Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is the True Disease?

I share from the view of love, intuition, experience and observation. Disease begins in the mind and soul, not the essence, the light particle...the God part. Eventually, it materializes in the physical body. The conscious and subconscious part of the mind is the active agent that controls the human personality. The past programming of the soul is also a very strong influence. To harbor thoughts that work against harmony corrodes the physical form and makes it difficult for the inner spirit to freely express.

In my opinion, true disease is a lack of spiritual insight, ignoring our divine nature, a misunderstanding of the universal laws of balance and ongoing laziness. The result for the most part is a collective consciousness that is unawakened, divided and robotic. When the light within is ignored and remains hidden, the negative emotions work through the personality and corrupt the physical body. It is a gradual tearing down of the temple. Eventually, some of afflicted wake up and attempt to rebuild and edify the covering of the spirit. To transform and heal disease caused through negligence, the personality must change and as a builder it is required to establish a firm foundation through a steady faith, a higher understanding, discipline, patience and kindness toward not only its own form, but toward all life. Another way of expressing this truth...we need to fall in love with our higher Nature and do everything humanly we can to demonstrate it through our lower nature.
We know all of this. Much of what I share is a simple reminder not only to you but to my self. If we would fully accept the truth of who we really are and why we are in the flesh, infirmities would be understood in such a way that men and women would honor life and do their best to be co-creators of beauty and wholeness. The Great Physician is interested in our awakening to our inner spirit. When this occurs and is consistently felt and expressed, the body will mend itself. The true temple, as the light form of our consciousness, begins to manifest and out picture the new understanding and exercise control. Deliberate intent, steadfastness and love for the higher perfection that we really are will bring forth a brighter version of form.

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