Friday, November 20, 2009

What Happened to the Pure Ones?

Cycles come and go, shifts happen and so do people. The change gradually happened because people invented images of various gods and began to control nature with the help of the gods they invented. The change or new cycle is referred to as The Age of Image. It lasted 9000 years. Images are amazing if we have inner unity. Many of us today use imaging to create good changes in our lives. There are also images created by the collective thought such as what typically happens in politics. Collective thought can possess colossal destructive or creative potential. Today, there are organizations using intention to create positive changes in world consciousness. There are many people who are enamoured by what so-called prophets have to say about the future. Nostradamus is an excellent example. If you really think about it, his prophesies are extremely negative. If enough people believe in what he states as his reality, the reality can manifest. This holds true for any psychic reader who tells his customer bad news. The information is stored in the subconscious of the recipient. In the past as well in the present different leaders chose to use energy to create grandeur and self-importance and focused their attention on how to become masters of all the people of the earth.

Who are the manipulators? Who are the people behind the scenes making the rules that unthinking people follow? They can be priests or any wealthy influential person who has a tight knit secretive group working for their own purpose. Generation after generation hidden dynasties live on. Those who make the rules for man take great pains to hide the knowledge of the Pure Ones from other people.

A manipulator, whether an individual or as a secret group, work with the dark forces. They have accumulated an arsenal of devices to keep man functioning as a bio robot. Think about it. Wars never stop. Throughout known history every country has crime, disease and various disasters that are increasing every day and never stop. It makes you wonder if human society really is on the path of progress or being further degraded. You already know what happened to Atlantis. Next week, I will share further researched information.

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