Friday, December 18, 2009

You Are a Gift of Love

Now that you know why you are in a body, let me tell you more about yourself. There is so much wonder and beauty within you that should be seen to be appreciated. It cannot be seen unless you first recognize Its presence. The wonder that you are is a part of God, the holiness of that which Is. You are love personified. You are radiant Light covered by delusion. You are the gentle touch of all that is precious and wonderful. Does this sound too good to be true? Being the holiday season, think of this truth and allow it to become alive within you.

Man thinks so little of himself because he usually judges by appearance. The appearance is not the truth of who you are. The appearance can reveal the real you when you allow the sun within to shine. What you witness on earth is but a very small portion of the evolutionary process. There are many planes of intelligence existing simultaneously within reach. These planes are of a very fine nature and vibrate at a higher frequency. This you already know but do you consciously experience them?

The realms of love, light and life are the natural home for the spiritual evolution of the progressing mind-soul. As you move toward the higher levels of consciousness, you will easily open fully to your true identity as a spirit ascending in consciousness. Along the ascension path, you meet old friends and spiritual helpers that show and help reveal to you the latent spiritual gifts within. What you experience as you consciously ascend are variations of true love. Divine love is the fibre that holds the fabric of existence together. It is a love that desires to return to its Source. Within each heart is a childlike presence that desires to grow in its wonder and knowledge. It desires to be what it really is. You are love. You are a part of God. You are beautiful. You are an amazing child of Light. Accept the gift that you truly are. May you be blessed with goodness...
I will return to the Blog December 28th
Love and Joy,

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