are, and commonsense and discernment must be our guidelines in living.
PURITY is joy in the comfort that is felt as understanding and thankfulness. It is a happiness that only those who are touched by the grace of Spirit comprehend.
PURITY is life, the true life, for it has purpose, dedication and realization. It has a freedom that flows out of unity and harmony.
PURITY is humility before holiness. We cannot comprehend the Supreme Spirit intellectually. Its love, power and wisdom is only glimpsed through an awakened heart, the intuitive experience.
PURITY is a final realization that we are Purity Itself, never separated; the one life, the one heart, the one mind pulsating throughout the Universe.

Peace, dear ones, peace~

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