Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Ancient Veda's

Few people today know about the very ancient Veda's. India is usually associated with the term Ved or Vedic. It actually means the Pure Ones. They lived all over the planet, not only in India. These people paid close attention to feelings, raising children and how land and plants were all an integral part of the design of co-creation, meaning humans could best live co-creating with God. Great knowledge is transmitted through feelings and through respect for life and nature. Every time a new feeling arose, new information was taken in. When you really think about it, we gain more new and concentrated information through feelings. Through nature, the feelings of nature, we can actually receive great knowledge of the universe much more so than television or reading books. Information is perceived in a blink of an eye through feeling. The ancient Pure Ones were balanced, a quality deeply missing in modern man. In fact, when we look back through history rarely do we see any evidence of balance in humanity.

Speaking of history, a great of what is recorded has been distorted. We are given drawings of primitive men covered in hair or men clothed in armor with a sword. Today, we have pictures of people using cell phones or surrounded by a multitude of appliances, contrivances and mechanical gadgets. All these images are images of the human mind during a period lacking purity of thought. How many happy faces do we see? Long ago in a different world cycle there were actually people who were happy, intelligent with a child-like purity. More of us would be peaceful today if we had flourishing gardens and lived in harmony with all creatures. If our bodies were in harmony with our surroundings, would we hate and kill?

How can we create good? How can we create peace and happiness? Man made laws will not take care of separation, disease, pain and suffering. Only our connection with the Supreme One and nature heals our sense of self. Everything is determined by feelings. We eat food that we have not grown and has been tampered with. At least more people today are declining to eat meat. The Pure Ones were fully awake. How can we be conscious of the Divine if we are drugged on every level with so many things that corrupt rather than build? If you do not have land to grow your own vegetables, at least try organic produce. The typical food in grocery stores could easily be labeled mutant. If you are far from nature, bring it into your home. I have so many tall and lush plants in my home that it feels and looks like a conservatory. Inner knowledge has a much better chance of ruling when you make it possible to be near or tending nature.

The Pure Ones possessed knowledge of the stars in the sky and all creation, plants and animals. Everything and everybody lived in harmony and were drawn to the Sun. They were also very aware of collective thought. Do you ever stop and pay attention to man's collective thought today? We are bombarded on every level with energy that separates us from our Source. People say they want peace. We will not have peace until we change our thoughts to a loving and compassionate state. Humanity needs to be healed. The earth needs to be healed. A healing will occur as collective thinking is purified. Do you feel what I am feeling? Feelings do transmit great knowledge.

Have a thoughtful and peaceful weekend


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